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How to build your retail portal within your budget


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How much should a business owner spend in order to strengthen his competitive position, establish reciprocal communication with customers, promote goods and services and enhance revenue with the help of an online retail portal? As a general rule, the budget needed to set up your retail portal will highly depend on the functionality and additional capabilities of your website.

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How to build your retail portal within your budget

  1. 1. ©2012 by EliNext GroupHow to Build Your Retail Portalwithin Your BudgetIn the electronic world and “iEra” it’s wise to say:those who dont go with the times, disappearsooner or later. Thus, innovations play astrategic role in the development of everysuccessful business. As for the retail industry, it’svitally important to display the online presenceand turn business website into a sales machineas soon as possible. According to ForresterResearch, 192 million U.S. consumers only willshop online in 2016.
  2. 2. ©2012 by EliNext GroupHow much should a business owner spend in order tostrengthen his competitive position, establish reciprocalcommunication with customers, promote goods andservices and enhance revenue with the help of anonline retail portal? As a general rule, the budgetneeded to set up your retail portal will highly dependon the functionality and additional capabilities of yourwebsite.There are some common categories that helpdetermine how much it will cost to start up your retailportal:The quantity of data you need to post on thewebsite;The number of pages your web-developer has tocreate;Preferable design and its complexity;Special solutions for your business such asshopping cart, integration with additional servicesand more;
  3. 3. ©2012 by EliNext GroupThe scope of technical support, SEO optimizationand advertising.Below is an approximate cost breakdown, arrangedaccording to the categories which are mentionedabove.Small Business WebsiteIt will suit you in case you want the website help youincrease loyalty to your company and indicate itspresence in the online marketplace. It fulfills themission of demonstrating the main advantages of yourbusiness and explains why customers should contactyou. This type generally entails home, contact andlanding pages, a blog engine, gallery or catalog.Starting price: ~ $1000.E-commerce WebsiteIf you need to build more than an average website andwould like to promoteyour goods and serviceseffectively, its better to choose the e-commercewebsite. An advanced e-commerce software solution
  4. 4. ©2012 by EliNext Groupmay comprise a mobile-optimized version, a turnkeyonline shop, a shopping cart, integration with paymentsystems such as PayPal, online registration and customuser interfaces.Starting price: ~ $3000.Professional Retail PortalYou should choose this variant if you are thinking aboutcreation of something more serious, like eBay orAmazon, to attract a great amount of traffic and tosuggest numerous online bargains. A multi-functionalportal encompasses rich functionality (e.g., accesscontrol, search system, forum, knowledge database),high level of security and enhanced usability. In anycase, the cost of your retail portal will depend on theamount and complexity of work involved in its creationas well as your specific requirements.Estimated cost: subject to negotiation.
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