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Module 1, clip #4


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Module 1, clip #4

  1. 1. Nagel’s Direct Challenge Death is a loss for the person who suffers it.Since losses are bad for the person whosuffers them, death is bad for the person whodies. Rosenbaum: If death is a loss, it’s unlike anyother loss we know of.
  2. 2. Why think death is a loss?Explains the asymmetry between how we thinkabout death and how we think about pre-conception.Pre-Conception DeathNon-Existence Existence Non-ExistenceNot Seen as Bad for Us Seen as Bad for Us
  3. 3. Summing Up Rosenbaum: Death, when understood as akind of non-existence, can’t be bad for theperson who dies, because we can’texperience it. We can’t experience it, becausethe state doesn’t begin to occur until after wecease to exist, and therefore cannot causeany effect in us.“Where death is, you are not.”-Epicurus