Microsoft Cooperative Strategy Proposal


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This presentation was given to a mock Board of Directors. Myself and 4 other business students took on the role of a consulting firm, and offered Microsoft suggestions on cooperative strategies to improve their current position in Technology sector.

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  • Matthew 1985 Windows 1.01987- 1992 Windows 2.0 & 2.111990 – 1994 Windows 3.0 & Microsoft Office1995-2001 Windows XP2001- Xbox2005- Xbox 3602006-2008 Windows Vista2009 Windows 7 & Bing2010- Windows Phone2012 Windows 8
  • Matthew Venture between Accenture and Microsoft2global technology integrator specializing in the Microsoft enterprise platform370 Global Locations , 18,000 EmployeesHP30 Year Partnership1.Only Partnership in the Industry that handles diverse solutions portfolio that spans Desktop and Mobile, Desktop and Mobile, Unified Communications and 2.Collaboration, Virtualization and Private Cloud, Mission-Critical SQL Solutions and Cloud Services for Microsoft Applications3.Together, we take familiar platforms you know and own - and build integrated solutions, services and support that help you amplify the speed and effectiveness of your business, grow your competitive edge, scale IT as business needs evolve and deliver tangible business results. Catapult Systems Inc1IT Consulting company application development and infrastructure services2National Systems Integrator (Only 40 Firms in the US)3Six gold competencies making it top 0.10% of Microsoft partners worldwide
  • Matthew stringent gold competency typically requires four unique Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) to pass a technical exam; two employees to pass a sales and marketing assessment; and one employee to pass a licensing assessment, which applies to all competencies. The less stringent silver competency requires two MCPs to pass a technical exam, one employee to pass a sales and marketing test, and one employee to pass a licensing assessment. Unlike for gold, MCPs for silver can qualify as MCPs toward other silver competencies
  • Patrice
  • Patrice
  • ElizabethMicrosoft is in the Technology sector, and the main industry they compete in is Business Software & Services. They also compete in industries such as entertainment & gaming software, internet publishing, information technology services, and most recently cloud computing and data storage. Thiee biggest competitors are Apple, Oracle and Google. All of these brands, including Microsoft, are some of the world’s most valuable brands and because of this they have a lot to live up to. Unfortunately, Microsoft is always one step behind. Typically, when Apple or Google comes out with an innovative idea Microsoft follows 4-6 months later with a more practical version. This strategy has worked alright, products & services are cheaper and have the kinks worked out, but it continues to dilute the brand image and make people think that Microsoft is an outdated or insignificant company. In fact, this is not the case at all. Microsoft is always one step behind competitors, they need to find other ways to find competitive advantage. Use recommendation: Keep using Microsoft office solely for Microsoft products
  • ElizabethMicrosoft has some of the biggest names in the business, “How many people have used one of these products this week?” Everyone. The general public is familiar with Microsoft and many of it’s brands, and we think that Microsoft needs to really leverage this and use it as a competitive advantage. For instance, if companies operate solely on Microsoft products or services, Microsoft should offer free training seminars or continued education. They need to create more value for their customers instead of just providing a product. Another idea would be leveraging the XBOX. Windows 8, Internet Explorer, Skype, Microsoft Office, Sky Drive, Outlook, Xbox, MSN, BINGLeverage big names to attract corporation to merge with them such as Nokia.
  • Microsoft has sold more than 46 million copies of Halo games worldwide, and the franchise has brought in nearly $3 billion in sales, according to the company. 11.21 million units in its first 24 hours, and generated revenue of $815.7 million (£511.8 million), going on to reach $1 billion (£624.45 million) in sales after just three days on September 20 2013. There is no other series more closely aligned with Xbox and Microsoft than Halo. The brand is a pop culture force of nature, and has raised an entire generation of video gaming kids.
  • ElizabethMicrosoft is good at Desktop Operating Systems. For this reason, we believe it would be very beneficial for Microsoft to form strategic alliances with more educational and municipal entities to ensure that only Microsoft products are used in those offices, and continue to dominate this market.
  • Microsoft needs make a shift more into smartphone devices, not just the software and services. If they can provide more devices that operate only with Windows software, they can drastically increase their market share in the years to come. If you look at the graph, the reason Android has dominated this market is because they offer more low cost, high functioning products that are very popular in Europe & Asia.
  • Patrice
  • 1. The technology contribution from both leaders in mobile industry, Nokia and software operating system development, Microsoft will create a new way in which smartphone functions and performs
  • Microsoft Cooperative Strategy Proposal

    1. 1. Matthew McDaniel, Patrice Boston, Elizabeth Duffey, Eric Steinbrunner
    2. 2. Microsoft’s History 1975 • Paul Allen/ Bill Gates create Microsoft 19821994 • Windows 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 : IBM Partnership 19952001 • Windows 95, 98, 2000 & MSN 20012008 • Windows XP, Windows Vista, & Xbox 20092010 • Windows 7, Bing, & Windows Phone 20112012 • Windows 8
    3. 3. Top 3 Partners (U.S.A) 2012 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards • #1 Overall: Avanade • Joint venture between Accenture and Microsoft • Global technology integrator • 70 global locations 18,000 employees • #6 Overall: Hewlett-Packard • 30 year partnership • Only partnership in the industry • #7 Overall: Catapult Systems Inc. • IT consulting company • National Systems Integrator (Only 40 Firms in the US) • Top 0.10% of Microsoft partners worldwide
    4. 4. Network Cooperative Strategy • Microsoft Partner Networks • 430,000 businesses and 1.6 M customers • 3 Levels of membership offered (Community, Subscription, Competency, Partner) • Gold & Silver Competency • Microsoft Cloud Essentials or Microsoft Cloud Accelerate • Future Partnerships
    5. 5. Recommendations Image Cited:,,,,
    6. 6. Recommendations (Con’t) Image Cited:,,
    7. 7. Competitors
    8. 8. Microsoft’s Big names
    9. 9. Halo “There is no other series more closely aligned with Xbox and Microsoft than Halo. The brand is a pop culture force of nature, and has raised an entire generation of video gaming kids.” -Forbes Grand Theft Auto • In the first 24 hours sold over 11 million copies • In the first 24 hours generated over $815 million in Revenue
    10. 10. Competitive Position: Desktop Operating Systems 2013 Microsoft Windows holds 91.6% Market Share
    11. 11. Competitive Position: Global Smartphone Shipments 2013 • Microsoft’s Market Share doubled in the last year Windows 4% IOS 13% Android 81% • Currently the world’s fastest growing smartphone platform • Move more into services paired with devices to stay competitive in this market
    12. 12. Research and Development
    13. 13. Microsoft’s Strategies  Nokia and Microsoft have formed a vertical strategic alliance.  Microsoft and Facebook have engaged in a diversifying strategic alliance to take advantage of advertising in different geographic regions and target more customer segments.
    14. 14. Enabling Service Growth    There are significant opportunities with devices and services. Datacenter footprint in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia Regions. Creating economic value by investing in expansion to capture these opportunities.
    15. 15. Performance Highlights
    16. 16. Trends for Future Growth  Cloud Computing - Leading and most comprehensive enterprise cloud offering. Winning virtualization share.  Social - Enabling social entertainment and communications between enterprises and consumers.  Mobility – Windows Phone progress, productivity across platforms, and mobile device management.  Big Data - Facilitating big data for improved decision making.
    17. 17. References • • w.aspx • • w.aspx • • • • • •,2817,2419594,00.asp