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Who Is Tableau Software For?


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Who Is Tableau Software For?

  1. 1. Who is Tableau for and how can it help you and your organization? All rights reserved. © 2009 Tableau Software Inc. 2008
  2. 2. What is Tableau Software and how can it help you? dh i h l ? • You work for a large organization with hundreds or thousands of employees. • Your organization has many silos, divisions, departments, standards, i iti ti t d d initiatives, roadblocks, politics, and players. dbl k liti d l • You are being asked to standardize on a big, slow-moving heavy duty BI package. • You’ve also heard of Tableau Software, but are not quite sure what it does or how it can help you. • The following narrative will help answer this question. All rights reserved. © 2009 Tableau Software Inc.
  3. 3. Tableau is for… for • IT • Human Resources • Business Development • CIO • Product Development • Sales Management • Product Management • Database Architects • Finance • Marketing • Manufacturing Plants • Anyone who needs to see and understand data All rights reserved. © 2009 Tableau Software Inc.
  4. 4. Tableau is for IT Tableau is for John. John is the Director of IT, and reports to the CIO. John has years of experience with enterprise software and the appropriate level of cynicism. He knows how projects spin out of control or never get finished John was looking for a solution that would allow his department to finished. succeed. After extensive evaluations of BI vendors, John sees that Tableau provides the same level of success at a fraction of the total cost of ownership without any compromises to value or functionality. AAA Allied Group “Before, they only got information at a very micro level, and as we’ve been rolling out broader-range reports that allow them to drill down to the information, they see the information in a more macro viewpoint, and it gives them more appreciation for the rest of the business.” Robert Pickering VP Information Services AAA Allied Groupp All rights reserved. © 2009 Tableau Software Inc.
  5. 5. Tableau is for Human Resources Tableau is for Roberta. Roberta is the VP of Human Resources. She needs both automated report delivery as well as ad-hoc power analytics. In addition to providing accurate, real-time standardized web templates to the entire company via the sharepoint portal Roberta can also use Tableau Desktop portal, to perform extensive analytics for what-if scenarios and other visualizations specific to her department. Potential Review Area: Termination Potential Review Area: Performance Rating Profile Department Title Supervisor Admin Barnes-Jewish Call Center Departme.. Asssistant Coordinator Manager 15 Marketing g Hospital p Admin Mgmt Call Sales Center 10 Tech Support Marketing Warehouse Barnes-Jewish Mgmt 5 Avg. Tenure in Years Hospital (BJH) was Sales Tech 2.78 13.70 able to produce a Support Warehou.. 0 Performance Rating stable and robust A 0 2 4 0 2 4 0 2 4 B technology platform, # of Employees # of Employees # of Employees C coupled with data Action (group) Potential Review Area: Part-time Employees' Performance Ratings Monthly Hiring Trends Hire, Rehire visualization Action Date Promote 150 Full/Part Time 2007 Terminate products, to improve 40 100 Transfer BJH’s Labor 30 Productivity system in 50 0 20 just 70 days. 100% 10 0 50% 26.09% 0% 14.29% Full-Time Part-Time All rights reserved. © 2009 Tableau Software Inc.
  6. 6. Tableau is for Business Development Tableau embraces Mary. Mary is the Director of Business Development in the emerging markets group, and needs fast access to up-to-date information. She uses Tableau Desktop to connect to live data in real time Her results are published as static reports or live via Tableau Server Mary uses real-time. Server. Tableau’s extensive formatting and output options to make beautiful and flawless visualizations. Due to her fast-moving nature, Mary has no patience waiting for IT to create pixel perfect report templates. Current Pipeline Actual vs. Forecast Analysis by Sales Rep INDUSTRY NAME Eastern Alan Jackson Gail Erickson Automotive Financial S i Fi i l Services FiberTower Charles Thompson Jose Curry Julie Jones Vincent Vaghee Healthcare Lorraine Peterson Charles Thompson Automotive Christophe Attiga Manufacturing Mark Borders Mark Borders Roy Colombana Timothy Jones Average Nelson Zenarosa Julie Jones Retail “Five minutes into Alan Jackson Timothy Jones Sum of Actual - Esti.. Charles Thompson Julie Jones Sue Anthony David Wall using Tableau we Lorraine Peterson -2M 252,018 Financial Services Lorraine Peterson Timothy Jones Tom Vanbuskirk Tom Vanbuskirk Roy Colombana Sharon Bartolomei knew we had found a Yolanda Wenz William Conner Yolanda Wenz Average Shannon Green Gretchen Yeo mission critical Lorraine Peterson Crystal McCafferty Healthcare Mark Borders Roy Colombana Silvia Walker Mary Vaca Mary Smith product. The return Timothy Jones Tom Vanbuskirk Yolanda Wenz Average William Conner Abigail Gonzalez Blake Amick on our investment in Alan Jackson Threshold: -$450,000 Ken Hedrick Charles Thompson Julie Jones -1500K -1000K -500K 0K 500K Tableau occurred Manufacturing Mark Borders Roy Colombana Timothy Jones Average Actual Minus Estimated Distribution Distrib tion of Deal Size Si e during our first project Alan Jackson Julie Jones Automotive Financial S.. Healthcare Manufactur.. Retail investment." Lorraine Peterson 0K to 100K 17.15% 13.09% 14.98% 12.89% 6.10% Retail Mark Borders Roy Colombana 100K to 200K 6.87% 5.38% 4.18% 3.90% 2.33% Timothy Jones Tom Vanbuskirk Average 200K to 300K 300K to 400K 2.33% 0.88% 1.53% 0.80% 0.96% 0.64% 2.41% 0.40% 0.56% 0.36% David Leeds 0M 2M 4M 6M 8M 10M 400K to 500K 0.36% 0.16% 0.16% 0.08% 0.16% VP, Sales Operations Estimated Value 500K to 600K 0.08% 0.12% 0.04% 0.04% 0.20% OPPORTUNITY STEP NAME TERRITORY NAME 600K to 700K 0.12% 0.04% 0.04% FiberTower 700K to 800K 0 16% 0.16% 0.04% 0 04% 0.04% 0 04% 1 - Qualify Central 800K t0 900K 0.04% 0.04% 2 - Need Analysis Eastern 900K to 1,00.. 0.12% 0.04% 0.08% 3 - Proposal Western > 1100K 0.04% 0.04% 4 - Terms & Conditions 0% 30% 0% 30% 0% 30% 0% 30% 0% 30% Percent of I.. Percent of I.. Percent of I.. Percent of I.. Percent of I.. All rights reserved. © 2009 Tableau Software Inc.
  7. 7. Tableau is for the CIO Tableau is for Jorge. Jorge is the CIO and needs a live, dynamic dashboard which gives him a daily overview of the entire company. Jorge knows that Tableau can connect to multiple data-sources in real-time and present that information in a visually compelling and concise manner He also sees real time manner. how the licensing and implementation costs for Tableau practically paid for themselves in no time. Blastrac Manufacturing “Tableau made an instant and dramatic improvement in how we distribute reports and analytics. As a result, we’re all understanding emerging issues sooner and solving them faster.” Dan Murray VP & CIO All rights reserved. © 2009 Tableau Software Inc.
  8. 8. Tableau is for Product Development Tableau helps Xiu. Xiu is a scientist in the product development group. He uses Tableau to perform advanced analysis on various test results. Tableau gives him multiple chart types, regression modeling, built-in modeling built in and custom calculations various cohort models and complete control over the data calculations, models, he works with. University of Washington "On a tight schedule, we needed to understand the detailed runtime behavior of a large parallel system with almost 100 processes. W l t We used Tableau to visualize our logs and almost immediately gained the insights that we needed. This tool greatly g y improved our productivity." Magdalena Balazinska Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and p Engineering All rights reserved. © 2009 Tableau Software Inc.
  9. 9. Tableau is for Sales Management Tableau works for Rick. Rick is a regional sales director who doesn’t have time to connect to proprietary systems. He is on the road and needs instant access to sales figures and customer history. Tableau allows him to connect to web views in real time However, he can also securely pull down real-time. However portable workbooks with the same information which allows him to be offline yet connected. Icepharma "I can't work with data without Tableau now, this is after having the software only for a few days! Best software I have ever used, looking forward to see what you come up with in future releases." Hermann Arsaelsson Director, Sales All rights reserved. © 2009 Tableau Software Inc.
  10. 10. Tableau is for Product Management Tableau is for Kevin. Kevin is a product manager who is constantly examining product trends in terms of costs, sales, customer purchase patterns, survey preferences and customer demographics. He needs an analytical tool that is as fast as he is – it needs to respond instantly to his “what if what if” questions and to his investigations of outliers and exceptions. It must connect to many data sources including customer data, survey data - often all at the same time. Product Product Analysis Garagemate HTM Corporation SharpieNuts Marketing Costs vs. Products Overall General Interests Subskater 60 Survey Date / Survey State UltraComber “People using Excel Avg. January February March April May June Product Interest Level 40 300 Euthapet PivotTables for analysis take 20 Garagemate 0 SallySkink note. If you use Tableau Moving Average of 200K 200 SharpieNuts Subskater once, you’ll never use an y Avg. Marketing 100K 100 UltraComber Excel PivotTable again. Expense 0K 0 Tableau is great for analysis Jun 1 08 Sep 1 08 Dec 1 08 Survey Date and even makes the work Tracking Product Fads and Their Cross-Tab fun.” Durations! Age Month of Grand Garage.. Garage Sharpie.. Sharpie Subska.. Subska UltraCo.. UltraCo Group Survey Date Total 100 Less than 25 January February 24.83 26.83 29.33 31.50 29.50 31.75 22.17 23.83 26.69 28.73 Bill Attridge March 43.04 51.21 35.95 36.50 41.92 April May 47.20 54.69 56.30 57.31 41.00 45.25 40.25 47.25 46.19 51.13 President June 45.75 46.63 42.50 39.25 43.53 Total 44.10 50.13 38.66 37.84 42.68 25 - 49 January 46.80 55.80 35.63 36.60 44.13 50 February 49.80 59.30 38.00 38.90 46.95 March 52.63 62.75 44.20 41.00 50.40 April 59.75 71.30 48.15 46.85 56.51 May 69.94 83.56 58.31 55.06 66.72 June 64.38 76.75 54.50 50.50 61.53 Total 57.48 68.57 47.56 45.01 54.82 50 + January 22.00 26.13 11.13 21.13 20.09 February 24.00 28.63 12.50 24.00 22.28 March 26.25 31.08 14.60 25.71 24.84 0 April 28.15 33.30 15.90 26.90 26.06 May 33.69 39.88 20.44 38.06 33.02 Feb 1 08 Aug 1 08 Feb 1 09 June 27.75 32.75 15.25 27.88 25.91 Total 27.64 32.74 15.60 27.95 26.11 Survey Date Grand Total 43.29 50.77 33.94 37.05 41.35 All rights reserved. © 2009 Tableau Software Inc.
  11. 11. Tableau is for Database Architects Tableau is for Johann. Johann is a DBA in the IT department, and manages all of the data warehousing needs. He uses many different database tools, but Tableau is one of his favorites because it provides a clean elegant view into his data models Tableau helps him identify data clean, models. modeling problems, data entry corruptions, and other common issues. He also uses Tableau to create data connection files for use by all other departments, which allows the knowledge of how to analyze information to correctly spread outward from experts such as Johann to the end-users. Bourne Leisure “Data validation and user testing are often difficult and time-consuming phases of large IT deployment projects. B t i our case, we d l t j t But in used Tableau and it was a lifesaver. Yes, Tableau is great for users to analyze in-production databases but IT teams can p benefit by using it to analyze and diagnose databases before they go in-production.” John Hegarty Head of Business Support pp All rights reserved. © 2009 Tableau Software Inc.
  12. 12. Tableau is for Finance Tableau is for Jim. Jim is the Director of Finance. He’s constantly examining finance data, expense data, revenue data, etc. He needs to see different kinds of roll-ups across different time periods. Tableau makes creating and maintaining roll-ups easy Jim is also saved from writing complex roll ups easy. formulas for period over period analysis or for rates of change because those are built-in too. Stahl Holdings BV "Tableau i a powerful, yet "T bl is f l t easy to use tool that reveals insights on data which were not possible before. Our business analysts spend y p more time on analysis in completely different ways without the need to spend time collecting and managing data in different views.” Christ Damon Group Finance Director All rights reserved. © 2009 Tableau Software Inc.
  13. 13. Tableau is for Marketing Tableau is for Christine. Christine is Marketing Manager. Now more than ever, Christine has to manage her marketing budget and prove that her investments are returning hard results to the company. company So she watches every metric imaginable: click through rates on her AdWords campaigns campaigns, website behavior and web analytics, leads generated from her direct marketing efforts, etc. Christine can rapidly create the reports and dashboards she needs without having to wait for IT. Goodwill Industries “I installed your demo last night. What an experience. Within 10 minutes, without ever using the product I product, was able to generate the analysis we have wanted for more than 2 years. Nobody had the time to figure it out in Excel. T bl i E l Tableau rocks! k ! Noah Austin Director of Marketing All rights reserved. © 2009 Tableau Software Inc.
  14. 14. Tableau is for Manufacturing Tableau is for Joseph, General Manager. Joe doesn’t have time for hard-to-use BI systems that produce endless streams of reports. He needs one view across multiple data sources highlighting obvious exceptions and issues with manufacturing lines orders shipments etc Tableau provides lines, orders, shipments, etc. him dashboards that are not only easy to build and use but that also provide live data from his operational systems. Amco International “When we went looking for an internal reporting and business dashboard solution, we chose Tableau Tableau’s Tableau. Tableau s solution is just unbeatable: it’s fast and easy for IT to deploy and maintain, it provides high return on our investment, management can finally see t fi ll what’s happening across the company, and our people love how easy it is to produce results.” esu s Ricardo Amper CEO All rights reserved. © 2009 Tableau Software Inc.
  15. 15. Customers: 3,000+ Companies Strong Advertising and Marketing Energy & Utilities Insurance Pharamceutical Service and Outsourcing Avenue A | Razorfish Atomic Energy of Canada AAA Allied Group Alza Pharmaceutical ADP DoubleClick Duke Energy Corporation Amica Cephalon Computer Information Concepts Draft FCB Louisville Water Company Esurance Eli Lilly EDS Olgilvy Omaha Public Power District Marsh & McLennan Johnson & Johnson Hmetrix Predicta Brazil Saudi Aramco Mutual of Omaha McKesson Madrona Solutions Group The Martin Agency TXU Nationwide Insurance Merck Oco Williams Midstream Progressive Novo Nordisk StrategicOne Banking and Finance WindLogics The Regence Group Pfizer Wolters Kluwer Bank of America Sanofi Aventis Barclays Global Engineering and Construction Investment and Brokerage Technology Citigroup Bechtel Corporation Bridgewater Associates Government and Public Sector Adobe Draft FCB Group Beezer Homes Charles Schwab Australia Attorney General AOL EverBank Direct Kiewit Corporation Dundee Securities DC Government BEA Systems Fifth Third Bank McGraw-Hill Construction Merrill Lynch Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) CNET Networks Greater Iowa Credit Union St. Onge Company National Financial Partners Government of Canada eBay Wells Fargo Financial Information New Enterprise Associates National Science Foundation Electronic Arts Dunn & Bradstreet RBC Dain Rauscher NSA - National Security Agency ESRI Charities Equifax Rosenblatt Securities NYC Department of Education Google British Red Cross Fannie Mae Stone Castle Partners Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL) HP Christian Relief Services Charities HTM Corporation Manufacturing SOCOM - US Special Ops Command IBM DC Children & Youth Inv. Trust Corp. Moodys Investors Service Air Products US Air Force Microsoft Goodwill Industries Scottish Re Alcoa US Army MySQL United Way of Rock River Valley Standard and Poor's Boeing US Bureau of Land Management Novell World Vision Dow Ch i l D Chemical US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Pay Pal Food and Beverage US Department of Justice VMWare Communications Chicken of the Sea Hitachi Honda US Department of the Navy TechNexxus Bell Canada Nestlé Jabil Circuit Veteran's Benefit Association (VBA) Travel & Leisure Bell South Prairie Berry Winery FiberTower Sierra Nevada Brewing Company KLA Tencor Research & Development Alaska Airlines Lucent Starbucks Coffee Lockheed Martin Bayer CropScience Bourne Leisure Mitel Networks Corporation The Coca-Cola Company Pratt & Whitney Boeing Phantomworks Celebrity Cruise Lines Motorola Turkey Hill Dairy Ricoh General Electric Global Research Expedia Sprint Sony Lawrence Livermore Labs Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines T Mobile T-Mobile Healthcare Steelcase MITRE Sandiego com Barnes Jewish Hospital Toyota National Institute of Health Telstra Universities and Colleges Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama National Reconnaissance Office Verizon Communications Media and Entertainment Appalachian State University Caremark National Visualization Analytics Center Consulting and Legal Good Shepherd Medical Center CNET Networks Chemetka Community College Baker & McKenzie Discovery Communications Pacific Northwest National Labs Cornell University Harvard Medical School Quest Diagnostics Booz Allen Hamilton Johnson & Johnson Dow Jones and Company DePaul University Clorox Company Kaleida Health Epic Games Retail Duke University Cornerstone Research LSU Health Sciences Microsoft Xbox Georgetown University Deloitte & Touche LLP Roche Diagnostics New York Times Barnes & Noble Johns Hopkins University Electronic Data Systems Corporation St. St Jude Children's Research Children s O'Reilly Media y Borders London School of Economics Ernst & Young University of Miami Medical Center Sony Caremark CVS Ohio State University McKinsey & Company Wake Forest Health Sciences TiVo Lowe's Pitzer College Mercer Univision MAPCO Providence College Norbridge Pilot Travel LLC San Diego State University Safeway University College- Dublin Walmart University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill Wet Seal All rights reserved. © 2009 Tableau Software Inc.
  16. 16. Tableau Software, Inc. Mission: Help people see & understand data Customers + Google Based on a breakthrough from Stanford University, Tableau + Allstate makes visual analytics and rapid-fire business intelligence + Cornell software that delivers: + Harvard • 10-100X productivity improvements + Apple • amazing multi-dimensional discoveries + NSA • web analytics at 1/10th the cost of a “BI Platform BI Platform” + Microsoft + 1,000’s more In a new era of BI, Tableau: • is infrastructure light • is IT and analyst appropriate Key Partners • works when you have fast databases and when you don’t + Oracle OEM + Microsoft Gold Certified + Teradata Partner All rights reserved. © 2009 Tableau Software Inc.
  17. 17. Check out Tableau for Yourself Download a f D l d free, 14 d t i l at 14-day trial t Or check out more real-life examples at All rights reserved. © 2009 Tableau Software Inc.