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Yes Presentation


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Yes Presentation

  1. 1. q]
  2. 2. OVERVIEW Overview Highlights Benefits Outcomes
  3. 3. Overview“Today, 99% of all enterprises in Singapore areSMEs. They employ 7 out of every 10 workers, andcontribute over 50% of national GDP.”SPRING Singapore
  4. 4. The Singapore education system aims to help ourstudents discover their talents, realise their potential,and develop a passion for learning that lasts themthrough their lives. MOE Corporate Brochure
  5. 5. st21 Century Learning OutcomesA combination of real-world skills, specialised andgeneral knowledge and great character.To make future contributions to Singapore Inc.
  6. 6. In response: Business Skills +Combining them in Design Thinking = Entrepreneurship Youth Entrepreneurship Skills Training (YES) Programme
  7. 7. Key Highlights1) Designed by Entrepreneurs2) Industry Partners3) Business and Design Skills Redefined
  8. 8. Designed by EntrepreneursKenneth Leow, Partner, Blue and GrayWriter, Consultant, Speaker in HR, Leadership andStrategy in China, India and Singapore.David Li, President, Citech and CIMSPioneer of IT Education in Singapore with footprints in40 over schoolsElite Wee, CEO, LanguagelabEducator, Writer, Speaker & Edupreneur with 4 centres
  9. 9. Industry PartnersSiemensFor its design softwareCanonFor its printing expertiseSingapore PolytechnicFor its leadership in business and design education
  10. 10. 3 Key Modules: Mindset and Management Marketing and Money SenseInnovation and Design Thinking
  11. 11. Mindset and Team MangementTransform self-understanding and equip to become a team player
  12. 12. Marketing and Money SenseEffective marketing speaks to the needs of consumersand money sense equips learners to manage theresulting cashflow.
  13. 13. Innovation and Design ThinkingInnovation and design thinking sharpens the mind tothe creative destruction process to break newgrounds in product innovation.
  14. 14. Key Benefits1) Preparatory YES Programme2) National Youth Entrepreneurship Competition3) Advanced YES Programme
  15. 15. Preparatory YES Programme1) Key Business and Design Skills2) Participation in National Youth EntrepreneurshipCompetition3) Certification by SIEMENS and CIMS
  16. 16. National Youth Entrepreneurship Competition1) Experience in business competitions2) Cash award for school and competitors to pursuebusiness idea
  17. 17. Advanced YES Programme1) Fully certified by CIMS and SIEMENS2) Key programme to NYAA, Business Clubs, NTElectives, IB/IP Modules3) For pursuit of entrepreneurship with businessmentorship, networking and seed funding
  18. 18. Key Outcomes – 4Is1) In support of existing school programme, CCAs andcurriculum2) Inculcate passion for learning3) Instill understanding of the real-world4) Incubate future entrepreneurs
  19. 19. THANK YOU