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Why your business needs a mobile optimized website


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Why your business needs a mobile optimized website

  1. 1. ©2012 by EliNext GroupWhy Your Business Needs a Mobile-Optimized WebsiteBeing in a public place look around and you will notice thatthere are people who use their smartphones surfing theInternet. And this is not the future, but today’s mainstreamreality. It is considered that within a few years, mobile deviceswill advance PCs becoming the most usable Web accessdevices. The importance of mobile traffic cannot beunderestimated as current reports by Gartner informationtechnology research company indicate that mobile deviceswill overtake desktop Internet usage as the most used Internetaccess device worldwide by 2013.
  2. 2. ©2012 by EliNext GroupNo wonder that thanks to the increasing number of mobile Internetusers more and more website owners strive to be sure that theirwebsites have mobile versions. And there are some reasonableadvantages for them to take into account.Ever-present availability of your websiteWith the help of a mobile-optimized website there is a possibility foryour business to be accessed from all sorts of electronic devices. Thatmeans you will be in touch with your clients at any time and placethey wish.
  3. 3. ©2012 by EliNext GroupHigh-speed downloadingMobile websites are specifically developed for mobile requirementswhich means less loading and faster downloading. Thus, your clientswill receive an opportunity for a prompt contact to you, a quickoverview at your services or products, a possibility to be aware ofyour opening hours and your location area.Brand awarenessWhile embracing mobile site you may combine the branding elementsfrom your standard site with your mobile version. Thus, incorporatingthe same branding elements on both data resources you will receivean opportunity to promote your brand essence and will create animage of an innovative company that keeps up with the times.And if you are still in doubts whether a mobile-optimized websitewill serve the good turn just let us provide you with the fact that wasmentioned by Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt at Mobile WorldCongress:“There are 7 billion people in the world. About 2 billion people areconnected to the Internet. And 1 billion have smartphones. That’s a lot
  4. 4. ©2012 by EliNext Groupof browsing to be done on mobile devices”.Well, knowing the main advantages of a mobile website you maypursue mobile web development. Launching mobile-optimizedversions of your service, you will have an opportunity to put yourbusiness at a new level of maturity. Or you may wait for tomorrow inorder to weigh all the pros and cons but in this case there is noguarantee that at this very moment your client won’t click off yoursite and visit your competitor’s mobile-optimized website.Industries and Technology Areas:Industries: retail, banking, financial services, travel, healthcare, realestateTechnology Areas: mobile web development, software development,mobile application development, smartphones, tablets, iOS, Android,iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Phone
  5. 5. ©2012 by EliNext GroupELINEXT GROUPWebsite: http://www.elinext.comEmail: info@elinext.comBlog: http://software-topics.comFacebook: officeMarina House, Adelphi QuayWaterford, Republic of IrelandPhone: +353 (51) 347 477Belarus Development Center155b Bogdanovich St.220040 Minsk, BelarusPhone: +375 (17) 237 53 65Vietnam Development Center37A Phan Xich Long St.Ward 3, Phu Nhuan DistrictHo Chi Minh City, VietnamPhone: +84 (8) 3995 6849Suggested citation: EliNext Group.2012.“Why Your Business Needs a Mobile-Optimized Website”<>