These Vital Points Guarantee your Success


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Everyone remembers their first job with, perhaps, a bit of nostalgia and a
soupcon of fondness, after the fact. But did you really know what you were doing... and, more to the
point, leverage that job and rise high -- even in a period of economic dislocations, miseries, and
Perhaps because of these depressing realities, you had to take a job, any job, just

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These Vital Points Guarantee your Success

  1. 1. These Vital Points Guarantee your Success
  2. 2. Preface / Introduction@~~~>The LAST Time I Made This OFFER I was BURIED in calls so I am limiting this to theNEXT 5 PEOPLE ONLY CALL ME NOW - dont miss out! CALL ME NOW for your FREEInternet marketing consultation. $100 value. Let an expert show you RIGHT NOW how to profitonline every single day without leaving home. CALL ME -- Liz English -- NOW, (315) 668-1591.LIVE 24/7/365.
  3. 3. Table of Contents1. An urgent message for all those in their first job... what to do to move up fast... even in troubledeconomic times.2. How to move up and up where you work, even in a punk economy. These vital points guaranteeyour success. Thats why you should carry them with you everywhere.
  4. 4. These Vital Points Guarantee your SuccessAn urgent message for all those in their first job... what to doto move up fast... even in troubled economic times.By Dr. Jeffrey LantAuthors program note. Everyone remembers their first job with, perhaps, a bit of nostalgia and asoupcon of fondness, after the fact. But did you really know what you were doing... and, more to thepoint, leverage that job and rise high -- even in a period of economic dislocations, miseries, andmuddles?Perhaps because of these depressing realities, you had to take a job, any job, just to pay the rent. Insuch a situation you may have felt chagrined (to say no more) that you didnt have the job of yourdreams and were not sky rocketing to fame, fortune, and the cover of Time magazine. Whoa... badanalysis, worse attitude. YOU need this article desperately.My favorite nephew Kyle is in this boat. Hes a bright lad, a newly minted honors graduate from awell-regarded California institution of higher education... marooned by the seemingly unendingrecession and its never quite better aftermath. He couldnt find a job in his field, and so withprodding and exhortation (and a great deal of it) took the first job that was to hand, working in thevegetable department at Kroger.Dont laugh. And dont go all arrogant and condescending either.Is he disappointed? Yes! Irked? Let-down? Oh, yes, but that was before his wily Uncle Jeffreypicked up the phone for some down-home success tips. Now, Kyle is the "maniac on the floor",primed for greatness and the executive suite. And so I selected one of the most exhilarating songs ofthe 80s to accompany this article; "Maniac on the floor" from the film "Flashdance" (1983), beltedout of the park by diva Irene Cara. Whatever despairing depths you are plumbing today, this red-hotdance tune will lift you and lift you higher.Serendipity.The gods of corporate Olympus move in mysterious ways... and so it was with Kyle, Kroger, and me,for I made my first stock investment into Kroger when I was 13 or 14 back in the 50s. The reasonwas one stock maven Peter Lynch of Fidelity Investments would applaud: because we shoppedthere. I didnt have so many shares to start with, but I visited Kroger as often as the family wished toeat... and I could see how my biggest (my only) investment was faring. Even then I took a veryproprietary interest in "my" Kroger. I even recall picking up some soiled lettuce off the floor andproperly disposing of it. It was a portent... but of what? It took the better part of a lifetime to discern,but Kyles launching pad in the lettuce department seems to be the link.Introduction to The Kroger Co. (NYSE: KR)Kroger, as you may well know, is the countrys largest grocery store chain and its second-largestgrocery retailer by volume and second-place general retailer, Walmart being the largest. As of 2010,Kroger operated, either directly or through its subsidiaries, 3,619 stores. It reported US$ 82.2 billionin sales during fiscal year 2010, with 338,000 employees, including Nephew Kyle, right there at thebottom, on the first rung of the ladder of success, nowhere to go but up. Lucky boy.Why so?Kyle is a business "virgin." He knows as little about business as is possible. This can be either a verygood or a very bad thing, depending on what happens next. Kyle, for instance, has no bad businesspractices to unlearn and overcome; he has no such business practices at all. Thus he starts with a Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 4 of 10
  5. 5. These Vital Points Guarantee your Success"tabula rasa", a clean slate, in the immortal phrase of monumental 18th century savant John Locke.Kyle has two options: fill this slate with one bad, progress-destroying habit after another, or knuckledown and learn the crucial things to turn a pedestrian entry-level job into a launching pad forlifetime success.It ALL starts with attitude.Kyle, unless your department at Kroger is a little bit of heaven, your supervisors biggest problem ispersonnel. They will demonstrate and perfect every sin venal and cardinal. They will specialize incomplaining, their moans and groans elevated to stratospheric heights. Rather than get on with thejob for which they were hired, they will conspire to cheat, chisel, and connive, liberally biting thehand that feeds them, gratitude and service towards the company inconceivable notions getting lipservice and nothing more.This being the case, an employee, any employee no matter how junior and inexperienced , whoactually works up to their full potential, understanding that they work for Kroger, goes on thesupervisors Christmas card list at once, with kudos, compliments, and useful perqs galore.Now hear this: you have been gifted with every advantage. The one you most need at present is theright attitude. You are now a Kroger man. You are now a part, albeit on the first step, of a large,growing, proud establishment. Act like it!For openers, let your supervisor know, best by superior work ethics and results, that you are agrateful, loyal and enthusiastic member of the Kroger team, a team which has grown steadily largerand more lucrative since in 1883 Bernard Kroger nailed his colors to the mast, "Be particular. Neversell anything you would not want yourself."* Look the part. Spruce yourself up, exemplifying everything you learned as an Eagle Scout. Wearthe insignia of this achievement. It will show your new colleagues what kind of fellow you are andsuggests you have what they want.* Read everything you can about Kroger, including their annual report and the plethora of usefuldocuments youll easily find at their website. Print these documents. Study them. Make yourselfthoroughly conversant with the facts. You will also find a thorough report at the Wikipedia. Put yourcopies in a folder and carry them with you; make sure your supervisor sees you studying them atyour breaks. Believe me, youll be the ONLY one showing such initiative.* Always be on time; that goes without saying. Inform your supervisor that you are willing to takeextra hours if others in the department cancel shifts. Let the supervisor know that your first loyalty isto the company, its customers, and what Kroger values: one grocery innovation after another. Krogerpeople are proud of what theyve done to feed America and feed America well.. You must knowthese achievements and swell their pride.* Have a good, solid, professional relationship with your supervisor, but never be a brown nosingapple polisher. Your job is to help your supervisor run the complicated store with its thousands ofproducts in which you now work. At all times be polite, respectful, professional. You are not hisbuddy and pal, you are something far more valuable, a colleague who assists him rise... and whomhe values accordingly.* When you see a good deed, tell the supervisor; also, tell the person you have told the supervisor.One of the most important things you will ever do in business is to recognize employeeachievements and, by a timely word in the ear of someone more advanced in the hierarchy, help thatperson secure the many emoluments which business can and does offer. Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 5 of 10
  6. 6. These Vital Points Guarantee your SuccessTwo more things.I know of your great interest in the ecology "green" movement. That is fine. In this connection Iadvise you to broaden your understanding of what it is and should be. Remember. the mostimportant animal you can help save and preserve is the human animal, and here what you do couldbe of the greatest importance. Study Kroger and its ecological endeavors; make it a point, whenpossible, to seek out the food chemists and others who are helping us all live better lives with morenutritious and safer foods.And, remember, even if you do not stay at Kroger, every word in this message remains germanesince you will require good references to move up... and this is how you get them.Now..... become the maniac on the floor, your presence and good work everywhere apparent,noticed with approval and approbation by the Kroger executives who see in you themselves andwish to advance you accordingly. And remember..."You work all your life for that moment in time It can come or pass you by..."And for you that moment is now. Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 6 of 10
  7. 7. These Vital Points Guarantee your SuccessHow to move up and up where you work, even in a punkeconomy. These vital points guarantee your success. Thatswhy you should carry them with you Dr. Jeffrey Lant.Authors program note. Im writing this article at 5 a.m. Sunday morning, the time when my moreleaden-footed competitors are still fast asleep dreaming of the next Jimmy Buffett concert they justcant wait to attend. Yes, per usual, I have stolen a march, maybe two, on those who may say theyvalue time managed for maximum effect... but show by their every word and action that they justdont get it... and thats very good news for you who adhere to the "lead, follow, or get out of theway" School of Upward Mobility. After all, the less they understand, know and do about the matter,the faster you ascend to greatness -- if and only if you follow these recommendations.You are your chief cheerleader. Better start acting like it.Riddle me this, bat person. When you last entered the parking lot at your place of employ were therebeaming colleagues strategically positioned to wish you well, Godspeed and up, up and away? Ofcourse not... you got the same lame greetings and comments (if those) you always get... pathetic,forgettable, pitiful. It was hardly like the great Pasadena Rose Parade, a celestial flurry of flowerpetals to provide just the right effect for you.Fast Breaking News: The off-handed way you were treated today when you arrived at your place of(not nearly gainful enough) employment is what you can expect in the interminable days, months,and years ahead... and if this doesnt motivate you to take your so-called career in hand and makeradical changes in how youll approach it, maximum success being the only acceptable goal, thenshame on you.I want you to grasp one fundamental truth about you, your career and your trek for succeess. NOONE (even sometime spouses and adult children who, to your acute exasperation, still live with youat age 45); NO ONE, I aver, asseverate and decidedly assert, cares about your current career and theradical retooling you must begin at once so as to achieve goals which are of prime importance onlyto you. In short, you need to station yourself in front of the mirror and take a good, close look at theonly person in your life who will sincerely and from the heart welcome your constant success...instead of greeting it with two of the most dismissive and disdainful words in the language: "WHOCARES?""Who cares if the sky cares to fall in the sea? / Who cares what banks fail in Yonkers? Long asyouve got a kiss that conquers?"You care, and that must be enough to begin the beguine.Thus, for the tune to accompany this most important article, I give you a pair of Gershwins, Georgeand Ira, geniuses both, who respectively in 1931 wrote the dazzling music and peppy lyrics for"Who Cares?"; found in the hit Broadway production of "Of Thee I Sing." Go to any search engineand find the version that most appeals to you. There are many to choose from. Then make G.Gershwins sophisticated, quick-stepping melody your particular and long-overdue theme song.Study the company that pays you... do you really understand it and its mission?Chances are that the lower you go in the personnel ranks of the enterprise which values you so muchthat it actually pays you, the less those personnel know about that enterprise. But this is not the casewith those who aim for upward advance. These people make it a point not merely to have (at least) Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 7 of 10
  8. 8. These Vital Points Guarantee your Successthe last five years of annual reports and other useful findings and revelations but actually toscrutinize them. Such people come clearly to know how valuable such information can be -- to you.In addition, gather current expert analyses of the companys stock and overall business situation,benefits, problems, data which top officers have and the lower ranks dont. The more such timely,strategic data you gather and master, the more clearly you mark your place amongst the great onesof your business. The faster you wish to advance, the more assiduous you will be not merely incollecting such data... but truly understanding them.Next, search the greatest repository of business information in the history of ambitious human kind,the net. Make it a point to locate valuable intelligence, on its products, services, biographies of keyemployees, executives, directors, etc. Nothing that a senior executive would find helpful should failto find its way into your bulging portfolios.Meet the boss, understand the boss, help the boss.... and the boss will help you.Generations of sad sacks and the terminally clueless have wasted untold millions of hourscomplaining about the boss, making sure that not a single blemish or imperfection goes unnoticedand commented upon. This is helpful to no one. Humbly, I am here to offer a better, more sensiblepolicy. Help your boss. Heres how to do it:First, resolve that you will forego the thrill of shredding your boss. Generations of employees haveturned this into a rite of passage; you cant be "one of us" they say unless you turn the boss intodross. YOU, reader, must rise above this and keep YOUR objective always in mind. This meansworking with, not working against, your boss.Open a file called "helping the boss." On Day 1 youve got nothing in that file. Make sure thissituation is as short as possible. Keep your eyes open for aspects of the company that needimprovement, immediate, intermediate, and long-term. Your job is to see... and report.... onproblems... and possible solutions. How do you do this? By not merely walking through things butperceiving them, perhaps for the first time.Thus, even as you drive into the parking lot, go into improvement mode. See it as a discerning criticwould see it. Is it clean, for instance? Does it make a good impression on visitors as well asworkers? In short, is it a credit to your company... or a certain demerit?Now do this with every aspect of the company, your company, the company YOU want to improveyour life by joining its leadership team, even becoming El Jefe Maximo.Slow and steady wins the race.It is very important that you approach this project slowly and deliberately, always keeping yourobjective clear in mind. Thus, be discrete. Do not draw attention to yourself and never, ever tellanyone what youre doing or your ultimate goal. Mums the word."Only those who look can see."Every working day you and your fellow employees go through a series of steps, all supposed toassist in the companys growth and development. The longer you have been going through thesesteps the more likely you do them automatically, without thinking, without seeing, and certainlywithout the idea of scrutinizing and improving. If you mean to move up, you must be different. Youmust not pass by casually without actually considering what youve seen. You must see with theeagle-eye of someone determined to move up by pointing out and eradicating flaws, imperfections,errors, and money draining problems.Pay dirt. Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 8 of 10
  9. 9. These Vital Points Guarantee your SuccessNow hear this! Every time you see a problem, see it as an opportunity for you to shine by improvingthe company and its operations whilst giving you a leg up on your flat-footed competitors. What todo now calls for determination, delicacy, discretion and action. As you mean to become a leader, sonow must you act like one.Once you have found something that needs correction (and, remember, every company has aplethora of such matters) write it down. Then consider whether you can solve the matter yourself, ornot. In short, once you have identified the problem what comes next?If you can solve the problem, do so. Then send a short note to the CEO indicating the problem andwhat you did. Please note that solving the problem yourself without notifying the CEO or properauthority within the company is only recommended when the problem is small and easily fixed.Otherwise...Write to the CEO.I must say and say strongly that this message must be a minor work of art. Your job is merely topoint out the problem. No criticism of any kind, much less criticism that might fall upon the CEOand his "watch" must ever be made. You want to be a member, and a respected one, of theleadership team. This means picking your shots and always being chary about what you write andhow you write it.No answer?Once you have identified the problem and so advised the CEO (or appropriate company officer ifyou know who that may be) sit back and relax. Be patient. Give it two-three weeks for response. Donot follow up prematurely or give the CEO the feeling you are pushing or pressuring. That defeatsyour purpose. And if you must follow up just do so in a line or two.More likely the CEO will send you a brief note of acknowledgement and thanks. Eureka! When hedoes, put this golden missive in your hope chest. You are now on the blissful ladder of success. Waitthree or four weeks, then do it again. Soon the CEO will get the point of you, golden guy or gal thatyou are, and youll be singing Gershwin in the shower. After all, your lunch with the CEO must soonoccur..."Life is one long jubilee/So long as I care for you/ and you care for me!" Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 9 of 10
  10. 10. These Vital Points Guarantee your SuccessResourceAbout the Author Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc. providing a widerange of online services for small and-home based businesses.Republished with authors permission by Elizabeth English Copyright Elizabeth English - 2012 10 of 10