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  1. 1. ASSURE METHODA – Analyze Learners: Begin by assessing the current knowledge of the diversestudent base. Get the students involved by asking questions and discussing whatphysical geographic region we currently live in as well as what regions they and/orother students have lived.S – State Objective:A) 8thGrade Social Studies Class with an equal gender ratioB) The students will identify the 6 geographic regions and the subregions of the United States. They will be familiar with whatfeatures define these regions.C) Through the use of melody, video and social mediaD) 100% accuracy by the end of the unitS – Select Methods, Media, and Materials: Use of video and social mediaU – Utilize Media and Materials: Prepare by reviewing the material and makingsure the video works properly.R – Require Learner Participation: Promote classroom interaction throughdiscuss and question sessions. Promote student involvement through the use ofsocial media.E – Evaluate and Revise: Asses students by random questioning during in classactivities and group discussions to determine what methods, media, and materialare most efficient, did the students retain the knowledge, where they motivated,where they actively engaged in the lessons and activities.