Experimenting With Titels and Critical Analysis


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Experimenting With Titels and Critical Analysis

  1. 1. Magazine and Poster –Trailer Title Critical Analysis Elise Daniels
  2. 2. This is an example of my first attempt to create asuitable title for my poster and magazine, using AdobePhotoshop CS4 Extended. I experimented with thecolours red and black as I believe these are the maincolours that represent the horror genre. I want toconvey the genre of my trailer within my movie title.Firstly I used a Copper Plate Gothic Bold Font. I foundthis font to be suitable to my genre and title. AlthoughI new I needed to edit it further, as it looked boringand not very appealing.I then edited the text, adding black shadows to makethe text more bold and stand out. I then added innershadows and outer strokes to also make the text moreexciting and give it a more 3d effect. Other styles Iexperimented with were the bevel and emboss. Thisadded different textures to the text, adding a crackeffect separating the red and black colours.Overall I believe this texts will stand out well onmagazines and posters, although the text size willneed to be a lot bigger that 72. To improve thisexample of a title, I may decrease the size of the dropshadow, so the text is more confined but still standsout well.
  3. 3. This is another example of a text I experimented with.Again I decided to only use the colours red and black. I usedthe font Bell Gothic Std, Bold in a size of 100pt. I started ofwith only using black within the lettering.I decided to add drop shadows with a 100% opacity and a30 % spread. This gave the effect of the text standing offthe page and making it more creative. By simply addingdrop shadows the title looked more appealing to myhorror/thriller genre.I also added an outer glow but decided to use a red colourwith a 70% opacity so it wasn’t as bold but just added ahint of colour instead of keeping all the text black.Overall I think this text matches the horror genre. The textis clear and stands out well with the use of colours andshadows. Although Im not sure I would use the red colouron my final attempt. This is based on the all black text beingfar more simpler. With my text being more simpler, this willmake it more effective.
  4. 4. This is an example of the text previous although Idecided to edit it and remove the red colour and keepthe text more basic. I decided to keep the same fontand same text size. When editing the text all I decidedto add was a drop shadow with a 67% opacity, 3pxdistance, 33% spread and 3px size. This allowed my textto have a slight shadow and in a simple way look morebolder and stand out effectively.Overall I believe this looks far more effective thanadding any colour. For my final attempt I would use thissimpler example, rather than using text with colour. Thetext looks far more clearer and eye catching for theaudience who is interested.
  5. 5. During the creation of this text i decided tofocus more on the colours and what workswell. I used a birch std font and used a blackfont colour. I found the text boring and knewit needed colour. Therefore I added outglows, inner glows and drop shadows of blackand red. Something new I experimented withwas the noise level. Increasing the noise leveladded more of a fuzzy effect over my innerglow. This created a unique effect andallowed my text to become more gothic. Thisis important in showing the genre of mytrailer. This text would work well on a blackbackground, allowing the red to stand outdue to the contrast of colours.
  6. 6. When creating this text I decided to space thelettering and use the Gloucester MT ExtraCondensed font. I found the text appealing touse within my poster and magazine, although Ineeded to make my text more interesting.Therefore due to this I added drop shadows tocreate a greater boldness, allowing it to standout further. I then decided to add bevel andemboss which added a variety of texture andcontour. I added inner bevel with a 184% depth.I then added a gradient overlay to add varietyinto my text colour. Instead of my text just beingplain black, this allowed my title to becomemore appropriate and interesting.Overall I believe this text would be clear on ared background, and would effectively standout. This will be something that is eye catchingfor the audience, allowing them to want towatch the trailer and gain greater knowledgeabout what ‘Paranoia’ is about.
  7. 7. During the creation of this text I decided toexperiment with both red and black but in adifferent way. The colours of my text give a moreparanormal, out of the ordinary theme. I also addeda range of drop shadows to make my text morebolder, therefore so it will stand out on posters andmagazines. I also added darker outlines to the redtext so it isnt all one colour, therefore standing out.Spacing each of the individual letters out alsomakes the text a lot longer, therefore catching theattention of the audience and enabling people towant to watch the trailer. People will be more likelyto want to find out more about the trailer.Overall I think this text is well suited to the genreand storyline to my trailer, and I believe it will workwell on posters, the trailer and magazine. The textlooks interesting, stands out well and conveys thehorror genre.
  8. 8. To decided which text I preferred to use, I used my target audience. As my target audience will be the audience who will be watching the trailer and will be most interested, I found it important to find out their opinions. Due to this I created a small question consisting of tick boxes to choose their preferred title and one simple question asking why they chose this text and what they like about it. This will allow to gain greater insight into what text is most preferred to my 15-40 target audience. This then means I will be using the correct text for my horror/thriller genre and the text will be appealing to my audience. Within the next slide there is an example of a questionnaire I have put together to gain my feedback.
  9. 9. Choose one text you find most appealing and suited to the horror/thriller trailer. Tick the box - Please state why you chose this text and what you liked about it – _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________