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Variety of сlouds google and apple


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Variety of сlouds google and apple

  1. 1. ©2011 by EliNext GroupVariety of ‘Сlouds:’ Google and AppleBoth IT giants Google and Apple have come under amagic spell of fascination with cloud computing. Bothof them offer services with a ‘cloud’ prefix and both ofthem put meaning into it. The difference in themeaning of the word “cloud” in Google and Apple willbe discussed in what follows below.Google perspective on cloud services seems to look out farin the future, when internet access will be omnipresent andaccessible by anyone be it a home desktop, a portablelaptop and a mobile (smart)phone. It also seems that,although for the time being, the cloud applications are farfrom being perfect, Google hopes that by the time high-speed internet connection is everywhere, the cloud apps willbe tweaked for the best user experience. Present time is thetime for testing and refining cloud services for Google. Thus,the best services are available online and only online, whileall data is stored on Google’s servers. However, recently theystarted talking about providing a possibility to work withcertain key apps offline, mostly in the context ofChromebooks.
  2. 2. ©2011 by EliNext GroupTo summarize, Google it clearly going for being thecomputer-in-the-sky that runs useful and fun applications foreveryone.With Apple this is a completely different story. Since Appleproduces and sells devices, it is much more device-orientedin everything they do. Internet for them needs to runsmoothly and all the data packages need to arrive on time.What Apple offers is this reliability and security of the cloudmanaged with easy control by Apple. Cloud in this case ismore of a repository for applications, media content,documents, mail, settings and others that not only backs updata from devices but also syncs it for the users’ devices sothat all of them contain the same information. Appleassumes that simple automatic sync of all devices will speakup to the expectations of a wide Apple community and willpossibly attract new Apple adepts. The Apple’s version of thecloud does not substitute native applications, rather than it issupposed to make native mobile applications better.With that said, which version of the ‘cloud’ concept willtriumph in the future, who knows. If there is morecompetition in the big markets and more active partnershipbetween business and communities in the smaller markets,
  3. 3. ©2011 by EliNext Groupthe Google’s dream of the future internet, might come true,says Jason Hiner from TechRepublic.
  4. 4. ©2011 by EliNext GroupELINEXT GROUPWebsite: http://www.elinext.comEmail: info@elinext.comBlog: http://software-topics.comFacebook: officeMarina House, Adelphi QuayWaterford, Republic of IrelandPhone: +353 (51) 347 477Belarus Development Center155b Bogdanovich St.220040 Minsk, BelarusPhone: +375 (17) 237 53 65Vietnam Development Center37A Phan Xich Long St.Ward 3, Phu Nhuan DistrictHo Chi Minh City, VietnamPhone: +84 (8) 3995 6849Suggested citation: EliNext Group.2011.“Variety of ‘Сlouds:’Google and Apple”<>