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X factor personal branding


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The way to unleashing your Human X Factor is through creativity and connectivity.

However, the key is you have to be fully present on all levels for it to be revealed. Real Deal proudctions provides a leading edge formula by valuing diversity and self-empowerment.

Genuine heart to heart connections create more productive, co-operative and effective relationships/environments…

Human beings are community creatures, who are hard wired to share, care and be fair. The old dog eat dog attitude is not healthy and survival of the fitness only leaves people not knowing who to trust. The way forward today is to see the value of diversity and move our mindset from competitive to co-creative, through our clarity of intention, our transparency and our authentic connections.

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X factor personal branding

  1. 1. E L I Z A B E T H E L L A M E S P e r s o n a l B r a n d i n g [ f r o m t h e i n s i d e o u t ]
  2. 2. Our world is heavily focused on needing celebrity status…
  3. 3. resulting in many women being obsessed with their image and presentation style...
  4. 4. Women often ask these questions:   Is my BRAND clear… Am I EXPRESSING myself correctly… Where do I EXCEL… Is my MESSAGE inspiring…
  5. 5. Women often want to feel more than just comfortable about who they are… They want to shine and be an inspiration to others.
  6. 6. Our world needs women who are creative and want to share their vision and message…
  7. 7. In the past humans made things to make life easier… Now its time to create safe new ways of living on our planet.
  8. 8. There is an emerging trend forming in our society…
  9. 9. And it will be the people, products and services that are truly human that will determine the future our planet.
  10. 10. We don’t need to create more stuff… We need a new brand of leadership for women.
  11. 11. BIG ask… I know !
  12. 12. You Need to, We Need To…
  13. 13. Identify, Specify, Clarify, Edify And Unify.
  14. 14. You need to connect to your own valuable story and the stories of other women…
  15. 15. And reveal the real deal…
  16. 16. Which is your X-FACTOR
  17. 17. X-factor; An expression of your uniqueness, which quantifies your true value.
  18. 18. The term "X -Factor" is defined as a rare quality or influence.
  19. 19. The term is often used to describe actors or athletes that possess a special quality that has catapulted them to success.
  20. 20. The introduction of an X-Factor causes an unexpected change in events.
  21. 21. The concept of an X-Factor can relate to a set of circumstances or a person that has a strong and unpredictable influence on the environment they come in contact with.
  22. 22. What makes an X-Factor an accelerator?
  23. 23. Creativity… It provides the fuel that creates effective change.
  24. 24. And the most effective way to unleashing your X-Factor is through human CONNECTIVITY....
  25. 25. This is how we create lasting and positive transformation in the world.
  26. 26. My mission is to reveal the X Factor in women who have a message…
  27. 27. And guide them toward how they can use their X-Factor to serve humanity.
  28. 28. being creative creative impulse
  29. 29. find your attractor personal attraction is a condition of your spirit.
  30. 30. interpretation of Magnificence… Magnify Your Essence Bring out the X-Factor !
  31. 31. They each provide an choice points from which your PERSONAL CULTURE can grow.
  32. 32. Each Element Adds To Your Confidence and Your Audiences Confidence In You.
  33. 33. Building A Strong Platform For Your X-FACTOR To Shine Through.
  34. 34. Your True Value Is An Expression Of Your Inner Truths TELLING YOUR STORY
  35. 35. • Are you giving out mixed messages? • Is the person you are presenting to distracted by what you are presenting? • If so - you may NOT be addressing your appropriate audience or tribe. Choose your audience for the results you want. THE POWER OF ASSOCIATION What to consider when addressing a person or group.
  36. 36. CREATING YOUR PERFECT ENVIRONMENT • Let your personal brand tell a story about you. • Who are you and where are you going? • Is your current brand working for you? What to consider when creating your personal brand.
  37. 37. USE YOUR BRAND AS A TOOL FOR CHANGE What to consider when establishing your personal identity. •What are you prepared to change to make things happen? •Be mindful of your communication on all levels. •Begin to explore what your core attributes are. (using the Living Attributes typology)
  38. 38. In Summary
  39. 39. Being Creative + Being Appropriate + Being Present + Being Available = X-Factor
  40. 40. Know Yourself, Trust Yourself Discover Your Purpose… And Live A Larger Story
  41. 41.