Virtual symposium (ideas from the mooc) Final version!


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this is for Assessment 3 'The Hyperlinked Library' - you will find a list of things that I have taken to use in my own school library and things that I have seen that have presented themselves....

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Virtual symposium (ideas from the mooc) Final version!

  1. 1. Virtual Symposium What am I taking away from the MOOC? I entered the MOOC world without a rudder, and now having found it I am learning to steer my little craft through the waters of my Library and navigate what could be termed as rocky uncharted territory… The skills I am working on – the kindness audit – I love this. At the entrance to my library are these signs: They are meant to be reminders rather than negaters, however the food and drink one is probably going to convert to HOT FOOD stinks! That is really what we try and keep out….fish and chips and meat pies tend to linger….
  2. 2. Once they are in the library this is what they see -
  3. 3. This is the dream wall – seniors and others who feel they wish to write their dream – some are really cool….. I know he will get there… Around the computers:
  4. 4. The new books display….
  5. 5. It is study time for the seniors ------note the drinks and the food anyway! The next thing I want to take with me along my uncharted territory are my members… In the English department the teachers have reading logs -----agghhh! However – the badges we received for the things we completed have given me an idea: How about each time a student completes their reading log portion we give them an online achievement badge (sent to their school e-mail) a simple idea that could work as boys love badges!
  6. 6. I want to show students that this is really their library so together with my teacher with Library Responsibility, we are organising a group of Library executives to oversee the student librarians and coordinate activities during the term times. The students will be from each year group and will receive service points for being active members – and maybe another online badge or two… Twitter and blogs Twitter is my own fantastic OPLN – it has led me to some interesting and wonderful new books, MOOCS and experiences – thanks to you all… school blog is to be found on the library website and is updated pretty unevenly throughout the year -----as thoughts and things leap to the front of my very cluttered mind. Thanks to Cynthia (my Twitter mate in Texas) who tweeted one day about how her class was blogging – another light bulb exploded in my brain. Next year (our year is nearly over in NZ) the junior classes (Y7 -10) will connect with another school class and blog their books, their thoughts and ideas across to each other, thereby encouraging understanding between cultures/countries and taking the pen pal initiative to a whole new level. Finally: The Hyperlinked community is engaged through the website: Through the Dream Wall…. Through the conversations held and the freedom given to explore……whether via books, or cyberspace (thanks Doug Johnson!) The MOOC has given me reasons to explore more, to learn more and to discover more….I shall- Continue to Learn: By asking and listening to my students! By asking and listening to my peers! By asking and listening to myself….. And by taking time to:
  7. 7.  PS: “Literature is a textually transmitted disease, normally contracted in childhood.” ― Jane Yolen, Touch Magic: Fantasy, Faerie & Folklore in the Literature of Childhood