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Choosing to chat


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Published in: Education
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Choosing to chat

  1. 1. Choosing to ChatElizabeth Fox and Melissa Clark
  2. 2. Decision to Chat Pros Cons• Immediate • Greater demands on assistance staff • More scheduling for• Good for distance librarians patrons • No visual or auditory• Better than e-mail cues during the for reference reference interview interviews • Typing takes time • Less interactive than• Allows anonymity in-person or• Meets the patron phone where he/she is
  3. 3. Features of Chat Software• Mobile accessible• Send documents (librarian to patron or vice versa)• Co-browse• Save scripts• Save transcripts• Text & IM in same interface• Widget for web pages• Block abusive users• Availability notice• E-mail option if chat is offline• Transfer chats to another agent
  4. 4. Other Considerations• Server requirements• Price• Software used (does librarian or client have to download software)• How is the widget created (Flash, Jabber, XMPP, etc.)
  5. 5. Demonstrations• LibraryH3lp• LibChat• Digsby• SnapEngage