Near Surface 2011 2nd Announcement


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Leicester has been chosen to host Near Surface 2011 – the 17th European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics of the Near Surface Geoscience Division of EAGE

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Near Surface 2011 2nd Announcement

  1. 1. Second Announcement 2011 17 th European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering 12-14 September 2011, Leicester, UK
  2. 2. Local advisory committee Venue Near Surface 2011 will be held at:Ian Hill (Chairman) University of LeicesterMike Lovell (Vice Chairman) University of Leicester The University of Leicester, Bennett BuildingGeorge Tuckwell RSK Stats Ltd University RoadOliver Kuras British Geological Survey Leicester LE1 7RHJamie Pringle University of Keele United KingdomChris Leech Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd T: +44 (0) 116 252 2522Nigel Cassidy University of KeeleKip Jeffrey University of LeicesterGail Andrews University of Leicester Conference overviewRichard Ogilvy British Geological SurveyVanessa Banks British Geological Survey Sunday 11 SeptemberAndy Binley University of Lancaster 11:00 – 17:00 hrs Workshop Ground Penetrating Radar:Mike Wilson ESG Soil Mechanics Operation, Use and Good Practice*Bernd Kulessa University of Wales Swansea 11:00 – 17:00 hrs Workshop Passive Seismic Methods for Near Surface Applications* 17:00 – 19:00 hrs Exhibition openScientific committee 17:00 – 19:00 hrs NEW! Icebreaker receptionPeter Styles (Chairman) University of Keele Monday 12 SeptemberRichard Ogilvy (Vice Chairman) British Geological Survey 09:00 – 09:40 hrs Opening SessionPaul Linford English Heritage 09:30 – 17:00 hrs Exhibition openIan Hill University of Leicester 09:40 – 17:10 hrs Start technical programmeUgur Yaramanci LIAG / TU Berlin 11:00 – 12:20 hrs Best of SAGEEPJon Chambers British Geological Survey 15:20 – 17:30 hrs Field DemonstrationsHeinrich Horstmeyer ETH Zurich, Institute of GeophysicsRod Eddies Fugro Tuesday 13 September 09:00 – 17:10 hrs Technical programme 09:30 – 17:00 hrs Exhibition openGeneral information 19:00 – 23:30 hrs Conference EveningWe would like to welcome you to Near Surface 2011, the Wednesday 14 September17th European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering 09:00 – 17:10 hrs Technical programmeGeophysics to be held from 12-14 September 2011 in 09:30 – 16:00 hrs Exhibition openLeicester, UK. This year’s venue is the University of Leicester, 17:10 – 17:20 hrs Closing Ceremonya research-led university with more than 22,000 students.Near Surface 2011 will offer an outstanding technical Thursday 15 Septemberprogramme, workshops, field trips, field demonstrations, a 09:00 – 16:00 hrs Workshop Good Practice in Assessment ofsocial programme and a technical exhibition. The event will Sand & Gravel Mineral Deposits*provide an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest 09:00 – 17:00 hrs Field Trip The Geology of Charnwood Forestdevelopments in environmental and engineering geosciences and its Aggregate Resourcesand to network with colleagues from around the globe. 09:00 – 17:00 hrs Field Trip Geohazards, Mineralisation, Karst and Caves in the Peak DistrictAbout Leicester 10:00 – 16:00 hrs Workshop Shallow Marine Geophysics -Leicester is located in the East Midlands, one of England’s Waterborne High-resolution Geophysicalnine regions north of London. It is the biggest city in the Techniques and Applications*East Midlands and is well-known as an important Romansettlement. By coming to Leicester you can discover the many Friday 16 Septemberunique strengths of a city rich in different cultural heritages. 10:00 – 15:00 hrs Workshop Shallow Marine Geophysics -From the Romans to the space age, Leicester has much to offer Waterborne High-resolution Geophysicalto people who want to see, learn, enjoy and experience. Techniques and Applications* * Please note that EAGE reserves the right to cancel the workshops due to low participation. In this case, payment will be refunded in full.2 Near Surface 2011 12-14 September, Leicester, UK
  3. 3. 16:10 B06 - Wave Equation Datum Continuation Based on Simulated AnnealingTechnical Programme Optimized FFD Operator - Y.H. Zhao* (RIPED-Northwest, Petrochina), Y.C. Wang (RIPED-Northwest, Petrochina), X.W. Wang (RIPED-Northwest, Petrochina), Z.D. Hu (RIPED-Northwest, Petrochina) & X.Y. Feng (RIPED-Monday 12 September Northwest, Petrochina) 16:30 B07 - The Normalized Integration Method - An Alternative to Full Bennett Lecture Theatre 1 Waveform Inversion? - J. Liu* (Mines Paristech), H. Chauris (Mines 09:40 Keynote - The Search for Ithaka - J. Underhill (Univeristy of Edinburgh) Paristech) & H. Calandra (Total E&P) 10:20 Break 16:50 B08 - Depth Estimation of Cavities from Microgravity Data Through Multi Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Interference System - A. Hajian* (Islamic Azad BEST OF SAGEEP University), P. Styles (Keele University) & H. Zomorrodian (Islamic Azad 10:50 SAGEEP1 - Multi-elevation Calibration of Frequency Domain University) Electromagnetic Data - B.J. Minsley* (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), G. Hodges (Fugro Airborne), B.D. Smith (U.S. Geological Survey) & J.D. Abraham (U.S. Geological Survey) Poster Area 11:10 SAGEEP2 - Assessing Water Storage Changes on the Field Scale BEST OF ENGGEO Combining Superconducting Gravimeter Observations with a Hydro- 10:30 EngGeo1 - Experience of Borehole Seismic Surveys by Method of logical Model - B. Creutzfeldt* (GFZ German Research Centre for Reversed Vertical Seismic Profiling - N.A. Ragozin* (Russian Academy Geoscience), A. Güntner (GFZ German Research Centre for Geoscience), of Science), I.G. Mindel (Russian Academy of Science) & B.A. Trifonov H. Wziontek (GFZ German Research Centre for Geoscience) & B. Merz (Russian Academy of Science) (GFZ German Research Centre for Geoscience) 10:40 EngGeo2 - GPR Study of Depressed Areas in the Upper Cross-section- 11:30 SAGEEP3 - Multi-scale Monitoring of Ecohydrological Processes Using A.M. Romanova* (Moscow State University), A.V. Starovoytov (Moscow Electrical Resistivity Tomography - R.L. van Dam* (Michigan State University) State University) & A.Y. Kalashnikov (Moscow State University) 11:50 SAGEEP4 - Integrating Hydrology and Geophysics to Evaluate the Impact of GEOPHYSICAL INVESTIGATIONS OF WATER RESOURCES Artificial Recharge on Groundwater in Rural India - S. Moysey* (Clemson University), D. Matz (Clemson University), C. Guha (Clemson University), 14:00 P01 - Experimental Correlations Between Geophysical and Hydraulic Parameters from Different Inversion Procedures - G. Boehm* (OGS - R. Ravindranath (Clemson University) & M. Choudhary (Clemson University) Ist. Naz. di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sp.), R. Brauchler (Geological 12:10 Break Institute ETH Zurich), D. Nieto (OGS - Ist. Naz. di Oceanografia e di AIRBORNE GEOPHYSICS Geofisica Sp.), G. Soncin (Eurekos s.r.l.), L. Baradello (OGS - Ist. Naz. di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sp.), M. Pivetta (Professional geologist) & 13:20 Keynote - Seismic Interferometry - Andrew Curtis (University of Edinburgh) F. Botti (Botti Elio Perforazioni) 14:00 A01 - Geological Geophysics - An Example Using AEM Data - D. Beamish* 14:10 P02 - Calibration of Density Driven Flow Model for the Freshwater Lens (British Geological Survey) beneath the North Sea Island Borkum by Geophysical Data - H. Sulzbacher 14:20 A02 - Geological Mapping Using Airborne TEM at Mayotte - N. Foged* (LIAG), H. Wiederhold* (LIAG), M. Grinat (LIAG), J. Igel (LIAG), T. Burschil (Aarhus University), E. Auken (Aarhus University), P. Nehlig (BRGM), (LIAG), T. Günther (LIAG), B. Siemon (BGR) & K. Hinsby (GEUS) J. Deparis (BRGM) & J. Perrin (BRGM) 14:20 P03 - An Integrated Geophysical/Geological Model of the CLIWAT Project 14:40 A03 - Hybrid Inversion of Airborne TEM Data - Mixed Precision Area Föhr as Basis for Groundwater Modelling - T. Burschil* (LIAG), Responses for Tunable Performance and Accuracy - C. Kirkegaard* H. Wiederhold (LIAG), W. Scheer (LLUR) & R. Kirsch (LLUR) (Aarhus University), A.V. Christiansen (Geological Survey of Denmark and 14:30 P04 - Hydrogeophysical Characterisation of Artificial Recharge Basins Greenland) & E. Auken (Aarhus University) on the Llobregat River Barcelona, Spain - A. Sendròs (University of 15:00 A04 - Singular Value Decomposition Denoising of Airborne Time Domain Barcelona), H. Gallardo (University of Barcelona), M. Himi (University of ElectroMagnetic Data in Anthropized Area - P.A. Reninger* (Bureau de Barcelona), R. Lovera (University of Barcelona), J.C. Tapias (University of Recherches Géologiques et Minières), G. Martelet (Bureau de Recherches Barcelona) & A. Casas* (University of Barcelona) Géologiques et Minières), J. Deparis (Bureau de Recherches Géologiques 14:40 P05 - Statistical Method to Delineate Resistivity Anomalies Associated et Minières), J. Perrin (Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières) & with Contamination from a Controlled Dump - N. Portugal - M.J. Fontoura* Y. Chen (Université d’Orléans) (Geology Center, University of Porto), F.J. Lino (DGAOT, University of Porto), 15:20 Break S.P. Ribeiro (DGAOT, University of Porto), S.M. Rios (DGAOT, University of Porto), R.M. Moura (Geology Center, University of Porto) & A.G. Dias 15:20 Field Demonstrations - Victoria Park - (Geology Center, University of Porto) 17:30 14:50 P06 - Contributions of TDEM Survey in a Seismic Activity Area Triggered Bennett Lecture Theatre 2 by Wells in Paraná Basin, Brazil - Preliminary Results - J. Porsani* (University of São Paulo), E. Almeida (Geophysicist), C. Bortolozo NEW GEOPHYSICAL TECHNOLOGIES (University of São Paulo) & F. Santos (Lisbon University) 14:00 B01 - Improvements in Seismoelectric Acquisitions at Field and Lab Scales 15:00 P07 - Revealing Potential Flow Pathways within the Pow Catchment and Records Interpretation - J. Holzhauer* (LIAG) & U. Yaramanci (LIAG) Using Geophysics - Initial Results and Conceptualisation - L. Mejus* 14:20 B02 - Mapping Preferential Groundwater Pathways and Transmissive (Lancaster University), A. Binley (Lancaster University) & B. Surridge Zones in Karst Topography with a Unique Application of MMR - (Lancaster University) M.J. Wallace* (Willowstick Technologies LLC), V.O. Kofoed (Willowstick 15:20 Break Technologies LLC), M.L. Jessop (Willowstick Technologies LLC) & W. Qian (Willowstick Technologies LLC) 15:20 Field Demonstrations - Victoria Park - 14:40 B03 - Automatic Classification of Metallic, Plastic and Concrete Targets 17:30 Buried at IAG/USP Geophysical Test Site Using ANN and - V. Dos Santos* (University of São Paulo), J. Porsani (University of São Paulo) & N. Hirata Tuesday 13 September (University of São Paulo) 15:00 B04 - First In-situ Test of a New Electrostatic Resistivity Meter - A. Tabbagh* Bennett Lecture Theatre 1 (University Pierre et Marie Curie), S. Flageul (UPMC / Sisyphe), M. Abas ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS I (GEOCARTA), J. Thiesson (UPMC / Sisyphe) & F. Rejiba (UPMC / Sisyphe) 09:00 Keynote - New Advances in Electromagnetic Imaging - Evert Slob (Delft 15:20 Break University of Technology) MODELLING, INVERSION AND PROCESSING I 09:40 C01 - Strike-slip Faults Imaging by Seismic Methods from Underground 15:50 B05 - Modeling Seismic Inversion in Mature Oil Field of West Area, Galleries in the Station of Tournemire, France - F. Bretaudeau* (IRSN), Coastal Plain Pekanbaru, Central Sumatera Basin, Indonesia - C. Gélis (IRSN), D. Leparoux (IFSTTAR), J. Cabrera (IRSN) & P. Côte S.B. Rachmawati* (PT.Bumi Siak Pusako-Pertamina Hulu) (IFSTTAR)Near Surface 2011 312-14 September, Leicester, UK
  4. 4. 10:00 C02 - Combined Gravity and Seismic Measurements for Mapping a Buried 10:40 D04 - Block Joint Inversion (BJI) of MRS and DC Resistivity Soundings Tectonic Valley in Western Sweden - N. Juhojuntti* (Geological Survey of for Aquifer Imaging at the North Sea Island Borkum - T. Gunther* (LIAG), Sweden), S. Aaro (Geological Survey of Sweden), J. Jönberger (Geological J. Liebau (LIAG), I. Akca (LIAG) & M. Müller-Petke (LIAG) Survey of Sweden) & O. Larsson (Geological Survey of Sweden) 11:00 Break10:20 C03 - Effect of a Discontinuity’s Aperture on the GPR Signal - 11:30 D05 - 3D Monte Carlo Inversion of Surface Magnetic Resonance M. Markovaara-Koivisto* (Aalto University) & T. Hokkanen (Aalto University) Measurements - AC Chevalier* (LTHE), A. Legchenko (LTHE),10:40 C04 - Geophysical Assessment of Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivities M. Descloitres (LTHE), H. Guyard (LTHE), C. Vincent (LGGE) & S. Garambois – Examples from the CLIWAT Project Area Föhr - R. Kirsch* (LLUR-SH), (ISTerre) M. Kordanska (TU Berlin), S. Lessing (Uni Muenster), N. Blindow (BGR 11:50 D06 - Defining Formation Boundaries in Multi-layer Models Through Hannover) & W. Scheer (LLUR-SH) Statistical Analysis - N.B. Christensen* (University of Aarhus)11:00 Break 12:10 D07 - How to Incorporate Prior Information in Geophysical Inverse11:30 C05 - Optimal Spread Design for Passive MASW - B. Leitner* Problems - Deterministic and Geostatistical Approaches - T. Hermans* (Montanuniversitaet Leoben), R.D. Miller (Kansas Geological Survey) & (University of Liege), D. Caterina (University of Liege), R. Martin (University J. Ivanov (Kansas Geological Survey) of Bonn), A. Kemna (University of Bonn), T. Robert (University of Liege) &11:50 C06 - Measured and Modeled Gravity Anomalies above the Tunnel in F. Nguyen (University of Liege) Clays – Implication for Errors in Gravity Interpretation - V. Blecha* 12:30 D08 - A Complicate Response of Compact EMI Sensors over Shallow (Charles University in Prague) Local Conductive Targets - E.V. Balkov* (Institute of Petroleum Geology12:10 C07 - On the Geoelectrical Characterization of an Old Landfill Cover - and Geophysics) V. Naudet* (BRGM), F. Genelle (Université Bordeaux), M. Dabas 12:50 Break (GEOCARTA), C. Sirieix (Université Bordeaux), J. Riss (Université Bordeaux), S. Rénié (Hydro Invest), B. Dubéarnes (EAUGEO) & P. Bégassat (ADEME) ARCHAEOGEOPHYSICS12:30 C08 - Geophysical Investigation of a Dutch Levee and Canal Using 14:00 D09 - 3D Quantitative Interpretation of Archaeo-magnetic Datasets - S. Cheyney* (Leicester University), I. Hill (University of Leicester), Various Seismic and GPR Techniques - R.P. Noorlandt* (Delft University of N. Linford (English Heritage), S. Fishwick (University of Leicester) & Technology), M.P.E. de Kleine (Deltares), P.P. Kruiver (Deltares), M.A.J. Bakker C. Leech (Geomatrix Earth Science) (TNO), C.S. Mesdag (Deltares) & R.M. Hoogendoorn (Deltares)12:50 Break 14:20 D10 - The Role of Micro-gravity in Archaeology in Luxor, Egypt - E. Issawy* (National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics), ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS II J. Mrlina (Geophysical Institute, Czech Academy of Science,) & A. Radwan14:00 C09 - Urban Geoelectrical Survey and Spatially Constrained Interpretation (National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics) for a New Metro in Copenhagen - K. Martinez* (Cowi) & J.A. Mendoza 14:40 D11 - Some Geophysical Survey Methodologies for Archaeological (Cowi) Research in the Brú na Bóinne World Heritage Site, County Meath,14:20 C10 - Geophysical Techniques Improving Geological Mapping in Ireland - K. Barton* (Landscape & Geophysical Services), C. Brady Urban Areas at Two Different Scales - B. Benjumea* (Institut Geologic (Dundalk Institute of Technology) & M. Seaver (University College Dublin) de Catalunya), A. Gabàs (Institut Geologic de Catalunya), F. Bellmunt 15:00 D12 - Geophysical Investigations in UK Graveyards - Re-use of Existing (Universitat de Barcelona), A. Macau (Institut Geologic de Catalunya), Burial Grounds - J.D. Hansen* (Keele University) & J.K. Pringle (Keele S. Figueras (Institut Geologic de Catalunya) & M. Vilà (Institut Geologic de University) Catalunya) 15:20 Break14:40 C11 - 3D Electrical Resistivity Tomography to Locate DNAPL INDUSTRIAL MINERAL EXPLORATION Contamination in an Urban Environment - V. Naudet* (BRGM), J.C. Gourry (BRGM), F. Mathieu (BRGM), J.F. Girard (BRGM), A. Blondel (BRGM) & 15:50 D13 - Bedrock Detection and Mineral Thickness Assessment Using A. Saada (BRGM) 3D Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) - J.E. Chambers* (British Geological Survey), P.B. Wilkinson (British Geological Survey), A. Hameed15:00 C12 - Suppression of Traffic Noise on Vibroseismic Data - E. Nørmark* (University of Leicester), I.A. Hill (University of Leicester), C.A. Jeffrey (Aarhus University) (University of Leicester), D. Wardrop (Lafarge Aggregates), P.I. Meldrum15:20 Break (British Geological Survey), O. Kuras (British Geological Survey),15:50 C13 - Geophysical Monitoring of Simulated Clandestine Graves Using R.D. Ogilvy (British Geological Survey), D. Gunn (British Geological Survey), Electrical and GPR Methods - 0-3 Years after Burial - J.K. Pringle* M. Cave (British Geological Survey) & J. Aumonier (Mineral Industry (Keele University), J.R. Jervis (Keele University), J.D. Hansen (Keele Research Organisation) University), N.J. Cassidy (Keele University), G.M. Jones (Keele University) 16:10 D14 - Geophysical Quality Assessment of Sand and Gravel Deposits - & G.T. Tuckwell (RSK STATS Ltd.) I. Hill* (Leicester University), C.A. Jeffrey (Leicester University) &16:10 C14 - MASW Characterization of Ground Subsidence Induced by an A. Hameed (Leicester University) Outburst of Water From a Sump Gallery at St-Vaast, Belgium - J. Deceuster* 16:30 D15 - Industrial Raw Material Screening - Development of Cost-beneficial (University of Mons), P. Lizin (University of Mons), T. Martin (University of Screening Approach to Validate Clay Extraction Zones - K. Martinez* Mons) & O. Kaufmann (University of Mons) (Cowi), J. Wibroe (Cowi), J. Henssel (Cowi) & G. Hyde (Capitol Region)16:30 C15 - Reliability of Surface Wave Inversion - J. Hausmann* (Helmholtz- 16:50 D16 - Geoelectrical Properties of Calcium Sulphate Rocks - A. Guinea* Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ), H. Steinnel (University of (University of Barcelona), E. Playà (University of Barcelona), L. Rivero Leipzig), S. Popp-Hoffmann (Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research (University of Barcelona) & M. Himi (University of Barcelona) - UFZ), U. Werban (Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ) & P. Dietrich (Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ) Poster Area16:50 C16 - GPR for the Inspection of Industrial Railway Tracks - J. Hugenschmidt* (EMPA), C. Kasa (VAP) & H. Kato (Nexco West) MODELLING, INVERSION AND PROCESSING I 14:00 P08 - Noise Cancellation for Surface NMR - Derivation of Time and Bennett Lecture Theatre 2 Frequency Domain Approaches - M. Mueller-Petke* (LIAG) & U. Yaramanci MODELLING, INVERSION AND PROCESSING II (LIAG)09:40 D01 - Noise Cancellation for Surface NMR - Application of Time and 14:10 P09 - Two-layer Inversion of Post-calibrated Multi-configuration Frequency Domain Approaches - M. Mueller-Petke* (LIAG) & U. Yaramanci Electromagnetic Induction Data - A. Mester* (Forschungszentrum Juelich, (LIAG) ZEL), E. Zimmermann (Forschungszentrum Juelich, ZEL), J. van der Kruk (Forschungszentrum Juelich, IBG-3) & H. Vereecken (Forschungszentrum10:00 D02 - Noise Cancellation of Multichannel Magnetic Resonance Sounding Juelich, IBG-3) Measurements with Wiener and Adaptive Filters - E. Dalgaard* (Aarhus University), E. Auken (Aarhus University) & J. J. Larsen (Aarhus University) 14:20 P10 - 1D Joint Inversion of DC and TEM Data for Hydrogeological Applications - Preliminary Results - C.A. Bortolozo* (IAG/USP), J.L. Porsani10:20 D03 - Full FID Inversion of MRS Data - A. Behroozmand* (Aarhus University), (IAG/USP), E.R. Almeida (IAG/USP) & F.A.M. Santos (Lisbon University) E. Auken (Aarhus University), G. Fiandaca (Aarhus University), E. Dalgaard (Aarhus University) & J. Larsen (Aarhus University) 14:30 P11 - On the Improvement of Inverse Modeling in Geoelectric Exploration - N.P. Szabo* (University of Miskolc), Á. Gyulai (University of Miskolc) & A.N. Paripás (University of Miskolc)4 Near Surface 2011 12-14 September, Leicester, UK
  5. 5. 14:40 P12 - Imaging of a Fault Zone by a Large-scale DC Resistivity Experiment 14:20 E10 - A Comparison Between GPR and Ultrasonic Techniques for Void and Seismic Structural Information - T. Gunther* (LIAG), G. Schaumann Detection Beneath Reinforced Concrete Sections - N.J. Cassidy* (Keele (LIAG), P. Musmann (LIAG) & M. Grinat (LIAG) University), R. Eddies (Fugro Aperio Ltd) & S. Dods (Fugro Aperio Ltd) 14:50 P13 - Ambiguity Question in Kinematic Multilayer Refraction Inversion - 14:40 E11 - Towards Joint Inversion/Interpretation for Landslide-prone Areas A.N. Paripas* (University of Miskolc) & T. Ormos (University of Miskolc) in Norway - Integrating Geophysics and Geotechnique - G. Sauvin* 15:10 P14 - Seismic Horizontal Component Measurement - Reduced Scale (University of Oslo / ICG / NORSAR), S. Bazin (NGI), M. Vanneste (ICG / Modeling and Benefits in Full Waveform Inversion - R. Valensi* (IFSTTAR), NGI), I. Lecomte (ICG / NORSAR) & A.A. Pfaffhuber (NGI) F. Bretaudeau (IRSN), D. Leparoux (IFSTTAR), O. Durand (IFSTTAR), 15:00 E12 - Investigation of Landslide by Using 2D/3D Resistivity Imaging - R. Brossier (ISTerre) & P. Cote (IFSTTAR) M.E. Candansayar* (Ankara University), N.Y. Gundogdu (Ankara University) 15:20 Break & H. Aktarakci (Advance Geosciences Inc.) MODELLING, INVERSION AND PROCESSING II 15:20 Break 15:50 P15 - Geostatistical Approach for Shale Volume Estimation in Water- 15:50 E13 - Automatic Resistivity Profiling and Electrical Resistivity Tomography for Landfill Cover Surveying - F. Genelle* (Université Bordeaux), C. Sirieix bearing Formations - N.P. Szabo* (University of Miskolc) & M. Dobroka (Université Bordeaux), J. Riss (Université Bordeaux), V. Naudet (BRGM), (University of Miskolc) M. Dabas (GEOCARTA), S. Renie (HYDRO INVEST), P. Begassat (ADEME), 16:00 P16 - Pressure Dependence of Seismic Q – A New Petrophysical Model - B. Dubearnes (EAUGEO) & F. Naessens (Université Bordeaux) M. Dobroka (University of Miskolc) & J.S. Molnar* (University of Miskolc) 16:10 E14 - Mapping of Landfills Using Time-domain Spectral Induced 16:10 P17 - Microgravity Estimation of Filling up the Near Surface Mineshaft Polarization Data - The Eskelund Case Study - E. Auken* (University - Example of the Gravity Modelling Usage - L. Slonka* (University of of Aarhus), A. Gazoty (University of Aarhus), G. Fiandaca (University of Science and Technology) Palermo), J. Pedersen (University of Aarhus) & A.V. Christiansen (GEUS) 16:20 P18 - New Method for Calculation of the Building Effect Correction in 16:30 E15 - Application of Geophysical Techniques for the Diagnosis of Microgravity Technique - J. Panisova* (Geophysical Institute, Slovak Underground Conditions Promoting Distress - Case Study - F.A.I. Hamdi* Academy of Sciences) & R. Pašteka (Comenius University, Slovakia) (Orbit Geological Consultancy, UAE) & G. Morelli (GEOStudi, Italy) 16:50 E16 - Evaluating the Effectiveness of Rolling Impact Compaction atWednesday 14 September a Brownfield Site with High and Low Frequency Seismic Surface - R.J. Whiteley* (Coffey Geotechnics Ltd.) Bennett Lecture Theatre 1 Bennett Lecture Theatre 2 MONITORING AND CHARACTERIZATION MODELLING, INVERSION AND PROCESSING III 09:00 Keynote - Geophysical Investigations of Radioactive Waste - 09:40 F01 - Improvement in Time-domain IP Data Quality with Multi-electrode Neil Chapman (MCM Consulting and University of Sheffield) Systems by Separating Current and Potential Cables - T. Dahlin* (Lund 09:40 E01 - Spatio-temporal Variations in MRS Signal Near a Temporary University) & V. Leroux (Lund University) Pond in the Sahel - M. Boucher* (IRD, LTHE, HSM), G. Favreau (IRD, 10:00 F02 - Importance of Transmitter Waveform and Receiver Transfer Function HSM, Université Abdou Moumouni), A. Legchenko (IRD, LTHE), J. Pfeffer Modelling in Time Domain Induced Polarization - G. Fiandaca* (University (IPGS-EOST, CNRS / UdS), Y. Nazoumou (Université Abdou Moumouni, of Palermo), E. Auken (University of Aarhus), A.V. Christiansen (GEUS) & Département de Géologie), J. Hinderer (IPGS-EOST, CNRS / UdS) & A. Gazoty (University of Aarhus) B. Cappelaere (IRD, HSM) 10:20 F03 - 2D Time Domain Inversion of Induced Polarization Data - J. Ramm* 10:00 E02 - Hydrogeophysical Monitoring of Groundwater Level Changes (Aarhus University), G. Fiandaca (Aarhus University), A. Binley (Lancaster Induced by Tides in a Shallow Beach Aquifer - J. Giraud* (École University), E.A. Auken (Aarhus University), A. Gazoty (Aarhus University) & Polytechnique de Montréal), M. Chouteau (École Polytechnique de A.V.C. Christiansen (Aarhus University) Montréal), C. Taveau (École Polytechnique de Montréal) & R.P. Chapuis (École Polytechnique de Montréal) 10:40 F04 - Minimisation of Electrode Polarisation Errors when Using Optimised or Generic Resistivity Imaging Arrays - P.B. Wilkinson* (British Geological 10:20 E03 - Geoelectrical Monitoring Experiment of In-situ Bioremediation Survey), P.I. Meldrum (British Geological Survey), M.H. Loke (Geotomo of a Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Plume - A. Etienne* (University of Mons), Software), J.E. Chambers (British Geological Survey), O. Kuras (British J. Deceuster (University of Mons) & O. Kaufmann (University of Mons) Geological Survey), D.A. Gunn (British Geological Survey) & R.D. Ogilvy 10:40 E04 - Monitoring Water Migration Processes in Cracking Clay Soil with (British Geological Survey) Depth Profiles of Square Array Resistivity Measurements - A.K. Greve* 11:00 Break (University of New South Wales) 11:30 F05 - Finite Difference Resistivity Modeling on Unstructured Grids with 11:00 Break Large Conductivity Contrasts - S. Penz* (Mines Paristech), H. Chauris 11:30 E05 - Volumetric Monitoring of Dynamic Moisture Distribution in an (Mines Paristech) & D. Donno (Mines Paristech) Aged Railway Embankment - D.A. Gunn* (British Geological Survey), 11:50 F06 - Constrained Time-lapse Inversion of 3-D Resistivity Surveys Data - J.E. Chambers (British Geological Survey), P.I. Meldrum (British Geological M.H. Loke* (Geotomo Software), T. Dahlin (Lund University) & V. Leroux Survey), R.D. Ogilvy (British Geological Survey), P.B. Wilkinson (British (Lund University) Geological Survey), E. Haslam (British Geological Survey), S. Holyoake (British Geological Survey) & J. Wragg (British Geological Survey) 12:10 F07 - Joint Inversion of Seismic Refraction and Resisitivity Data Using Layered Models - N. Juhojuntti* (Geological Survey of Sweden) & 11:50 E06 - Review of EM Methods Applied for the Characterization and J. Kamm (Uppsala University) Monitoring of the Hontomin (Spain) CO2 Storage Pilot Plant - J. Ledo* (University of Barcelona), P. Queralt (University of Barcelona), A. Marcuello 12:30 F08 - Ground Conductivity Meters Considered as Elevated Dipoles - (University of Barcelona), X. Ogaya (University of Barcelona), M. Escalas D. Beamish* (British Geological Survey) (University of Barcelona), P. Piña (University of Barcelona), D. Bosch 12:50 Break (University of Barcelona) & E. Vilamajo (University of Barcelona) GEOPHYSICAL INVESTIGATION OF GROUNDWATER 12:10 E07 - Characterisation and Clearance of Ordnance on Former Military Ranges - A.C. Butcher* (UK Ministry of Defence) & B. Hodkinson (UK RESOURCE Ministry of Defence) 14:00 F09 - Airborne Geophysical Data Used to Characterise Groundwater Dependant Wetlands - D. Beamish* (British Geological Survey) & G. Farr 12:30 E08 - Near Surface Variations and its Impact on Seismic Repeatability at Naylor Field, Australia - Y.Y.M. Al Jabri* (Petroleum Development Oman), (Environment Agency Wales) C. Dupuis (Curtin University) & M. Urosevic (Curtin University) 14:20 F10 - Spatially Mutually Constrained Inversion of Airborne Hydrogeophysics Survey with Ground Geophysics and Borehole Data - 12:50 Break K. Martinez* (Cowi), O.F. Nielsen (Cowi) & J.A. Mendoza (Cowi) GEOTECHNICAL APPLICATIONS OF GEOPHYSICS 14:40 F11 - Aquifer contamination at Roorkee/India studied by spatially con- 14:00 E09 - The Potential of GPR AVO Analysis for Rock Fracture trained inversion of TEM inloop data - B. Tezkan* (University of Cologne), Characetrization - A.A. Kana* (University of Leeds), L.J. West (University of M. von Papen (University of Cologne) & M. Israil (Indian Institute of Leeds) & R. Clark (University of Leeds) Technology, Roorkee)Near Surface 2011 512-14 September, Leicester, UK
  6. 6. 15:00 F12 - Investigating Heterogeneous Costal Aquifer Using Magnetic 12:10 P31 - Determine Areas of High Risk in Urban Areas (Sinkholes) - Resonance Tomography and TDEM - A. Legchenko* (Institut de Recherche R. Zuñiga-Lara (Instituto de Geofisica UNAM), R.E. Chavez* (Mexico pour le Développement) National Autonomous University), G. Cifuentes (Instituto de Geofisica15:20 Break UNAM), E. Hernandez (Instituto de Geofisica UNAM), A. Tejero (F. de Ingenieria) & A. Monzon (EMPAGUA Guatemala)15:50 F13 - Improving Groundwater Flow Model Conceptualisation and Calibration with ERT and Self-potential Methods - T. Robert* (University 12:20 P32 - Detecting the Near Surface Caves Using Gravity Technique - of Liege), R. Therrien (Université Laval), J.M. Lemieux (Université Laval) & A.H. Radwan* (National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geoph) & F. Nguyen (University of Liege) E. Issawy (National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geoph)16:10 F14 - Geoelectrical Imaging for Groundwater Exploration in the Shallow 12:30 P33 - Applications of Automated Depth Estimation Method on the Zone in an Area of Pesquería, Nuevo León, México - D. Garza-Rocha* Microgravity Data for Caves Detection - M.S. Emam* (National Research (Facultad de Ciencias de la Tierra, UANL) & J.J. Castellanos-Flores Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics), E. Issawy (National Research (Facultad de Ciencias de la Tierra, UANL) Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics) & A. Radwan (National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics)16:30 F15 - An Extended Model for Predicting Hydraulic Conductivity from NMR Measurements - R. Dlugosch* (LIAG), M. Müller-Petke (LIAG), T. Günther 12:40 P34 - Laboratorial Prototype for Detection of Defects on Geomembranes (LIAG) & U. Yaramanci (LIAG) - The Geophysical Approach - R. Mota* (LNEC), P. Miguens (ISEL), M. Barroso (LNEC), M.G. Lopes (ISEL), R. Dores (Empresa Geral de16:50 F16 - 3D Very High Resolution Shallow Seismic Data from Carbonate Fomento) & F. Silva (Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente) Reservoir - A Case Study - M. Toqeer* (Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour), H. Perroud (Géosciences Université de Montpellier) & D. Rousset 12:50 Break (Geosciences,IPRA,UPPA) NEW GEOPHYSICAL TECHNOLOGIES 14:00 P35 - Time-lapse Capacitive Resistivity Imaging - A Novel Methodology Poster Area for the Monitoring of Permafrost Processes in Bedrock - O. Kuras* (British ENGINEERING APPLICATIONS I Geological Survey), P.I. Meldrum (British Geological Survey), E.P. Haslam (British Geological Survey), P.B. Wilkinson (British Geological Survey),09:40 P19 - Imaging very Shallow Sand Deposits with High Resolution SH M. Krautblatter (University of Bonn), J.B. Murton (University of Sussex) & Wave Reflection Seismic - A. Almholt* (Ramboll Denmark), F.W.G. Olsen R.D. Ogilvy (British Geological Survey) (Ramboll Denmark), R.B. Jørgensen (Ramboll Denmark) & R. Wisen (Ramboll Denmark) 14:10 P36 - The ‘L-Array’, a 3D Tool to Characterize a Fracture Pattern in an Urban Zone - G. Chavez-Hernandez (Instituto de Geofisica UNAM),09:50 P20 - Comparison of Dominant Frequency and Shear Wave Velocity in Haji A. Tejero (Facultad de Ingenieria UNAM), M.A. Alcantara (Instituto Abad City - M. Shahnazi* (Dana Geophysics) de Geofisica UNAM) & R.E. Chavez* (Mexico National Autonomous10:00 P21 - Stochastic Analysis of Cross-hole GPR Data for Subsurface University) Characterization - M. Rossi* (Università degli Studi di Padova), A. Binley 14:20 P37 - Incorporating Once-developed Geoelectric Arrays into Two- (Lancaster University) & G. Cassiani (Università degli Studi di Padova) dimensional Multi-electrode Measurements - S. Szalai* (GGRI HAS) &10:10 P22 - Real-time Automated Detection of Buried Utilities for 3D GPR L. Szarka (GGRI HAS) Investigations - D. Molteni (Aresys srl), P. Mazzucchelli* (Aresys srl), 14:30 P38 - Foot, Mobile and Controlled Source Modifications of the E. Cottino (Sirti SpA) & N. di Buono (Sirti SpA) Radiomagnetotelluric Method - A.K. Saraev* (St. Petersburg State10:20 P23 - Practical Results of a Research Project - S. Szalai* (Hungarian University), A.E. Simakov (St. Petersburg State University) & B. Tezkan Academy of Sciences), A. Novák (GGRI HAS), M. Varga (KBFI Triász Ltd) & (University of Cologne) L. Szarka (GGRI HAS) 14:40 P39 - Experimental Verification of 3D Magnetic Resonance Tomography10:30 P24 - Application of the Controlled-source RMT Method for the Solution (MRT) in the Luitel Peat Bog, France - H Guyard* (LTHE), A. Legchenko of Engineering Tasks in Chukotka Region - A.E. Simakov* (St.Petersburg (LTHE), K. Chalikakis (LHA), S. Garambois (ISTERRE), C. Desplanque (ONF) State University) & A.K. Saraev (St.Petersburg State University) & J.P. Laurent (LTHE)10:40 P25 - Geophysical Investigation of Track Defects - J. Barta* (G IMPULS 14:50 P40 - First Field Tests of a New Multi-channel MRS Measuring Concept - Praha spol. s r.o.), V. Benes (G IMPULS Praha spol. s r.o.), D. Dostal T. Radic* (Radic Research) & J. Lehmann-Horn (ETH Zürich) (G IMPULS Praha spol. s r.o.) & M. Tesar (G IMPULS Praha spol. s r.o.) 15:00 P41 - Combining GPR and Terrestrial LiDAR to Produce 3D Virtual Outcrop10:50 P26 - Mutiple-point Geostatistics to Estimate Sandstone Distribution - Models - A.A. Bubeck* (Geospatial Research Ltd), E.A. Vsemirnova S. Anzaita (Bandung Institute of Technology) & D.A. Ramdani* (Bandung (Geospatial Research Ltd), R.R. Jones (Geospatial Research Ltd) & Institute of Technology) M.W. Wilkinson (Durham University)11:00 Break 15:10 P42 - Spectral Analysis of Seismoelectric Signal for Water Saturation Monitoring - P.S. Senechal* (UPPA), C.B. Bordes (UPPA) & J.B. Barriere SINKHOLE AND CAVITY DETECTION (UPPA)11:30 P27 - GPR Study of Depressed Areas in the Upper Cross-section - A.M. Romanova* (MSU Moscow State University Lomonosov), 15:20 Break A.V. Starovoytov (MSU Moscow State University Lomonosov) & ARCHEAOGEOPHYSICS A. Kalashnikov (MSU Moscow State University Lomonosov) 15:50 P43 - Archaeological Excavation Confirms the Geophysical Anomalies11:40 P28 - Geophysical Assessment of Salt Sinkholes Hazard along the Recorded at the Cathedral of Tarragona - A Comparative Study - A. Casas* Dead Sea Shore in Israel and Jordan - M.G. Ezersky* (Geophysical (University of Barcelona), P.L. Cosentino (University of Palermo), E. García Institute of Israel), A. Frumkin (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), (SOT Archaeological Prospection), M. Himi (University of Barcelona), A. Al-Zoubi (Al-Balqa Applied University), A. Abueladas (Al-Balqa Applied J.M. Macías (Catalan Institute of Classic Archaeology), R. Martorana University), S. Keydar (Geophysical Institute of Israel), L. Eppelbaum (Tel (University of Palermo), A. Muñoz (Biblical Museum of Tarragona) & Aviv University), E. Akkawi (Al-Balqa Applied University), B. Medvedev R. Sala (SOT Archaeological Prospection) (Geophysical Institute of Israel) & E. Levi (Geophysical Institute of Israel) 16:10 P44 - Pre-excavation Studies of Prehistoric Caves in Georgia - S.E. Itkis*11:50 P29 - Study of the Salt Layer Environments Using TEM Method in the (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev), Z. Matskevich (Harvard University) & Dead Sea Sinkhole Problem - E. Levi* (Geophysical institute of Israel), T. Mesheveliani (Georgian State Museum) M.G. Ezersky (Geophysical Institute of Israel), A. Al-Zoubi (Al-Balqa 16:20 P45 - Geophysical Investigations at the Konoplyanka Archaeogogical Applied University), L. Eppelbaum (Tel Aviv University), A. Abueladas Settlement, Southern Ural Mountains, Russia - V.V. Noskewich* (Institute (Al-Balqa Applied University) & E. Akkawi (Al-Balqa Applied University) of Geophysics Ural Branch RAS), N.V. Fedorova (Institute of Geophysics12:00 P30 - Preliminary Magnetic Data Analysis in the Eastern Dead Sea Shore Ural Branch RAS) & O.L. Sobolev (Institute of Geophysics Ural Branch for Identification of Subsurface Inhomogeneties - A. Al-Zoubi* (Al-Balqa RAS) Applied University), L.V. Eppelbaum (Tel Aviv University), A. Abueladas (Al-Balqa Applied University), M. Ezersky (Geophysical Institute of Israel) & E. Akkawi (Al-Balqa Applied University)6 Near Surface 2011 12-14 September, Leicester, UK
  7. 7. MONITORING AND CHARACTERIZATION Exhibitor list (6 June 2011) 16:30 P46 - Thermodynamic Fluid Characterization of an Iranian Oil Reservoir - H. Dashti* (Shiraz University), S. Kord (NISOC), ALIREZA Shariati (Shiraz University), S. Ayatollahi (Shiraz University), M. Moshfeghian (Shiraz 3d-Radar AS University) & P. Zanganeh (Shiraz University) ADVANCED GEOSCIENCES EUROPE SL 16:40 P47 - Estimating the Effect of Temperature, Density and Water Content ALT s.a. (Advanced Logic Technology) on Waste Electrical Resistivity - R. Clement* (Cemagref), S. Moreaux (Cemagref) & T. Günther (LIAG) Bartington Instruments Ltd 16:50 P48 - Wind and Rain Induced Noise on Reflection Seismic Data - DECO Geophysical E. Nørmark* (Aarhus University) DMT GmbH & Co. KG 17:00 P49 - Seismo-acoustic Emission in Near-zone of Powerful Vibrator - EEGS Y.I. Kolesnikov* (Institute of Petroleum Geology & Geophysics SB RAS) & E.A. Hogoev (Institute of Petroleum Geology & Geophysics SB RAS) European Geophysical Services Ltd Foerster UK Limited Geomatrix Earth Science LtdSocial programme Geometrics Inc. Geonics LimitedNEW! Icebreaker Reception Geophysical Survey Systems Inc.Sunday 11 September 2011, 17:00 – 19:00 hrs, exhibition area Geosoft Europe Ltd GF Instruments, s.r.o.The icebreaker reception is an excellent way to kick off the IDS INGEGNERIA DEI SISTEMI SPAweek. Get together in an informal setting where drinks and Institut Dr. Foerster GMBH & CO. KGsnacks will be provided. Please bear in mind that the icebreaker IRIS Instrumentswill take place on Sunday evening. Enjoy! Mala Geoscience Mount Sopris Instrument Co.Conference Evening Robertson Geologging LtdThis year’s conference evening will be held at Athena, originally Seistronixdesigned in 1936 as an Odeon Cinema. These days the Athena W&R Instrumentsrepresents one of the largest, most extravagant buildings in Zonge International Inc.the region, right in the centre of Leicester. Different localand exotic dishes will be on offer to reflect the multiculturalsociety Leicester is today. It is easy to access and at a 20-minute Exhibition and sponsor programmewalk from the venue. All full delegates are invited. Near Surface 2011 includes an exhibition and sponsor programme. The exhibition will be held on the lower ground floor and ground floor of the venue. Already 25 companies have signed up as exhibitor and occupy about 200 square meter of exhibit space. On Monday 6 September field demonstrations are scheduled for live and interactive product demonstrations. Participating in the exhibition and/or sponsor programme will give you high visibility in a high quality and uncluttered environment that makes your message stand out. It is still possible to participate in both programmes! Please have a look at the Near Surface 2011 website for all available exhibition and sponsoring opportunities or contact us at Supported byA Fugro Aperio seismic crew will perform a live demonstration of mul-tichannel reflection acquisition with a state-of-the-art vibroseis unitwithin the grounds of Victoria Park from Monday 12 through Tuesday14 September; processed data will be shown at the Fugro Aperio exhi-bition stand at the entrance to the Geology Department.Near Surface 2011 712-14 September, Leicester, UK
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