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The 13 winners of the 2012 volcano art prize


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Published in: Design
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The 13 winners of the 2012 volcano art prize

  1. 1. WINNERS‘In our lead-safe future, the only source of lead in air will be volcanoes’This image: ‘Liminal Eruption’ Marc Grunseit Kiln formed glass tile
  2. 2. WINNERS‘Only hire paint contractors who either assume the paint is leaded, or test it, and who protect themselves and youby using lead-safe methods like chemical stripping.’This image: ‘Lancaster Painters Australia safely stripping layers of lead paint & distemper using Peel Away.’ Garry Lancaster Photograph
  3. 3. WINNERS‘Blood lead tests for the whole family can tell you WHAT else to test for lead. Cataracts are a little-known healthimpact of lead, yet lead may be responsible for two out of five cases.’This image: ‘Keep an eye on lead – it will surprise you!’ Peter Mack Photograph
  4. 4. WINNERS‘Both these sparklers have lead in them and XRF testing detected the toxic metals Strontium, Lead, Selenium,Arsenic, Zinc, Cobalt, Manganese, Barium and Cesium in the powdered long thin Chinese Sparklers.’This image: ‘Never burn leaded sparklers on your cakes and eat them too!’ Jayapriya Velu Photograph
  5. 5. WINNERS‘Lead-contaminated water remains a major problem. More stringent standards, more testing and enforcement isneeded to reduce the amount of lead in water to non-dangerous levels globally.’This image: ‘Water must not contain dangerous levels of lead’ Alejandro Casas Palomino Digital image
  6. 6. WINNERS‘Respect the air that we all breathe. Tobacco is always lead contaminated.Cigarettes have no place in our lead-safe future.’This image: ‘Respect me’ Juan Ramon de Paramo Digital image
  7. 7. WINNERS‘Artists who use artists’ paints with lead and other heavy metal pigments should never hold the paintbrush in theirmouth or leave the paint on their skin.’This image: ‘Lead’s colour’ Luis Esteo Garcia Oil painting
  8. 8. WINNERS‘Making electronics lead-free globally will protect electronics workers, e-waste recyclers (including many childlabourers in Africa and Asia) and the environment from lead.’This image: ‘No Lead Squared’ Dennis Leight Digital image
  9. 9. WINNERS‘Test paint for lead before renovating.’This image: ‘Think before you strip!’ Janet Richardson Digital image
  10. 10. WINNERS‘Chinese metal wicks purchased in Australia were found to contain lead, so candle-makers and buyers beware!’This image: ‘Tealights’ Joanna Immig Photograph
  11. 11. WINNERS‘Old playground equipment can expose kids to lead chromate. Keep kids safe and washtheir hands after play. Report old equipment to authorities.’This image: ‘Children have a right to lead-free playground equipment.’ Jane Bremmer Photograph
  12. 12. WINNERS‘A lead-safe world allows everyone to achieve their IQ and longevity potentials.’This image: ‘Lead in paints can poison an angel. Their wings must not be clipped.’ Claire O’Brien Oil on canvas