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Evaluation question 7

  1. 1. Question 7 Looking back at your preliminary taskwhat do you feel you have learnt from the progression to it to the full task?
  2. 2. Front cover
  3. 3. Front Cover Looking back at my school magazine to my music magazine I feel I have learnt a lot. Firstly, on school magazine’s front cover the model isn’t directly staring at the camera which I know now is not very personal and not conventionally of a magazine. However from research I found that using models that are staring directly into the audience will grab their attention so therefore I did it on Tune magazine. Also I learnt that in many magazine, the headline for the model on the front is directly put on them so it is clear to see – I did this on the full task but now the preliminary task.The colour scheme I used on the school magazine could bedescribed as random with no real theme however on my fulltask I chose to only use three basic colours which were usedthroughout the magazine to create a brand identity. On myschool magazine, it is clear to see I didn’t edit the image muchas shown by the background being relatively busy so thereforelooks unprofessional however when I started my musicmagazine I knew more about the editing tools of Photoshop.
  4. 4. Contents
  5. 5. Contents Comparing my school magazine contents page to Tune’s magazine contents I feel I have learnt a lot. Firstly, I have not used the magazine title ‘SFC’ on my contents page which is not conventional of a professional magazine. Also, again in all my images no –one is looking at the camera so therefore SFC’s doesn’t seem personal however when doing my music magazine the models are looking at the camera.Similarly in my preliminary task contents I added a ‘editorsnote’ and there is not a set order of how the audience shouldread it so therefore in Tune’s contents I wanted a unclutteredlook and chose not to do a ‘editors note’ as my focus groupdidn’t have a preference on it. Also, my school magazinecontents does not contain a subscription section which I havelearnt through research that most magazines do which meantI added it to the full task.
  6. 6. Using Photoshop and InDesign
  7. 7. Photoshop• During the process of creating my music magazine my skills on Photoshop and InDesign have greatly improved. On my school magazine, I only knew the basics on Photoshop such as creating text, and fill. However when I started my music magazine I used many more effects such as the healing tool and magic wand which gave my magazine a more professional feel. Also, I planned more when it came to creating my music magazine so therefore I felt more confident what I was hoping to achieve when on Photoshop.
  8. 8. InDesign• I also feel my skills on Indesign have improved from the preliminary task to the full task. Similar to Photoshop, I had never used InDesign before so when created my school magazine I only knew the basics such as placing in images and achieving a background. However in my music magazine’s contents, I gave my magazine a more professional feel by using different coloured textboxes and placing in text which I had edited in Photoshop etc. Overall I feel that being confident when using Photoshop and InDesign dramatically improved my school magazine to the music magazine.