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  1. 1. CONFLICTWhat it is and why it is important…
  2. 2. Conflict is… a PROBLEM or OBSTACLEbetween opposing characters or forces.
  3. 3. Types of ConflictIn EXTERNAL conflict a character struggles against some outside force. An INTERNAL conflict takes place within a character’s mind.
  4. 4. Why does a story need conflict?•Conflict drives a story!•This struggle between opposing forcesbuilds until it reaches a crisis or turningpoint.•That moment is called a climax.
  5. 5. Person vs. Person• The conflict is between characters.• It can be verbal, physical, or emotional.• A character can have a conflict and not even know it!
  6. 6. Person vs. Society• A conflict with the laws or beliefs of a group
  7. 7. Person vs. NatureA conflict with a force of nature GRRRRR!• Animals• Weather• Natural Elements
  8. 8. Person vs. Fate• The conflict seems to be uncontrollable.• A “force” creates the conflict.
  9. 9. Person vs. Self• A character has a problem deciding what to do or think.• This is the only example of INTERNAL conflict. No! Don’t Psst. Hey listen to buddy – him! you should…