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  1. 1. ASSURE METHODA – Analyze Learners: Begin by assessing the current knowledge of the studentbase. Involve the students in the process of selecting a state to create a report. Askthem what interests them about the state and what facts they many already know.S – State Objective:A) 8thgrade Social Studies class with an equal gender ratio.B) The students will create a visually appealing poster orpowerpoint on the state they have chosen and will include thefollowing elements; State name, Capital, Region, Time Zone, &Location (latitude and longitude/Physical Geographic Region)C) Research will be conducted through the links that have beenprovided in the WebQuest.D) Students will present their project to the class and will be ableto answer general knowledge questions about their state fromtheir peers.S – Select Methods, Media, and Materials: Use of web material provided viaWebQuest, visual elements created through photoshop, and social media.U – Utilize Media and Materials: Prepare by reviewing the material and makingsure the links work properly.R – Require Learner Participation: Promote classroom interaction throughdiscuss and question sessions. Promote student involvement by allowing studentsto critique and conduct question and answer sessions with their peers.E – Evaluate and Revise: Asses students by random questioning during in the inclass work period to determine what methods, media, and material are mostefficient, are the students retaining the knowledge, where they motivated, wherethey actively engaged in their research.