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Testimonials 2009


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Testimonials 2009

  1. 1. TESTIMONIALS 2009 To Whom It May Concern: I must praise your efforts in having an actual person respond to emails, and not a machine spewing out pre-conditioned responses. Well done! Julius J. _______________________________________________________________________ __ Just wanted to touch base to say I'm having a good football experience with you in two of your football leagues. I really do appreciate your attentiveness to your customers and recognize that this interaction with a reasonable human being is something I would never be able to do with other online fantasy football sites. Your trade voting process has been WONDERFUL which was the biggest reason I came your way in the first place, so thanks for that! Daniel _______________________________________________________________________ _ I was a first timer with you for football and had a great experience. I was particularly impressed with how quickly you paid prize money out, nice work! Daniel H. _______________________________________________________________________ _ You always adequately address my concerns and I appreciate the speedy responses. I look forward to the upcoming fantasy season and I feel that I will be using your website for years to come! Thanks again. Juan G. Hi, Just want to say, I really like the set up for the drafts. Best online draft board I've seen.
  2. 2. R. Peters _______________________________________________________________________ _ Enjoyed playing in both leagues. I have your site saved in my favorites and I will be back next year. I have some friends I'm going to send your way next year too. A.H. _______________________________________________________________________ _ I got my prize check very fast...thanks guys, will be back next year and will recommend your site to friends. Jay H. _______________________________________________________________________ _ Thanks for putting on one of the highest prize-pool leagues on the internet and I look forward to returning next year. -Steve _______________________________________________________________________ _