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Eric LItvin LinkTest Instructions


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Eric Litvin Luma Optics for Fiber Splice Verification on DWDM Muxed Networks

Published in: Technology
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Eric LItvin LinkTest Instructions

  1. 1. 1.) Select Tunable Tab and Tune Channel 2.) Select DDM Tab and Monitor Link 3.) Select Report Tab and Generate Report LinkTest Instructions Eric Litvin Luma Systems 650 996 7270
  2. 2. 1.) Connect Power Supply to LinkTest 2.) Insert SFP+ 3.) Click Read Button 4.) Tune to desired DWDM channel 5.) Click Set Button 6.) REPEAT at other Linktest Site DONE Tunable Tab
  3. 3. 1.) Click Remote DDM to start remote DDM NOTE: Local DDM will default to ON without Clicking DONE DDM Monitoring Tab
  4. 4. 1.) Enter project Information in Single Line Edits 2.) Click on CSV Output Report Tab
  5. 5. Luma Systems Confidential Eric Litvin Luma Systems 650 996 7270 2/1/2017 1,) Click on CSV/OUTPUT > Save csv file to harddrive 2.) open csv file (this is all the header info) in excel 3.) The Report Cont. Tab (see above illustration) will automatically open and will populate the data. Click "print screen" on Keyboard. 4.) Go to excel and past in screen shot of report. DONE