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EBusinesware Executive Summary


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EBusinesware Executive Summary

  1. 1. ebusinessware Partner Your Best Value Knowledge inc.
  2. 2. Indicative Niche Areas Fixed Income & Wealth Insurance and Reference Data Risk Management Management Annuities Management FX Trading Digital Media Equity Trading Credit Mobile Platform Derivatives Platform 1
  3. 3. eBusinessware Company Profile Background Technology eBusinessware is a Wall Street headquartered global Our Financial Engineers and Knowledge Analysts are well outsourcing firm offering end-to-end business and trained from within our applied software engineering technology solutions. We are the independent finance institute powered by proprietary Lesson-on-Demand, our vertical of the MGL Group (BSE, Luxemburg) - 4,000 Learning Management System. employees globally. Founding members have had extensive finance Business skills background and prestigious careers a world’s top financial l and Credit risk management, Reporting, Market institutions and consulting firms. Mapping, Measurement and Modeling. lderivatives, Trading and Straight-through Credit Mission processing. We help our clients achieve their business and financial objectives by providing technology and process l Fixed income derivatives and Global trading FX and outsourcing solutions. Since we have a deep investment in systems. IP-oriented offerings, our clients “get to market” faster, l funds and Prime brokerage. Hedge save money and reduce risk. Electronic trade management and Order routing. l Service offerings l reconciliation services. Portfolio l application development and integration. Custom l Institutional and Private client asset and Wealth management. Production support. l l accounts, Money management, and Securities Managed Application architecture and design. l lending. l assurance and testing. Quality l measurement and Performance solutions. Portfolio Re-engineering and migration services. l Fixed and Variable annuities business. l l engineering and UML documentation. Reverse Sales CRM, Data warehousing and Business l l application web enablement. Legacy intelligence. l data management services. Financial land Reference data counterparty. Credit Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO). l l Management. Strategy Help desk support. l Staff supplementation services. l 2
  4. 4. eBusinessware Company Profile Your Best Value Our value proposition Our combination of in-depth industry expertise, coupled Knowledge Partner with an ability to rapidly scale on- and off-shore development, analyst and business processing teams on short notice helps our clients to get their projects done on time and within budget. Our technical professionals are experienced in a broad range of technologies ranging from Centers of Excellence legacy systems to cutting edge technology, enabling us to succeed in a wide variety of challenging assignments. Our business processing professionals are experienced in SOFTWARE ENGINEERING PROJECT MANAGEMENT specific areas of data management and transaction QUALITY ASSURANCE processing, reducing learning curves and increasing BUSINESS ANALYSIS productivity. Our industry specific configurable solution sets We demonstrate our commitment to industry specialization by creating Solutions Sets which include basic components that solve relevant industry issues. Over the past 10 years, ebw has created an impressive array of solution sets which our clients use to get to market faster, while reducing risk. TM lDimensions Credit Your next step to l Manager EZ Data TM Questionnaire Hub l SUCCESS! “ SponsorSuite l TM IRIS Trade Manager l “ Cell Agility l We help our clients to save money, l Process Assurance (BPA) Business enhance quality and lower the risk of IT projects. l On Demand Lesson Unifacebook l l Applications Intranet 3
  5. 5. EBW key differentiators from large outsourcing firms Exclusive Focus on Financial Industry Center of Financial Domain Excellence We are one of the fastest growing financial services Our unique blend of offerings to our World's most companies in the world with an exclusive focus on the exclusive clients enables our Centers of Excellence to financial services sector. To our clients' delight, we provide provide a fast track career growth for our professionals. a unique value proposition which also includes a portfolio Our professionals leverage the unique features of our CoE of advanced products. These proprietary high-end products to propel their knowledge and experience to an include Fixed Income and Equity trading platforms, unparalleled growth path. Wealth management research and analytics suite, State of the art scalable Mobile devices platform, Niche Document Flexible structuring to suit clients’ convenience management platform, and Financial Data research and When you have to staff mission-critical projects and meet analysis suite of products and tool kit. In addition to such tight deadlines, you may prefer to bring on our consultants Critical Product offerings, we support our clients with with an option to hire. If your plans change, you are under outsourcing services in the advanced Financial Services no obligation to hire fulltime. This gives you the flexibility Industry offerings. to execute priority projects as you see fit. The business climate changes rapidly, and we're here to make it easier Chemistry between client and our professionals for you with a customizable collection of services to fit Our deep subject matter understanding in areas that are your needs. critical to our clients' business combined with utmost process focus to ensure efficient communication between Top-10 Niche Outsourcing Firms our teams and our clients' teams, resulting in high quality, Extracted fromGartner Group 2007August report on Offshore Providers. cost-effective and timely implementations. We are market Niche Players driven, and have the necessary technology and business Softtek skills to make our customers succeed. Sapient Scalable operations MGL / eBusinessware Our ability to rapidly scale multi-shore development, Deloitte analyst and business processing teams on short notice Keane helps our clients to get their projects done on time and Bearing Point within budget. Our technical professionals are experienced in a broad range of technologies ranging from legacy Vision Unisys “ “ systems to cutting edge, enabling us to succeed in a wide Today, clients that want influence and flexibility in variety of challenging assignments. addition to quality and efficiency,without spending $100 million per year, are looking at the increasingly impressive array of mid-tier providers. Forrester - Jul, 2007 4
  6. 6. EBW key differentiators from large outsourcing firms Commitment Competitive Position Our commitment to quality is legendary. Each employee at eBusinessware is responsible for the quality of their work, Lower but also knows that our customers have the final word on Cost Business Specific Onshore/Offshore Model: the definition of quality. We employ inspection processes l Low Impact on Internal Business & Technology Resources. and equip our team members with state of the art tools. l Team Deployment. Rapid Commitment covers a lot of ground at eBusinessware, l High Business Process Value Added. Wipro, TCS, etc. whether it’s quality, on time delivery, training, continuous improvement or any of our other focus areas. Cost Savings (Lower Cost/Less Knowledge) (Lower Cost/More Knowledge) Internal Resources Staff Augmentation Technology Vendors Higher Cost (Higher Cost/Less Knowledge) (Higher Cost/More Knowledge) Less Business Specific Process and Application Knowledge More Our Credentials We are a Wall Street Based firm. SEI-CMMI Level 5, TL 9000 and ISO 27001 assessed l quality systems. l eBusinessware rated as top-10 Niche MGL / Outsourcing Provider from GartnerGroup, Founded 1999. Coverage: US, Europe, Singapore, India, Tokyo. l l Trained Teams Domain l successful projects for top-100 banks Over 200 and insurance companies. 5
  7. 7. Service Offerings Management Consulting Software Financial Engineering Data Management I Information Architecture Business Information Analysis Architecture Sa tisf ac tio Ensu n a re nd U s Pr er oe jc t Su cc es s Quality Assurance Solutions Centers of Excellence (CoE) Analysis Functional tests Design Integration tests Coding & Integration Unit tests Application Development team Integration testing Left over tasks Regression testing Defect fixes System testing Performance tuning Performance testing Installation processes E X T EN D Your Best Value Knowledge Partner CoE # 3 of 4 New York London Singapore Delhi Australia Quality Project Our coverage of service offerings Assurance Management mirrors all aspects of our clients’ business. 6
  8. 8. eBusinessware SolutionSets With a mission to delight our customers, we have a deep investment in IP-oriented offerings. Since we invest in our solutions, you “get to market” faster, save money and reduce risk. Our IP Portfolio For Sales and Trading Areas For Wealth Managers Financial Data Management New Offerings - IRIS Trade Manager - QuestionnaireHubTM - CreditDimensionsTM.. - CellAgility Mobile Platform - IRIS Equity Trader - SponsorSuiteTM - EZ Data Manager - Business Process Assurance 7
  9. 9. eBusinessware Solution Sets Credit DimensionsTM eBusinessware’s exclusive focus on financial industry domain and reference data management makes it a “one-stop” reference data solution for the world's leading financial services firms. r Data Management (RDM) System Reference CreditDimensions (CDi) product line is a sophisticated and integrated, model-driven platform that easily adapts to changing business and compliance requirements. l Launched CDi as a product in 2001 to serve the financial institutions' need to address the quality of their reference data. Goldman Sachs Our RDM l operations were triggered by the initial consortium members; Barclays Capital, Credit Royal Bank Suisse First Boston, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, and Royal Bank of Canada. Of Canada Barclays l This elite industry group helped us brainstorm the best practices in the world of Reference data Capital management giving us stamp of approval. JPMorgan Reuters, Chase Bloom- Credit Suisse KMV, berg First Moody’s Boston S&P Clean le s Barra in ing a nd En An Internal Hiera ie r richm ic chy m ent Data Set Cross anag refere emen Data ncing t cons olida tion / io Distrib ibutio n For more information, please refer to Reference Data Management ebook or contact 8
  10. 10. eBusinessware Solution Sets EZ Data Manager eBusinessware’s Document Document Management System allows middle and back offices to Company Name: FinTechphone Pvt Ltd extract data from ever expanding Tax ID 339322 variety of data sources. As a result, you will be able to bring Mailing Address in large amounts of data in less Street Address: 123 Technical drive time into your database, City: Malvern State: application or data warehouse. Country: US Postal Code: Also, you can be more flexible in adjusting your expanding EZ Data Manager requirements, while protecting and enhancing the integrity of all Tax ID=339322 City= Malvern State= your data for operational excellence, easier decision-making Data Company Name: Fin Techphone Pvt. Ltd and improved revenue streams.” Extraction Street Address: 123 technical drive Postal Code: Benefits of using EZ Data It helps to gain efficiencies in business by automating data extraction from legacy and current documents based data EZ Data sources into database or standard formats. Data Validation Engine Validation It makes integration of document based data source with your technical infrastructure an easy and cost effective project. It helps you to validate and monitor information received from various data sources. EZ Data- Exception Handling Its ability to produce standard documents using industry Missing State, Data Country information standard taxonomy such as XBRL (Financial Accounting) and Handling Invalid tax ID format ACORD (Insurance) helps you stay ahead in your regulatory compliance initiatives. Data Auditor Target Database Cleanse Data For more information, please refer to Reference Data Management ebook or contact 9
  11. 11. eBusinessware Solution Sets Wealth Management: QuestionnaireHubTM TM The eBusinessware QuestionnaireHub is a web-based service that eases the confusing and burdensome quarterly reporting process for managers by automating it. We streamline the data-entry process, as well as the creation of the documents that are sent to the sponsor firms for due diligence and RFPs. Receipt & Storage Manager Information Repository Configuration Analytics Documents & Attributes T ? Questionnaires Templates Auditing & History ............................................... .......... ....... . . . ............... .............................. .................... ....... ... ... .. ................... ............ ... . .. ... ..... ... .. . Entitlements Core Data Sigma User Interface Asset Manager Portal * For more information, please refer to Financial Technolgy Offerings ebook or contact 10
  12. 12. eBusinessware Solution Sets TM Wealth Management: SponsorSuite SponsorSuiteTM provides the Research Managed Solutions Industry with SponsorSuite enables your researchers to gather and catalog a collaborative framework to market information, construct performance streams from organize, consolidate, and multiple sources and provide detailed reporting on analytics distribute investment research such as performance, risk, attribution, portfolio allocation and and product information for characteristics. managed funds. Marketing Product SponsorSuite provides your marketing team with a SponsorSuite allows your product configurable, template-driven utility to produce high quality team to centralize program and documents. Coupled with a built-in workflow engine, Sponsor investment information with Hub facilitates the creation, review, and publishing of your flexibility to add and configure quality marketing materials. new programs, generate timely marketing materials and review analytics. User Interface Data Load & Extract Reports & Documents Security JSP/Struts JME IRA Document Engine Business Domain Property Management Data Interface XML RDBMS * For more information, please refer to Financial Technolgy Offerings ebook or contact 11
  13. 13. eBusinessware Solution Sets IRIS Trade Manager Iris Trade Manager™ is our Iris Trade Manager Benefits solution for automating the Delivered and deployed in rapid timeframes, Iris Trade middle office. Designed for Manager provides you with these near-term benefits, global institutions and offering including: the most comprehensive range of l Automate basket, DMA, and cash trade allocations and functionality, Iris Trade Manager increased capacity to process an ever-greater volume of enables firms to significantly trades. increase the profitability of trading operations by providing a l Automate block trade and allocation processing, and single-solution approach for eliminate errors due to manual system entry. multi-asset trade management and l productivity of existing staff and increase ability Improve processing, including automated to dramatically scale the business without additional staff. block, DMA, and basket trade capture and processing, allocation management, confirmation, l a trade processing platform that could be Provide ticketing, and audit trail generation. leveraged into multiple asset classes, including fixed income and derivatives. Ebw Trade Manager PRODUCTS Ebw Equity Trader EBW BUSINESS PLATFORM MANAGER (Configuration) TECHNOLOGY Client Core PLATFORM Server Core * For more information, please refer to Financial Technolgy Offerings ebook or contact 12
  14. 14. eBusinessware Solution Sets eBusinessware Innovation Platform Millions of professionals all around the globe have epiphany of unique ideas; they dream of transforming their innovative ideas into real and tangible 21st century products. Over 99.10% of such ideas do not see light of the day due to myriads of factors like lack of resources like time, money, man power, execution capability, contacts, and inexperience as well as fear of unknown. Creating a product is altogether a different ball game. Our teams are equipped with the tools and knowledge to create your products for you with all of these features and comforts: Our repository of proven and time l effective and complicated innovative technologies Highly tested set of Products and Tools, l configurable products Highly combined with talent pool highly Open platform with relevant APIs for easier integration l with other system experienced architects and lSpeed, Volume optimizations Scale, developers has been helping our l and Throughput Latency clients to achieve their l Fault tolerance, failover, replicability, and transactional Vision of Innovation into the capabilities State-of-the-art Products in l vs. in-house architecture Hosted record time within budgets l architecture and components Layered l quality of architecture, coding standards Highest l proof solutions to avoid risky viruses, spam prone, Security effective spyware immunity Low cost, yet record time and quality l 24X7 uptime architecture even during upgrades l Exemplary documentation l Continuously changing requirements l l version production support Multiple ltime to production Faster ltechnology upgrade path Faster Component granularity for effective reusability l l version production support Multiple Extremely effective training tools l Self installable products l * For more information, please refer to Financial Technolgy Offerings ebook or contact 13
  15. 15. eBusinessware Solution Sets Business Process Assurance Business Process Assurance Solution Set pushes the boundaries beyond testing programs or middleware or limited service during the system testing phase. It significantly eliminates QA perils encountered by the IT and user teams during the SDLC. Why do you need BPA? You need to implement a sound BPA approach if you are encountering any of the following or related symptoms: l Production Defects - Many defects discovered in production where they are the most expensive to fix. l Low Confidence - Not enough confidence in the testing results due to shortage of effective test planning and execution time. Low confidence level for a QA sign-off in a Go/No Go decision. l No Clarity - Integrated or overlapping tests between various test teams. No clarity of core responsibilities of each test team. l Test Coverage - No guarantee on Lack of completeness/coverage of the test requirements when mapped to the business/systems requirements. l - QA timeline squeezed / overlapped with No Time Developer Integration testing and UA testing. l No Insight - Status reports are not aligned with the businesss functions being tested, making it difficult for the stakeholders to get a clear picture into the testing process and budget utilization. l Working Hours - Enormous time and resources Extended spent in creating and managing test data and reporting progress. * For more information, please refer to Business Process Assurance ebook/ or contact 14
  16. 16. eBusinessware Solution Sets Lesson on DemandTM Lesson on Demand is our comprehensive proprietary Learning Management System which is deployed in the most unique ways in any industry. Scores of courses are available in the areas of financial domain and technology as well as processes with actual case studies as accompaniments. Hundreds of sessions are delivered every year covering all of needs of all of our professionals located throughout the world. These courses simulate real industry situations like Trading floors, insurance situations, risk control office right in the class room. * For more information, please refer to Lesson on Demand ebook 15
  17. 17. eBusinessware Solution Sets UniFacebook UniFacebook is one of the foremost and complete corporate social network product offerings. Its interactive features include all multimedia formats. Its simple and user friendly interface requires minimal user training with implementation time of fewer than couple of weeks. Our UniFaceBook integration team is geared to integrate it with myriads of corporate intranet and backend systems. Features ebw Helpdesk q ebw Weaponry q Time Management q ebw Happenings q ebw at Work q ebw Highlights q ebw Thought Leader Section q Sales Brainstroming q ebw Means Quality and Discipline q ebw Assets (People and projects) q ebw Success Stories q q Assistant Personal ebw Leaders in the Making q Talent Acquistion q Announcements q Web Café q * For more information, please refer to New Paradigm ebook 16
  18. 18. eBusinessware Solution Sets Intranet Applications Intranet Productivity Enhancement Suite comprises of 10+ appl ications that corporate require to run their day to day operations in completely automated environment creating a true version of paperless office. Metrics reporting and integration with UniFaceBook makes these capable of delivering a unique employee experience. Knowledge Verification q IP Locator q q Vision UniRAD q Focal Point Network e-Excellence q e-EPM q Wiki q View Onsite CVS q Sales CRM q WebEx Video Conferencing q q Ticket Helpdesk Project Observer q e-RM q e-HR q Sales Pocket Guide q e-Recruitment q Sales Collateral Discover q View Offshore CVS q e-Consulting RM q e-Campaign q * For more information, please refer to New Paradigm ebook 17
  19. 19. eBusinessware Solution Sets CellAgility Cell Agility Platform is cloud computing offering to retrieval, formatting, storage and delivery of targeted content to mobile devices. Content can be in any format including structured data bases or unstructured images, word, excel, etc. Internet over multiple carriers Internet or Multiple carriers EBW Content Client Access Analysis ADAPTIVE MOBILE WEB- WEB SERVICES- ALERTS- Push Alerts ANALYTICS- FORMATTING Content presented Backend to support to devices as per Trends, ENGINE- in Mobile Browser native applications notification rules and Historical charts, Format content like Safari on device APIs and Reports as per device. iPhone. SMS. Manual editing as required by Content ARCHIVE - Store all content as per data retention agreements Analysts LISTENERS - Collect content at regular intervals Internet or Private lines Open standards-Media RSS, SCAP, XML over HTTP, FTP Support for Manufacturer specific proprietary protocols Content Server Content Server * For more information, please refer to New Paradigm ebook or contact 18
  20. 20. eBusinessware Solution Sets Our Joint Venture with AdSmart eBusinessware is exclusive partner with AdSmart to sell their List of Services product Adsmart-360 International in India and other Asian Conversion q Matrix countries. People + Technology = Awesome With 22 years of advertisement as well as creative experience, Pay Per q Click (ppc) proprietary technology and full service offering, AdSmart can Showcase your business to highly targeted customers. take you where your customers are, getting you ahead of competition and in front of the exact people who are looking for q Engine Search Optimization (SEO) your products and services. Get more customers by staying on top of search results. "Research shows that consumers will spend seconds on your Social Media q Optimization (SMO) home page and will leave if they do not quickly see what they Create a buzz about your business within social want." communities and networks. People + Technology = Awesome Email Marketing q eBusinessware gives you the perfect combination of both worlds Manage Relationship Nurturing Emails to your Customers. with a dedicated campaign manager, creative artists along with an analytical team, all backed by our robust and intelligent Why use AdSmart? proprietary technology. We're on a mission – to get you more lExisting relationship with Google customers. lSmarter" keyword choices, Improved click thru rates lLOWER cost-per-click, Better quality scores AdSmart - 360 edge lConstantly improving technology and analytics We combine our expertise with AdSmart in Search Engine lFull Service, Our team works for you! Marketing – PPC, SEO, SMO, Email Marketing – everything that you need for your business to gain and retain customers Ready? It's simple through internet marketing channels. The advanced You tell us about your business and we will tell the world. Conversion Matrix system packages Human Creativity and Advanced Technology under one integrated platform to get you the best bang for your buck. * For more information, please refer to New Paradigm ebook 19
  21. 21. eBusinessware Solution Sets Our Staffing Solutions for the Financial Industry In addition to Mission Critical Product offerings, we support Differentiators our clients with outsourcing services. We have world-wide l Exclusively focused on financial services. experience in all levels of staff augmentation of IT and related l Our extensive experience, global presence , and live professionals. database l Global Delivery Model. Proven Global Provider of Technology Services l Uncompromising responsiveness. We have l 1000 employees globally. l Mission-critical size, we understand the need of the clients We have l a strong presence in NY, London, Singapore, and deliver accordingly. India. l Our unique in-house IP3 program of “Informed People”, “Intellectual Property”, and “Internal Processes” is the key Our SLA Commitment behind our HR success. We are l able to maintain commitment to clients (SLA) because of our exclusive focus on serving only the financial industry clients. Our Proposition – Covering the Business Lifecycle l A dedicated Accounts Specialist is allocated to fill the Our “Managed Service” experience communication gaps, working day to day with line managers. ebusinessware l has been doing variety of projects for world's l A dedicated HR professional responsible for the joining as leading financial institutions including many mission critical, well as the entire lifecycle of the candidate in the organization. state-of-the-art projects. l have special offerings for niche and upcoming We also product and financial services companies. Our Commitment l Maintain the Service Level at all times. eBusinessware Resource Data Bank l Give Right-to-hire. Our coverage of resources is from diversified regions: l Give flexibility for contract depending on requirement for l We provide resources in different regions of the world. temporary or permanent jobs. l Our professionals are available on Short term as well as l We help in expansion, consolidation and rationalizations by Long term basis. l We have a well trained and experienced 24X7 recruitment being flexible to the needs of business managers. team. l We enjoy good relationship with US, UK, Singapore, and Australian embassies. * For more information, please refer to Staffing Solutions ebook 20
  22. 22. eBusinessware Solution Sets Our Staffing Solutions for the Financial Industry We are constantly updating ourselves with: Innovation in Recruitment Drives l outlook Growth eBusinessware drives innovative processes to reach out to l fresh hiring Plan for potential talent pool in the market by using our in-house web- l pressure Pricing based application e-Recruitment as one of our foremost tool of l challenges: Prime sourcing candidates. n New business model n New vertical e-recruitment is our centralized repository of talented n Employee up-skilling professionals, wherein our global HR team collates the pre- n Coverage of markets and geographies screened profiles and hunt for best available talent. Our Recruitment Lifecycle We are process driven and each staffing follows a lifecycle Ensuring Professionalism wherein we Understand requirements n skill set Match n e-mails Shoot n best profiles Select n technically Screen n Conduct HR interview with reference checks n prospect Sell the Contingency n the resumes to client Submit Management Effective at the time of Co-ordination n up with client manager Follow Resource Crunch ebw n Arrange interview of shortlisted candidates Value n up with client and candidate. Follow Proposition Once candidate is hired, eBusinessware takes further responsibility of: Managing candidates, Managing logistics and Providing entire HR and administration support by applying best practices. Time Cost Transparent Effectiveness Communication * For more information, please refer to Staffing Solutions ebook 21
  23. 23. eBusinessware Solution Sets Our Joint Venture with AdSmart eBusinessware has an exclusive partnership with AdSmart for Social l Media Optimization (SMO) selling their product Adsmart 360 International in India and Create a buzz about your business within social communities other Asian countries. and networks. l Marketing Email With 22 years of ad experience, proprietary technology and Manage Relationship Nurturing Emails to your Customers. Full Service offer, AdSmart can take you where your l customers are, getting you ahead of competition and in front Ready? It's simple of the exact people who are looking for your products and You tell us about your business and we will tell the world. services. "Research shows that consumers will spend seconds on your Why use AdSmart? home page and will leave if they do not quickly see what they lExisting relationship with Google want.” lSmarter" keyword choices, Improved click thru rates lLOWER cost-per-click, Better quality scores People + Technology = Awesome lConstantly improving technology and analytics eBusinessware give you the perfect combination of both lFull Service, Our team works for you! worlds with a dedicated campaign manager, creative artists and an analytical team, all backed by our robust and intelligent Most important benefit of SMO is its targeted approach though proprietary technology. We're on a mission - to get you more improved search ranking. customers. l media is it inspires you to create excellent, keyword- Social AdSmart360 edge rich content, which in turn can help build your online and offline We combine our expertise with AdSmart in Search Engine brand Marketing – PPC, SEO, SMO, Email Marketing – everything l Increase quality inbound links that you need for your business to gain and retain customers l The biggest benefit of social media optimization is that it through internet marketing channels. The advanced gives you opportunity to promote your business using wide array Conversion Matrix system packages Human Creativity and of channels such as Video Promotion, RSS promotion, Blog Advanced Technology under one integrated platform to get Promotion, and several other. lincrease traffic to your site, including incoming link and It can you the best bang for your buck. search engine traffic List of Services lincrease your site's link popularity It can l Conversion Matrix lincrease your company's brand awareness on the Web It can People + Technology = Awesome lincrease your search engine rankings It can l Click (ppc) Pay Per l you quick access to a lot of people It gives Showcase your business to highly targeted customers. l It's a great way to build community l Engine Optimization (SEO) Search Get more customers by staying on top of search results. 22
  24. 24. Indicative eBusinessware Engagements Fixed income and Risk management q NY based Financial valuation quant training A leading company used our services. q A New York based hedge fund engaged us to re-architect and test their Capital model for high transaction processing. q A Value-at-Risk system was reviewed and enhanced for Prudential Capital as well as for Wachovia Corporation. qInc. was accredit with management consulting Adsatis contracts for leading European banks including Barclays, Euronext, HSBC in the areas of Market and Credit Risk Management. q Rabobank, Nomura, BNP Paribas and many Dresdner, other European banks use us to provide them with financial industry specific management consulting and advisory. q eRisk (Oliver Wynman spin-off), a high profile risk product company, engaged us to develop and test their aggregated Market and Credit risk platform. Connecticut based leading hedge fund engaged us to create q a risk dashboard for them. q JP Morgan, after Chase Manhattan bank merger, engaged us to re-architect their Credit Risk Engine to be able to handle unprecedented large volumes of trades of the world’s largest newly merged bank. 23
  25. 25. Indicative eBusinessware Engagements Credit derivatives, Equity trading platform, FX Trading q order management company’s proprietary Equity A leading q NY and London, engaged us for Re-architecting Citibank, order processing system was used to handle very high their Credit Derivatives Trading Platform for Exotic products. percentage of NYSE volume. They utilized our experience to After successful implementation including build-out and BPT, re-architect their platform away from legacy technology . we were engaged for multiple critical applications Complete QA was established and implemented as well. development. q former clients, IRIS Financial System, was One of our q many years of value added partnership with We have acquired by us. We were engaged by many of their top Deutschebank. banking clients to thoroughly test using extensive BPT and deploy our suite of Equity Trading platform on their trading l the Global Program Trading application We built desk. (GEMS) for DB which is actively used in various regions. GEMS is built on a C++ based earlier version of our q bank uses our Equity trade management platform Deutsche application building framework - the IDE (Iris to help support their trading desk. Development Environment). DB support teams have since taken over the GEMS application maintenance - we support the framework (IDE) actively. q Tokyo based Nikko System Solutions uses our Trading platform to support their clients’ trading desk. Our trade management product - ITM - is used by the l non-dollar cash business as the middle office system. ITM q first Electronic FX Brokerage system using high Developed is responsible for allocation, affirmation (Electronic Trade volume FX trading for ICOR. Entire QA strategy to take them Confirmation via Oasys Global Direct) and fee/charge from construction to beta to production was designed and calculations that get posted to settlement implemented. It was successful and was later acquired by systems. ITM is built on a Java based version of our Reuters. application development framework - the CSA (Component Services Architecture). We actively maintain the application q Merrill Lynch uses our credit technology team to help build for DB. and test their Credit Derivative Technology Suite of Applications in New York as well as in their Chennai based operations. q an organization created by large number of leading MarkIT, banks, bought our Credit Default Swap Pricing Collator Product, SpreadBOT and uses us for its support and QA. 24
  26. 26. Indicative eBusinessware Engagements Insurance and Annuities, Wealth management q Insurance, the leading US Insurance Prudential q Stanley uses our services to develop and support Morgan powerhouse, short listed us for supporting and enhancing their their Wealth management technology systems. global Electronic Agent application used by their Insurance agents. We have been their exclusive QA arm for over 6 years using Rational Robot. q Skandia, world’s leading annuity company, American engaged us to build Data warehousing and Business Intelligence platform from domain modeling to architecting, developing. We have been their exclusive QA providers for 4 years. We were also engaged to integrate Epiphany CRM system to this platform. q Finance Annuity Group uses our in-house Prudential developed MCRM product to engage their Investment Professionals. q uses our services for migrating and testing their Prudential large and complex applications from VB to .NET platform. q Insurance engaged us to run their Quality Prudential Assurance Program for a large suite of critical applications. Our extensive QA methodology was deployed by them for comprehensive set of in-house projects. q Decision Systems, the leading Wealth Integrated management product provider, engaged us to revamp their compliance engine and test it using state of the art technology. Our domain expertise also includes leading subject matter q experts in the field of Asset management. UBS utilizes our services for architecting, developing, and testing a variety of important client facing wealth management applications. 25
  27. 27. Indicative eBusinessware Engagements Reference data management, Mobile platform, Digital media, Other areas q Counterparty Reference Data offering is executed Reuters’ qMac, world’s largest mortgage corporation, Freddie by us. engaged us to perform a review of their business technology platform. AIG engaged our services or reviewing and enhancing their q Counter party data platform. q Tracking, a leading monitor and provider of Financial compliance alerts to the financial industry, uses our services to State Street uses our CDI technology and Reference data q run their technology development including extensive testing. management expertise to maintain their Counter party database. q Engine used our services to create and integrate Strategy their Strategy Management Workflow Product geared towards For Skandia (part of Prudential Financial), we created a q large organizations. Java enabled mobile device based Annuities CRM system for their Investment Professionals. q TD Waterhouse engaged us to design their IT architecture, Quality Control and Assurance , Operations processes and For Minyanville, a premier Digital Media company in the q guidelines. financial space, we created an extensive Mobile technology platform to enable their interactive multi-media content on iPhone, Black-berry, Android, etc. Our proprietary platform called CellAgility used Cloud Computing for this implementation. Minyanville, a leading provider of paid financial news to q finance savvy organizations, uses our services to run their technology development and QA. NYSE utilized our services to modernize their legacy q system. q Engine used our services to create and integrate Strategy their Strategy Management Workflow Product geared towards large organizations. 26
  28. 28. Global Project Execution Model - One World. One Team “One World, One Team” The UniRAD framework was pioneered by ebw and has been recognized as a leader in the industry. Voice of the Customer Experience / Best Practices New Technologies / Products Engagement Manager (“Partner”) Knowledge Bus - Thought Leadership, Panel of Experts, Process Innovation, IP Audit, Metrics Analyze Documentation Standards Engage Analysis, Coding, QA Standards UniRAD Vision System (UVS) Project Management Standards Build / Deliver Personnel Development (LOD) Practice Models Deploy Processes / Workflows Outsourcing Solutions Advisory Staffing Solution Patterns Support Solutions / Frameworks Uni RAD – Solution Delivery Framework 27
  29. 29. UniRAD Methodology Our Investments in Process Benefits our Customers eBusinessware has assembled a best-of-breed process discipline for improving our customers’ experience in outsourcing business and technology segments. We provide tools, processes and support for our customers to evaluate their portfolio of outsourcing assignments and to ensure they have the utmost in control and quantitative control management of quality. Integration System Test Unit Planning Unit Test Planning Testing Plan COD CODE Operations E Integration System Acceptance Deliver Warranty Maintenance and Support Testing Testing Testing Documentation Support C ODE Business Requirements High Level Build Detailed (Parallel Modeling Specification Design Design Streams) EIS Reports Weekly Status Reports | Defect Analysis Reports | Cost of Quality Reports | ... UNIRAD VISION SYSTEM (UniVision) Task Tracking | Time Tracking | Issue / Defect Tracking |Version Control System | HelpDesk |Training Management |... COLLABORATION SYSTEM Secure Chat server | Team Mailing Lists | Wiki| Forums | WebMail | Group Calendar... UNIRAD PROCESS REPOSITORY UniRAD Software Process Manuals | UniRAD Checklists, Templates and Guidelines | UniRAD HR, Sales and other Process Manuals. Project Closure Reports | Major artifacts produced during a project | Key Process Characteristics | Process Capability Baseline 28
  30. 30. Our Clients 29
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