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Trailer research

  1. 1. Research & Development Trailer Research Elise Daniels
  2. 2. Genre Of The Movie Trailer -The genre of my movie trailer will be horror/thriller. I have chosen a horror and thriller theme as this is the type of films I am most interested in and other people around the same age as myself. My questionnaire also gave me feedback which indicted this. I have watched a range of movies and trailers to be certain that I will be able to create a trailer of this genre.
  3. 3. Similar Products -During the research and development stage I have researched a variety of trailers similar to thetype of trailer I w ant to create and also to find w hat aspects of the trailer are used to show thefilm is that of a horror/thriller genre. By view ing a range of trailers it has allow ed me to decidew hat I w ill include w hen creating my trailer. E.g. For ex ample low lighting, shadow ed figures,w ide range of scenery leading to problems, mystery characters, w eapons, injuries etc. All thesethings are typically included in trailers of a horror genre. Including all these things into thetrailer adds a greater sense of mystery to the audience, making them w ant to learn more aboutthe story line.Some of the film trailers I have chosen w hich w ould be similar to my trailer include•The Descent•388 Arletta Avenue•Silent House•Chernobyl DiariesAll these trailer include similar storylines or techniques I w ish to use w hich are typical of horroror thriller films. The nex t slides ex plains the conventions w ithin the trailers and w hy I chosethese trailers.
  4. 4. Other Film Genre’s -During my research of trailers, instead of focusing on just horror and thriller I also researchgenre’s such as; romance, comedy, drama, Sci-fi and action. By researching a wide range ofconventions within different genre’s, it enabled me to understand what I needed to include andwhat I shouldn’t include.An example of a Romance/Drama Trailer I chose was a filmed called Dear John. - The conventions of this trailer were typical of a Romantic genre based on the audio used.Both characters equally show emotion when speaking to each other. Evidently we see that John,who’s a soldier on leave, falling in love with Savannah a college student during the summer. Themusic used relates to romance. The sound of a guitar relating to love and the setting of thebeach and summer. It makes it seem to be the perfect love story with a twist.Shot Types -The shot types within the trailer show extreme close up’s of each of the maincharacters faces to show the love and emotion. Also long shots show the characters closenesswhich is an important feature in the film. The main focus is on the character John and Savannah.During some scenes everything is blurred out but the focus remains on the two characters.
  5. 5. Advertising techniques – TV/Cinemas/Posters/Internet/Newspapers.Audience – Mainly females around the age of 15-40. Romantic genre is moreappealing to females of this age. Although, males around the same age may watchthe film with their partners. During the opening scene this becomes apparent that itmore suited to females from the cute love story where they both fall in love. Otheraspects of the trailer involved mails when John has to go back to the army. Bothaspects suit both males and females.Impact – Trailer draws the audience in. Also features a lot of the storyline, butdoesn’t give away the whole story which is what makes people want to watch thefilm. People want to know what happens in the end.Appropriate conventions of a Romance Genre have been used within this trailer, butbased on these conventions I wouldn’t be able to include any aspects based on myfilm being a complete different genre. Overall by analysing a romance genre trailer, ithas become apparent to me the variety of conventions used within different genresand how important it is to include the correct conventions in my trailer.
  6. 6. The Descent chose this trailer as it show s a good representation of convention of horror trailer and it is alsoBritish. For ex ample low light is included through out the majority of the trailer. This makes themovie seem instantly scary as the audience are unaw are of w hat lurks w ithin the darkness. Thetrailer is also set in the middle of no w here w ith large scenery. This is something I w ant toinclude w ithin my trailer to show endless possibilities that anything can happen and anyone canbe lurking. The trailer show s that something that w as supposed to be fun, turned w rong.This is the same theme I w ant to include w ithin my trailer also, as most horror and thriller filmsinclude a storyline w here something unex pectedly goes w rong leading to something badhappening. The characters are also unaw are of w hat’s about to happen putting them at adisadvantage w ithin the situation.Audio –Characters speak clearly to enlighten the audience of the outline of the story. This show s w hattheir doing and w hat goes w rong. As the trailer progresses struggle appears in the voices of thecharacters to show something is w rong. Silence and screams are used to increase anticipationw ithin the trailer. Leaves the audience on the edge of their seats and makes them w ant to w atchthe full film. Based on the audio it’s evident that the genre of the trailer is horror.Advertising & Effect of trailer–Internet, TV, Cinemas and Posters. After w atching this trailer i w ould w atch the film due to thesuspense that is created.
  7. 7. Shot types -Shots are close together at a fast pace to show a lot of action and drama is included. This againgrips the audience leaving them on edge. Something that needs to be included in the horrorgenre. The shot types that are included within the trailer include birds eye view shots from aboveto show the scale of the area the characters are driving through. The forest area is so muchbigger than they are meaning anything can happen. Other shot types include extreme close up’sinside the cave as the spaces are so small. This shows the danger and the emotion and strugglewithin the characters faces.Symbolic Codes -Injuries and struggles between the characters and creatures show horror. A red filter is used onthe camera, signifying death, blood, danger and violence. Lightening is extremely dark as it’sbased in a cave so low lighting from torches showing little possibilities and hope. Dark featuresare important aspects of horror films to add suspense. This aspect also shows little opportunityfor the characters to escape.Structure –The first scene show’s the characters and how happy and excited they are for something that’sabout to happen. Before the first cut is made a picture is taken of all the girls together. Once theflash is on the picture freezes and then turn black and white. These dark colour again show thatsomething bad is about to happen and all is not as it seems. The dark, colour less picture show’sno opportunity.Target Audience –As it is a horror, the age for the film is 18 therefore 18+ is the target audience of this film. Itisn’t suitable for younger age groups because of the content, e.g. It may scare younger children.
  8. 8. 388 Arletta Avenue Arletta Avenue is a trailer based on a stalker. The camera shots are filmed from hisperspective adding horror to the audience and show ing someone is alw ays w atching. This is atechnique I w ant to use during the filming of my trailer. The stalker w ithin my trailer w ill filmto show people and surrounding sceneries from different perspectives. During the 388 ArlettaAvenue trailer its obvious that the stalker is filming from a video camera. This technique ispopular in films. For ex ample films such as the Blair w itch project, paranormal activity, REC etc.388 Arletta Avenue leaves the audience view ers on edge as its a prime ex ample of a thrillerleaving people guessing w hat happens nex t and becoming intrigued w ithin the trailer. This issomething I also w ant to achieve w ithin my film, to make people w ant to w atch the film.A technique that is used tow ards the end of the trailer is the use of sounds. A deep fastbreathing rate is heard and replicated over. As my trailer is set in a forest, this technique couldbe used to show someone w ho is hiding, or running aw ay or that a person they are unaw are ofis present. O verall this technique can be used to show the horror w ithin my trailer.
  9. 9. Silent House trailer of silent house includes a range of techniques that I want to include within my trailer. Firstly when I watched the trailer the technique I first found successful was the voice over at the beginning giving brief information based on the trailer making it seem more genuine. For example, “One of the most shocking and twisted incident recorded”. Giving a brief description adds more of a story to my trailer, adding more horror.Another technique used within the trailer is within the house where there is low light. The house is dark therefore torches and lanterns are used. The things that produces light illuminate the emotion within the characters faces. This technique I want to use within my trailer to show the terror.Sound effects are also used through out the trailer, e.g. Music and ticking sound effects. The ticking speeded up sound symbolises time running out and the music represents the build up of anticipation within the movie. The lack of audio between the characters builds up the anticipation also.The final technique I wish to replicate within my own trailer is the use of dark shadowed figures within the background. This is a common feature used within trailers to show something out of the usual and the sense of someone watching.
  10. 10. Chernobyl Diaries diaries is another horror film based on a group of friends around the age of 20-30,exploring an area where there was a nuclear explosion. Based on watching the trailer, severalconventions have been used to make It successful. These conventions Id also consider editingand using within my trailer to adapt to my storyline.Conventions that have been used include one of the characters taking a picture at the site ofthe nuclear explosion, and then when she re looks at the picture on the camera a dark figureappears in the window. This is a technique I think would be good to use during my trailer, toadd more suspense to the audience. When I was viewing the trailer the questions I asked werewho is this mystery person and why are they there when the site is supposed to be abandoned?If I include a similar convention, more horror and thriller will be added to my film trailer.