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Non-Native Invasive Plants


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Non-Native Invasive Plants

  1. 1. Invasive Species Primer
  2. 2.  A non-native plant occurs outside its normal range Not all non-native plants have negative effect, some are harmless or even beneficial
  3. 3.  Criteria of invasive plants ◦ Habitat: Colonize natural and semi-natural habitat ◦ Effect: Negative impacts on the ecosystem, biodiversity, human health and economy ◦ Population: Expanding in distribution and abundance
  4. 4. Occurrence of Clidemia hirta, a shrub originated from Tropical America
  5. 5.  Intentional ◦ Brought to a new region for ornamental, medicine, dye, food and erosion control amongst others
  6. 6.  Accidental ◦ Plant propagules adhere to human, transport or animals, transported in ship ballast, dispersed via livestock, mixed with crop seeds and spread from gardens
  7. 7.  Negative effects on biodiversity ◦ Compete with native plants for resources ◦ Alter habitat structure and local species richness ◦ Resulting in reduction in biodiversity and increase in dominance
  8. 8.  Consume limited resources otherwise available for native species ◦ Take up ground water and nutrient ◦ Cover large amount of space resulting in exclusion of local species
  9. 9.  Disrupt ecosystem process encompassing biological interaction and abiotic characters ◦ Pollination ◦ Frugivory ◦ Succession ◦ Fire regimes
  10. 10.  Clidemia hirta ◦ Originated from Tropical America ◦ Threatens endemic island species e.g. Hawaii and Fiji ◦ Potentially alter forest regeneration
  11. 11.  Piper aduncum ◦ Originated from South and Central America ◦ Dense colony excludes native flora ◦ Habitat for agricultural crops pathogens
  12. 12.  Mimosa pigra ◦ Originated from Central America ◦ Block irrigation and reduce grazing land ◦ Disable accessibility to wetland
  13. 13.  Physical ◦ Adapted the method in agriculture such as mowing, pulling, cutting and tilling Chemical ◦ Use herbicide to kill invasive plant by decreasing the plant ability to grow and survive