Blogging 101 how_often_should_you_be_blogging_-part_3


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Blogging 101 how_often_should_you_be_blogging_-part_3

  1. 1. How Often Should You Be Blogging? Ive read tons of posts on this subject and it seems like everyone has a different opinion and there is noright or wrong answer. The only one who can determine how often you should be blogging is you. I amabout to give you the best blog tip ever so listen up and take notes. The best way to determine how often to blog is to first determine what your goals are as a blogger.People blog for different reasons and those differences will determine how often you should beblogging.What Are Your Goals As A Blogger?To truly get this blog tip, you have to first identify what your goals are as a blogger. Are you blogging foryour business primarily to help drive more traffic to your site? Are you blogging to provide value to yourreaders with the expectation to monetize your blog through ads and affiliate programs? Some people
  2. 2. blog for personal reasons with no intention other than to share with others and build a community. Sowhat are your goals?Personal BloggingThere are a ton of personal bloggers out there; those whose sole purpose is to simply share with theworld their own personal experiences and stories, grow community, and connect with like-mindedpeople. Figuring out how often to blog if you are a personal blogger is simple. Its always a good idea tohave some consistency. Create a schedule of some kind and train your readers when to visit your blogfor new updates. The one truth about blogging frequency that rings true no matter what your blog is that the more pagesthere are on your site to index in search, the more chances you will receive more traffic from search.
  3. 3. Blogging for BusinessBlogs that are attached to your business website are a little different in nature. The main purposes ofyour blog should be to add value to your readers, establish your authority and expertise in your industry,and to increase search engine traffic. It would never be a bad thing to blog every day, if you can comeup with enough relevant, compelling content, which can be a challenge.We tell our clients that at a minimum they should be updating their blog twice a week, on consistentdays, every week. If you send out an email twice a week, making those days the same day you updateyour blog is a good idea, that way you can include the link to your updated info in your emails.
  4. 4. When Blogging Is Your BusinessSo your blog is your business. What do you think you should do? As with any business activity if that isthe primary way that you are making your income, or if you want that to be the primary way you makeyour income, then you should be going blog crazy.It will be more important for you to have fresh, relevant, engaging content updated very frequently.You want to have as many pages as you can index in search engines, as most of your income will comenot for referrals, but from search engine traffic. If blogging is your business then you should blog everyday.If you cant imagine updating your blog that often, or find that you have trouble coming up with contentat that rate then fill your days with guest posts to help out and also bring additional traffic to your site.The more you blog, the more you will be successful at driving traffic to your blog. And when blogging isyour income, traffic matters a great deal.Thank you for Allowing me to serve you and If I can help you please send me a message me!Elizabeth Maness, CEO