The leading online auction house moves to m commerce


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The leading online auction house moves to m commerce

  1. 1. ©2011 by EliNext GroupThe Leading Online Auction HouseMoves to M-CommerceToday, eBay, the world major online marketplace enjoys thebiggest popularity in its history. There are many reasons forthe success of the North American company, but for thefuture their bid is on mobile technologies. Every day, thereare more and more people perform various actions andactivities online, which includes but is not limited to buyinggoods and services, via this or that type of mobile deviceswith internet access. In 2008, users started visiting of eBaymobile app, available since that time in the Apple App Storewith more than 15 million of downloads. The internetauction portal is now fully operational on other mobileplatforms, including Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile 6.xand Windows Phone 7.x. Also the iPad owners can buy andsell stuff on eBay.2010 was particularly successful for eBay, as it is clear fromthe following figures. In 2010, more than 30 million usersdownloaded the eBay application on their smartphones andTablet PCs in more than 190 countries. This way the M-Coomerce segment of eBay activities has developedsignificantly, since the last year. The total volume of trade via
  2. 2. ©2011 by EliNext Groupmobile apps in 2010 almost reached 2 billion US dollars,which is more than three times more to the sales volume ofthe previous year.Currently, USA, Germany and UK remain the leading eBaymarkets in the world. The two European economic giantstogether comprise about one third of the mobile tradevolume of eBay. eBay came to Germany in 1999 through thepurchase of a German internet auction Alando. The followingeBay categories are in most demand in Germany.· Automobile parts· Clothes and Accessories· Automotive vehicles· Phones and Organizers· Sports waresFor the time being, eBay is represented at 38 nationalmarkets and has over 83 million of active users. The onlinemarketplace enables to sell goods in more than 50 thousandcategories – from Books to jetfighters, which was recently
  3. 3. ©2011 by EliNext Groupbought by a seven-year old from Great Britain. But that is acompletely different story.ELINEXT GROUPWebsite: http://www.elinext.comEmail: info@elinext.comBlog: http://software-topics.comFacebook: officeMarina House, Adelphi QuayWaterford, Republic of IrelandPhone: +353 (51) 347 477Belarus Development Center155b Bogdanovich St.220040 Minsk, BelarusPhone: +375 (17) 237 53 65Vietnam Development Center37A Phan Xich Long St.Ward 3, Phu Nhuan DistrictHo Chi Minh City, VietnamPhone: +84 (8) 3995 6849Suggested citation: EliNext Group.2011. “The Leading Online AuctionHouse Moves to M-Commerce” <>