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SuperSU for Android Review


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Details about SuperSU. What is SuperSU for Android and its features? Why SuperSU is important and how to grant root permission using SuperSU on Android Device 2016. Review of SuperSU with its features in simple words.

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SuperSU for Android Review

  1. 1. SuperSU for Android Review with features
  2. 2. What is SuperSU for Android? • After rooting your android device you must use root permission so wisely. It can damage your phone too. • It is important to manage the applications which are using Root access. • We require something which can manage those root permission. SuperSU is application which helps user to manage root access. • SuperSU application helps user to control root permissions. • You can grant or deny root permissions to respected application. • SuperSU app monitors all applications who are using root privileges. • Most important feature of this application is that it is free for everyone.
  3. 3. Why SuperSU is so important?
  4. 4. Features of SuperSU: • It keeps track of applications which has granted root permissions. • Keeps complete log of applications which granted root permission and monitor how frequently those applications use root permissions. • SuperSU can unroot you device temporarily or permanent. • Also works in recovery mode. • You can also lock SuperSU application using PIN code. • OTA survival mode. • Per-app logging configuration • Personalization options:
  5. 5. SuperSU Review: • There is no doubt about usefulness of SuperSU. • User interference of application is simple and easy to understand. • Most important thing is you can download and install it without any cost. • If you want some extra features then I suggest you to go for PRO version of SuperSU. • Grant or Delay function is quiet easy. • In addition with permission control, SuperSU also keeps an extensive log of all root permissions. • You can also remove root functions temporarily on one click. • PRO version helps device to quickly re-rooted after an OTA (Over-The-Air) update. Overall SuperSU for Android is great application.
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