Expectations On Christmas...


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It's easy to get in "It's A Wonderful Life" mode during the holiday season. It's easy to start expecting things in our life to actually be better than they really are. We can all fall into this trap, but it is a trap so you don't want to let your expectations on Christmas for your partner to get out of hand and actually makes things worse.

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Expectations On Christmas...

  1. 1. Expectations On Christmas...
  2. 2. Preface / Introduction@~~~>The LAST Time I Made This OFFER I was BURIED in calls so I am limiting this to theNEXT 5 PEOPLE ONLY CALL ME NOW - dont miss out! CALL ME NOW for your FREEInternet marketing consultation. ($100 value) Let an expert show you RIGHT NOW how to profitonline every single day without leaving home. CALL ME -- Liz English -- NOW, (315) 668-1591.LIVE 24/7/365.
  3. 3. Table of Contents1. Its not beginning to look a lot like Christmas, yet, but it IS time to start planning.2. Expectations On Christmas For Your Partner3. Hints For The Gift You Want-Having A Hard Time Asking For What You Want
  4. 4. Expectations On Christmas...Its not beginning to look a lot like Christmas, yet, but it IStime to start planning.by Dr. Jeffrey LantAuthors program note. I knew what the response would be when I played the classic "Its BeginningTo Look A Lot Like Christmas" yesterday for all the horrified folks in the Live Business Center, butit was even better than I hoped for ... universal moans, groans, and expostulations that all meant,"Dr. Lant, you cant be serious!" Nobody thanked me for my concern about making this yearsholiday season the smoothest ever because it would be the best planned ever.I mean, you want to avoid the chaos and confusion that distinguished your efforts last year, right?And you definitely want to avoid the acute Last-Minute- I-Tis that seems to occur every single year,right? Well, Im here in my role as Santas Little Helper to make this dream come true."Are you sure youre not jumping the gun just a little?"Unless youre a bona fide Christmas freak (and they do exist) you think of this most importantholiday of the year not with happy expectations but rather with dread and apprehension,remembering what can go wrong because of all the things that have gone wrong in years past; someof them certifiable doozies like the time you "forgot" to get that "little something" for your muchloved mother-in-law. That kind of faux pas can never occur if you follow the instructions Im aboutto give you. And that alone makes your attention now worth it.1) Plan, dont just think about planning. Planning means just that. Sit down at your computer, open anew file and brainstorm all the categories you must have and master to ensure the best possibleresult. If your plan is complete and thorough and if you master it, you are going to have a superiorevent. Guaranteed. Otherwise itll be catch as catch can. That can be memorable, of course, but in allthe wrong ways.2) Review what happened last year. Christmas is about traditions, but one tradition you want toexclude is muddle. What really worked last year? What did people like... what did YOU like... andwhat left a mess, even bad feelings? The earlier you walk through what happened, why it happenedand (where applicable) why it better not happen again, the better.3) Select a tune that gets you in the Christmas mood, even when you most assuredly are not. I likeDer Bingles version of "Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas" written by Meredith Wilsonin 1951. It works on even the most hardened Grinch. I know. Im one.4) Brainstorm all the people you want to gratify with a gift. Be expansive. The idea whenbrainstorming is to jot down possibilities. Evaluation and exclusion are not part of this initialprocess. Thinking broadly and without limits is.5) Now prioritize. Who MUST get something (think mother-in-law) because the consequences ofnot giving are too horrible to consider... and who would it be nice to give something, but notnecessary? Prioritizing is crucial... unless you have more money than God, although its rumoredthat even His pockets are not so deep as usual after our punk year.Avoid the "January Hangover".Many overly jolly holiday givers wake up in January owing a bundle thats sure to make all themerry gentlemen dismay. Planning is crucial here.6) Budget. First, estimate how much money you want to spend. Then look at last years bills.http://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 4 of 9
  5. 5. Expectations On Christmas...Scrutinize them closely. Was the amount you spent before easy to pay... or did it leave you broke,under a pile of debt? There are two keys here:First, determine your budget, then resolve this year not just to live within that budget, but to covermost if not all of your expenses with cash on hand, not credit. What! Youre thinking thatspositively un-American. Youre right... paying up front for Christmas expenses IS un-American, andthats a very good thing. This means determining how much you can afford to spend as determinedby how much you can put away prior to December 15, then saving and spending accordingly. Thiswill save you a lot of grief and lamentation in January.Shop early.Right now as Im writing Christmas is still about 100 days away. No rush to shop, right? Thatdepends on whether you want distinctive gifts... or whether any old gift will do. For all that Im aGrinch of unmatched performance, I make it a point to give gifts of thoughtful consideration only.No mere "gift" will do. For me, this means scouting the catalogs of the worlds major auction houses,places like Sothebys, Christies, Dorotheum, etc. I never have any trouble finding things of beautyand rarity, even if sticker shock comes along with it, especially fine jewelry. Every auction house inthe world has special bijoux sales before Christmas with eye- popping bling. Youd be surprised atthe bargains available for the diamonds which are always a girls best friend.Important note: if you take advantage of this recommendation, remember that things you purchase atsuch auctions may and very likely will need restoration and professional TLC before being given,not to mention adequate time for packing and shipping. Make generous delivery estimatesaccordingly.Plan for the "little people."My life works because of all the so-called "little people" who assist, help, organize and, I admit,coddle me. It takes many such people providing a plethora of such services to make my life work.All must be remembered at Christmas, but how to do it without breaking the bank?With me, Trader Joes is the answer; specifically their unmatched for the price liquor department. Ittakes just one trip purchasing just two cases of fine wine and sherry to solve the problem. Then all Ihave to do is write ("For Aime") on my business card and tape it on the bottle. Voila, I have a giftthat never fails to please, especially if they didnt expect to be remembered. And thus my status as a"good fellow" is secured for another year and so is their good service on which I so rely.Check your lights and ornaments well before you need them.One of the seasons habitual frustrations is ensuring you have all the lights and ornaments you needbefore you have to have them. Finding out you dont have them is a major hassle in December; just aminor glitch in September. Thus review what youve got early. Then shop online to order what youneed; you can do this any day of the year by searching on the item you want. Thats the sensible,inexpensive, cool, calm and collected way to do it.Wither goest thou?Are you traveling this year? Air fares are up which means planning is even more necessary. Hereswhere the online discount travel services come in. The earlier you consult and use them, the betterthe deals. Just remember, once youve booked these specials, there is always a penalty for change orcancellation.Now sit back and enjoy the holidays.I have seen 64 Christmases so far, this year my 65th and it has long seemed to me that too manyhttp://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 5 of 9
  6. 6. Expectations On Christmas...people are too harassed to enjoy them. If you follow the directions in this article carefully andthoroughly, you will savor and enjoy them, perhaps for the first time in years. And that may be thebiggest gift of all.http://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 6 of 9
  7. 7. Expectations On Christmas...Expectations On Christmas For Your PartnerIts easy to get in "Its A Wonderful Life" mode during the holiday season. Its easy to start expectingthings in our life to actually be better than they really are. We can all fall into this trap, but it is a trapso you dont want to let your expectations on Christmas for your partner to get out of hand andactually makes things worse.If you have unrealistic expectations on Christmas for your partner you are just guaranteeing that youwill be disappointed and you will probably make yourself and your partner miserable.Instead of forcing it and trying to make your relationship what you want it to be, why not take thistime to figure out what your relationship is? If your partner isnt the type of person who likes todress up or go to a lot of parties, why do you dream of doing just that?They will resent you and you will end up being disappointed. If your partner isnt the romantic typeand they dont do things spontaneously, why would you expect some grand romantic spontaneousgesture at this time of year? Again, you are just setting yourself up for disappointment.Instead, dont expect your relationship to change just because it is the holiday season. Im sorry to tellyou this but if you want things different and you dont want disappointments during the holiday thandont set yourself up for disappointment by expecting your partner to suddenly turn into someonedifferent than who they really are.Another thing that is easy to do, and many of us are guilty of it, is that we have unrealisticexpectations about our holiday season in general, not just in relation to your partner. We expecteverything to be romantic and perfect, and that is just not realistic and we are only setting ourselvesup for disappointment.You have to remind yourself that things dont need to be perfect to be great. Just roll with everythingthat happens and keep your sense of humor. You can have a fantastic holiday season, even though itwont be perfect, it can still be perfect for you and your partner.Why not plan activities that you both enjoy? Even if they arent "holiday" events, why not just try todo things and go places where you will both have fun and have fun together?There are no "holiday police", Martha Stewart isnt going to come knocking on your door if youchoose not to decorate for Christmas or if you prefer to have a pizza for Christmas dinner rather thana ham.Do what the two of you will find enjoyable and dont force yourselves to do what you are"supposed" to do but rather what each of you likes to do. That will make for a much more enjoyableholiday season. There is no right or wrong, only what is right for you two.So, if you dont want to deal with unrealistic expectations on Christmas for your partner than dont.Just keep yourself grounded and dont expect either of you to change for a few weeks out of the year.http://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 7 of 9
  8. 8. Expectations On Christmas...Hints For The Gift You Want-Having A Hard Time Asking ForWhat You WantIts that time of year again...Christmas. You know what you want but are having a hard time askingfor it. So, what do you do? You need to find ways to drop hints for the gift you want. This is not ashard as it sounds. Read on to get a few ideas on how to do it.Dropping hints for the gift you want can be as simple as leaving little notes around the house thatare easy for others to find. They will pick them up and then can put them in their pockets or wallet toremind them of the thing you want when they go shopping.If you are too shy to come right out and ask for the gift you want then leaving little notes around isthe best way to get someone elses attention. You could even be a little more sneaky and put theselittle notes in the car and in their briefcase, stuck to the bathroom mirror or in their lunch box, anywhere they are sure to find them.Another good way to drop a hint is to act all excited when you see a commercial for the thing youwant. Sing its praises and mention to whomever is listening what you could do if you had one ofthose items.When you are out shopping, go look at this thing you want. Take whomever you are with to see it aswell. Show them all the features it has and all the different colors it comes in, if it has to be a certainsize then tell them at that time what size you take. Try to remember anything you can about it sowhen they go shopping without you they can remember to get just exactly what you want.Get a catalog from the store that stocks what it is that you want and circle the gift and itsdescription and leave the catalog out in plain sight. I do not know anyone who will not look at acatalog when one is available. We all want stuff and sometimes looking in a catalog will give usother ideas of other things we may not be able to live without.At some point earlier in the year start a wishlist and keep it tacked to the refrigerator door. When youthinks of things you want, add them to the list. If it remains on the refrigerator door then it is out itplain sight and anyone who cares to look can and probably will especially when the holidays getcloser.In this electronic age you could be a little less subtle and send an email or text about the gift youwant as well.Dropping hints for the gift you want can be quite creative if you really put your mind to it. Come upwith unique ways to tell the ones you love what it is you really want for Christmas, and if all elsefails, pretend they are Santa Claus and whisper it to them in their ear.http://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 8 of 9
  9. 9. Expectations On Christmas...ResourceAbout the Author Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., providing a widerange of online services for small and-home based businesses. Services include home businesstraining, affiliate marketing training, earn-at-home programs, traffic tools, advertising, webcasting,hosting, design, WordPress Blogs and more. Find out why Worldprofit is considered the # 1 onlineHome Business Training program by getting a free Associate Membership today.Republished with authors permission by Elizabeth English http://LizsWorldprofit.com.http://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 9 of 9