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Module 2 clip #7


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This is a lecture clip from my online Philosophy of Death and Dying course.

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Module 2 clip #7

  1. 1. Changes of Character Williams: If our character changes in thefuture, it’s unclear why our present selveswould be attracted to the projects of thisfuture self Fischer: What matters is the way that ourcharacter changes
  2. 2. Summing Up Immortality need not consist of a single pleasurable activity to beattractive. Immortality need not consist solely of pleasurable activities to beattractive. The standards for immortality should match those for a mortalexistence. An immortal life consisting only of self-exhausting pleasureswould be boring—but there’s no reason to think a life ofrepeatable pleasures, appropriately spaced (and perhapscombined with spiritual and religious experiences) could not giverise to positive categorical desires even in an immortal life.