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E book 24447_80868960 - article marketing - edited edition

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  2. 2. Preface / Introduction Elizabeth English CALL NOW For your FREE INTERNET MARKETING CONSULTATION! Waiting for your call 24/7 - 315-668-1591 or Skype - lizenglish18 Being one of the many successful article marketers is something that can come easily. There are, however, things that you need to avoid that will keep you from being among the many more who used to be article marketers and are now struggling to make money. Done correctly, article marketing can see huge positive results in a very cost effective way. Article marketing done poorly can be a huge waste of time, energy, and even money.((ALERT)) Instabucksmailz is ready to reward you!http://tiny.cc/zn7mmw
  3. 3. Table of Contents1. 5 Easy Mistakes Article Marketers Make2. Articles On Internet Marketing3. Article Branding Your Online Business4. Article Marketing Automation The Time-Oppressed Marketers Answer5. Article Marketing Blog Share In The Wealth6. Article Marketing Campaign 5 Key Elements7. Benefits Of Article Advertising Or Article Marketing
  4. 4. Article Marketing5 Easy Mistakes Article Marketers MakeBeing one of the many successful article marketers is something that can come easily. There are,however, things that you need to avoid that will keep you from being among the many more whoused to be article marketers and are now struggling to make money. Done correctly, articlemarketing can see huge positive results in a very cost effective way. Article marketing done poorlycan be a huge waste of time, energy, and even money.First mistake...making a boring title. Realize that the title of the article is going to be mixed in withquite a few others that your potential reader has to choose from. There are many of you competingfor the same set of eyes. Dont let your title be something that will blend in with all the rest. Make issomething that will stand out and get noticed. Make sure that you dont get too crazy and make surethat it is relevant to the topic you want to address, but, still be creative and you will stay competitivewith other article marketers.Second mistake...not having a clear purpose. What is the main reason you want the reader to readyour article? Is there a goal that you have in mind? Be clear as to what you want them to do andgive them plenty of reason to want to take the action you want them to take. Have a starting pointand and ending point in planning your article and use everything in between to help them get frompoint A to point B. This is something that article marketers fail to do all too often.Third mistake...Not knowing your target audience. Article marketers need to keep in mind who yourtarget audience is write to their level. If you are writing to a group of people who are typically veryknowledgeable about the subject matter, then you better make sure that you are as well. Find outwhat they ask when they go online to search for this information and find how to relate to them.Study your target market and write to them.Fourth mistake...writing articles that wont get published. Look at the standards that articledirectories have and write your articles to fit the most strict of standards. Make sure that you havethe minimum number of preferred words. Make sure that it is well written. Make sure that it doesnthave any problems with links within your article and that you link to appropriate places. Articlemarketers will often forget to check the article they are trying to submit and see if it is in complianceonly to have it rejected.Fifth mistake...no call to action. As article marketers you have to remember that your goal is not justto inform, but to invite the reader to go to your website or to take what ever action you want them totake. Just as it is incredibly important to ask for the sale, it is important to ask them to click on thelink that you provide.If you, as article marketers, can avoid these simple mistakes you will find yourself on the fast trackto success.http://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 4 of 11
  5. 5. Article MarketingArticles On Internet MarketingThere are many writers out there who have become quite proficient at making money in the internetby writing articles on internet marketing, among other subjects. With the growing number of internetmarketers these writers have quite the audience for their work.Writing articles on internet marketing may not be the only niche they write articles for, however.Being knowledgeable in many subjects can give these writers a broader variety of things to writeabout. If they have marketed themselves correctly the money they make can be quite significant.Anyone can do this, all you need is a computer and the ability to string a sentence together. You canwrite original articles and submit them to article directories and get paid. You have to apply to thesesites and may or may not get turned down. If you should happen to get turned down then just keepplugging away until you find someone to "hire" you.Some writers search for batches of inexpensive private label rights articles and rewrite them beforesubmitting them. These PLR articles may not be the best quality but anything can be improved uponby the rewriting. These PLR articles are used due to the fact that even though the quality ismediocre, they still have helped draw in traffic.The best thing to do is to find a directory that not only pays you for your original article but one thatalso offers ongoing residuals for every time your article gets read. The residual may not beearth-shattering but if you have a bunch of articles that regularly get read then your commissionmay be worth the trouble.Some positive aspects to writing articles and selling them on the internet is that you get tosupplement your monthly income. In this rough economy who cant use a few extra bucks? Anotherupside is that you can build up your cache of original content and increase your reputation forwriting and possibly attract some higher paying customers. Lastly, just think of the knowledge youare gaining by having to research some of the topics you write about. You are, or will soon be, afountain of useless information.Seller beware! There are unscrupulous people out there who will hire you to write for them andnever pay you. It would be best if you asked for payment up front, that way you will not getscammed. You should be the one setting the price for your writing.If you are writing articles on internet marketing that is quality content for someone and they do notwant to pay your price, as long as it is reasonable to begin with, then cut your losses and findsomeone else to work with.You also may want to think about copyrighting your best articles so someone does not come alongand plagiarize you. You will want to have some type of legal recourse if this happens. Keep what isyours, yours. Never let anyone step in and steal your thunder.http://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 5 of 11
  6. 6. Article MarketingArticle Branding Your Online BusinessWhat is article marketing? One of the most important aspects of growing any business is branding it,which is creating a name and reputation for it. It is building your reputation and is how you areknown. Article marketing is using articles to identify yourself and to help create an image that futurecustomers can identify with and know that you are someone that they want to do business with nowand in the future.Four things that successful branding will incorporate: 1. Name- it has to be recognizable 2. Image- ithas to be respectable and appealing 3. Promise- you have to tell them that you can help them 4.Motivation- they have to be motivated to work with youName:The name in online marketing has to be something that is recognizable, memorable, and will standout. The strategies used in giving yourself a name will different because it will most likely beincorporated into your URL in some way. It has to be easy to remember, which means most likelyshort. It has to stick to the persons mind so it needs to be unique and memorable. It has to be easy tospell so it can be typed into an address bar.It has to be associated with your key benefit. The name also has to have a relatively generic name init so it can be readily associated with your product or service, just make sure that it has a uniquetwist...preferably not with the spelling. Article branding will allow you plenty of opportunities to getyour name out there by repeating that name throughout your article. This will help those reading itand others you write associate your name with the topic.Image:The image you convey has to be appealing to the consumer. They have to want to do business withyou. They have to feel good about it. You need to approach this from a couple different fronts. Youhave to make things appealing to the eye and to the mind and one or both of these have to come tothe consumers mind.When you are able, use graphics or logos that will catch the eye and that will help you stick in thepersons eye. Also try to present an image that says you can be trusted and respected. Articlebranding will help you accomplish this in the way you write and the amount of knowledge that youconvey. If you set yourself up as a reliable source of information and an authority on the subjectthrough your articles, it will go a long way in helping your image.Promise and Motiviation:You have to let the consumer know that you intend on helping them and that you can meet theirneeds. Article branding will help you establish this because in your articles you are going to beletting them know that you can help them and that it is your desire to meet their needs.Establishing your brand can be one of the most difficult things for any business to do and many liveand die by how well they brand themselves. Large companies give themselves giant budgets to helpestablish their brand but the Internet levels the playing field. Branding your online entity can bedone very inexpensively and efficiently by making use of article writing and article branding.http://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 6 of 11
  7. 7. Article MarketingArticle Marketing Automation The Time-OppressedMarketers AnswerArticle Marketing Automation is the answer to all those who do not have the time and energy intomaking a article marketing campaign work. Article marketing can be incredibly successful as manyInternet marketers have witnessed first hand but it can become a long drawn out process that willdrive many struggling to find the time needed to get your business off the ground. It could bebecause you have another job that you are still working but trying to get enough income to allowyou to leave. It could be because you want to spend your time with your family or out fishing,reading a book, taking a hike or anything else you would rather do than work. For those who aretrying to get a lot of work done in a small window of time, there is Article Marketing Automation.One of the most frustrating and time consuming parts of undertaking article marketing is placingyour article in enough places to get the maximum amount of exposure. Article marketing is easy andcheap to do but is incredibly time consuming trying to get published in all the places you want to be.This is where Article Marketing Automation comes in and helps you. Article Marketing Automationis a network of independent sites and blogs that have agreed to distribute articles for other ArticleMarketing Automation network members.The great thing about this is with the large size of the growing network (at over 2,000 members) youwill be getting an increasingly larger number of sites and blogs will be giving you a much largernumber of links to your sites.Article Marketing Automation is not only the most time effective and cost effective way of articlemarketing around, it is growing naturally. It is capable of getting you ranked on the first page withinjust about 3 weeks (and they provide training to accomplish this). It will not only distribute yourarticles widely, it will give you relevant content for your own websites and blogs.How Article Marketing Automation works is after you have either written an article or had onewritten for you, you submit it to the Article Marketing Automation network...and thats it. Itsnothing complicated, just that simple. What happens next is your article will be distributed torelevant sites giving you exposure, links, and building your authority and traffic.Article Marketing Automation comes with training on how best to utilize the network and get themost out of your efforts. They will show you how you can see dramatic increases in your rankingover the next two and three months. They want you to be successful. They need you to be successfulfor this network to work The more success you encounter, the more others will encounter as well.Article marketing is a great and easy way to break into Internet marketing and to get yourself thatindependence you not only crave but deserve. Article Marketing Automation will give you morechances at success in a quicker time-frame and will give you a large network of people to help youmake it to the top.http://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 7 of 11
  8. 8. Article MarketingArticle Marketing Blog Share In The WealthAn article marketing blog that will bring you great amounts of success is easy to make if you use itcorrectly. An article marketing blog is easy to put together but what will make it successful is gettingcontent put on it. Getting content for your blog isnt enough, though. You have to get traffic for it.For an article marketing blog content is king but what gives that king his power is the traffic thatcomes to read it. Get the people to your article marketing blog and get them coming back.Article writing blogs can get their content from many different sources. You can, of course, write allof your content but you can have it written for you as well. That is where hiring a ghost writer cancome in handy. There are other sources for content, though.If you choose to write your own content, first make sure that it uses keywords that will help get itpicked up on search engines. As far as finding things to write about, follow top news stories relatedto your particular industry or product or service. Also consider industry news sources and use socialbookmarking services to find out what the hot topics are for the moment and just comment on them.Also consider looking at the hottest websites pertaining to your blog and find out what is drawingthe most attention and check out what is generating the most traffic on search engines relating toyour field. Follow trends and comment on what you find. Your article marketing blog will be ridinga wave of popularity.Many will make use of PLR articles in their article marketing blogs. You can find affordable articlesusually as a group and can make even that stretch by breaking it up into different parts.Another option that people use is RSS feeds. This is an easy way to get content to your articlemarketing blog because it is automatically updated with content.One thing that you always need to be doing is making sure that there is something in the article thatis posted that will make it seen by search engines. This is why it is usually best to have some controlover what is being posted rather than relying solely on automation. Articles are many times writtenjust for the reader when they should just as much be written for the search engines. Make sure that itis keyword rich so that it will help those looking for information that you have find it.Another thing that will help generate traffic and help those looking for information find you is tomake use of the different article directories. Find those ones that the search engines love and usethem. Make sure you read all the rules and that you create the ideal article for their standards. Thiswill help give you links to your article marketing blog and will draw in those people who will keepcoming back to your blog weekly or even daily.http://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 8 of 11
  9. 9. Article MarketingArticle Marketing Campaign 5 Key ElementsHaving a successful article marketing campaign is something that many new to internet marketingdream about and that many others have seen come true. Creating a successful article marketingcampaign is possible but only if you are able to incorporate these 5 key elements into your articlemarketing campaign. If you miss out on any of these you may be missing out on success.To have an article marketing campaign for a product or service you are interested in promoting thatsees positive results you need to have an audience, knowledge about that audience, and knowledgeof that product or service. You also need knowledge of the keywords that can be successful inreaching that market, know how to write an effective article that gets them to take action.You may think that you have a great product on your hands but it is only as great as the number ofpeople interested in it if your desire is to make sales. You need to find out that there is a market forwhat you are trying to promote. Any article marketing campaign has to have an audience if it isgoing to work. Do your research and see how much is sold and how great the demand is.Now that you have for your article marketing campaign an audience, you have to educate yourselfon them. Find out who they are, where they live, where they look for information, and where theyshop. Investigate their buying behaviors and look to see what things are working in capturing salesfrom that group. Make sure that you are able to write in a style that is on their level and will appealto them.Knowing about that audience is great but another thing that you need to have to get that articlemarketing campaign successful is knowledge about that product/service. You are trying to setyourself up as an authority on the matter. You have to accomplish this in order to when not onlytheir trust but their business. You have to know what you are talking about before they really listento you.For your article marketing campaign, use a lot of time and energy to find the right keywords. Findout what gets results and what will get you on page one. Your articles arent going to be doing anygood if the search engines wont notice them. Find the best keywords and plan on using them.The most important part of your article writing campaign is the writing of the article. Make sure thatyou have a title that will get picked up by search engines and will catch the readers attention. Makesure that it answers the key questions that your target market is likely to ask. Keep it short, about300-500 words, making sure that you meet the minimum word requirements for the directories youwish to be published in.Also make sure that you ask the reader to do what you want them to do. Have a strong call to actionand then you will have likely created a successful article marketing campaign.http://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 9 of 11
  10. 10. Article MarketingBenefits Of Article Advertising Or Article MarketingArticle advertising or article marketing can be the key to not only making money but having asuccessful business. If you have a product or service that you are trying to promote then one of thebest and most cost effective ways is by using article advertising.Article advertising is a type of marketing effort in which you write short articles, about 400-600words, related to the product or service you wish to promote. If they are well written they will, aftergetting distributed to various online article directories that will be easily found on search enginesand read by people interested in what you have to offer.In article advertising, well written article will be constructed in such a way that it has strategicplacements of keywords and keyword phrases used by those who are searching for what you have tooffer. This will make your article easily found by search engines and can help get you noticed earlierby future consumers.Some of the benefits of article advertising are: 1) It is a great way to gain respect in the niche you aretrying to reach. If they see your well written and informative article they will see you as anauthority. The more that you have written about a certain area, the more trusted you will be and themore likely they will be to buy what you offer. 2) It is very cost effective. If you write the articleyourself it will only cost you the amount of time and energy you put into researching and writing thesubject. If you cant write well, you can easily find those who are able to write for you who areaffordable and will let you put your name on it, aka, ghostwriters. These are many times veryaffordable, though you need to make sure that they are able to give you unique content and arenative speakers in the language you are trying to market in. 3) Links are also a great benefit to articleadvertising. Your well written article will have a link back to your website and will also have aresource box with a strong call to action. This will invite those reading the article to go to your site tofind out more about what you have to offer. This will also help your search engine ranking. 4) Ithelps you reach a much larger target audience than you otherwise would have. Those who are reallyinterested in what you are offering will be the ones who read your article. You wont be putting yourmarketing efforts in front of people who may or may not care about what you have to offer. It willbe read by people who are truly interested in what you are doing and are also very likely to buywhat you are selling.Article marketing or article advertising is a great way to get attention to your products or services, ifit is used correctly. Take some time to learn how to do it the right way or find a good ghost writer todo the work for you and you will find customers who are not only willing to buy from you, but trustthat you are going to meet their needs and may come back to you for other purchases. Donecorrectly, article advertising can help you climb to the top and make you a success.http://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 10 of 11
  11. 11. Article MarketingResourceRepublished with authors permission by Elizabeth English http://LizsWorldprofit.com.[Instant Traffic Solution] Suffer from lack of traffic NO More – NEVERhttp://www.LizsWorldprofit.com/?rd=ts1zBSfJhttp://www.LizsWorldprofit.com Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 11 of 11