Easy guide to safelist advertising


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Easy guide to safelist advertising

  2. 2. Preface / IntroductionI have put together an E-Book explaining how to set up for Safelist Advertising. It will also includea link to a video that explains to you how to actually place an ad on a Safelist.I list of Safelists that I recommend is available upon your request.Enjoy Liz English
  3. 3. SAFELIST ADVERTISING MADE EASYBefore Using Safelists: A basic setup guide.Safelists are a common starting place for people as they head out to make their early commissions,and they have the advantage that they are also the place other ‘make money’ newbies can also befound.While they are not the most productive place to advertise, they do produce results for12SecondCommute and have the additional advantage of being free to join. However, don’t startusing them until you set a few basic things in place as I will indicate below or you will will beflooded with a gazillion return emails!Setting Up Your Email AccountsThe basic principle behind safelists is that advertisers get together and agree to receive email adsfrom each other. Therefore you can expect a lot of email especially when you start using a lot ofdifferent lists. So under NO circumstance should you use your main email account when you sign upfor safelists.I use and recommend Gmail (Google Mail) it’s the best solution for safelists and it is free. Don’tbother using some of the other free email accounts such as Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail their spamfilters will only bring you headaches when using safelists (actually many safelist wont allow them).Using Gmail is also the foundation for advanced tactics you can move on to later.You will need two email accounts, one as your contact address and one where you will receive theactual safelist emails. So create two Gmail accounts and name them something that you can easilyremember e.g. SafelistContact@gmail.com and SafelistEmails@gmail.comJoining Your SafelistsNow that you have your email accounts set up it is time to start joining some safelists. There arethousands of safelists on the market but 90% of them are utter rubbish. Until you have your owntesting and evaluation system in place I recommend that you focus solely on the safelists in AffiliateFunnel It’s free to join and these safelists are proven performers and won’t waste your time.Trust me – more is not merrier, you get far better results from consistently posting to the top 10safelists in the Affiliate Funnel than you will from sporadic bursts to a a swarm of small lists, or anyof the other thousands out there.When you join the safelists you will have to click a confirmation link, usually at both your contactand list address. IMPORTANT: don’t delete the emails after you have clicked the link, we want tokeep them for the next step.How to Set Up Your Gmail LabelsThe labels and filtering options in Gmail are very useful when dealing with safelists. Now that youhave joined the safelists, you use the confirmation emails they send you to set up your labels. I willuse Adtactics as an example…1. Open your Adtactics confirmation email in Gmail and click on “Show details” in the header.2. Mark the from email address and press Ctrl + C to copyhttp://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2013 3 of 5SAFELIST ADVERTISING MADE EASY
  4. 4. 3. Click the “Create a filter” link next to the search boxes4. Paste the email address (Ctrl + V) into the “From” field and press “Next step”.5. Check the “Apply Label” box and choose “New Label” in the drop down menu.6. Type in “Adtactics” as the name of the new label and press “Ok”.7. Click on “Create filter”.All email from Adtactics will now have this label applied and be filtered into your Adtactics folder.Follow the steps above to set up labels for all the safelists both at your list and contact address. Thisis a huge time saver in the long run and it will form the basis for some of the advanced tactics youwill want to move on to later.This is the Link to the Video that will take you step by step through placing an ad in a SafeList.Now if there are any questions or you have any type of a problem you are to contactLiz English315-668-1591Vanda Strange Skype vanda.strangeFree Skype Download http://www.skype.com/en/download-skype/skype-for-computer/or the team member who sponsored you into our team.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pwrb8DrKkawthe video is by Gerald Stidhamhttp://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2013 4 of 5SAFELIST ADVERTISING MADE EASY
  5. 5. Resourcehttp://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2013 5 of 5SAFELIST ADVERTISING MADE EASY