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Energize, Show Up, and Make A Splash With Monthly Targets


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Year after year Top 10 New Year's resolutions include better eating habits, losing weight, getting more exercise, saving more money, and spending time with family. There's nothing wrong with aiming for the good stuff. Make a change this year with monthly targets instead of annual resolutions.

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Energize, Show Up, and Make A Splash With Monthly Targets

  1. 1. R Reflections (Gratitude, Vision, Definite Major Purpose) S Self-Care (Exercise, Eliptical, Walk, Run, Palades) P Creativity (Productivity, Mobility, Recharge) N Nutrition (Prep, Eat, Clean-Up) C Commute (In, Out) - Multi-Tasking Family Time F Family (Connections) - Focused Family Time W Wealth, Life-Work Day (Strategy, Planning, Delivery) Average Life Span Decreasing due to opioid epidemic Average Work Span Depends on Education, Start, Stop Average Time in Role Depends on Age, Industry, Interests Average Number of Roles Depends on Age, Industry, Interests 78.6 Years 40 Years 4.6 Years 12-15 Roles ©2018 The Institute for Human and Leadership Excellence. All Rights Reserved. Sources: “100 Blocks per Day”, Tim Urban, (2016); European Heart Journal – Stand Up, Sit Less, Move More (2015); Life-Span – Work-Span – Time Distribution (2014); CDC; BLS  Time is limited – period!!  We all have the same amount of time every day  Health (Self-Care, Nutrition) and Family are the most important areas  Balance requires spending time with Family daily; use Commute time  “W” means “Wealth-Building” and “Life-Work“; traditional work  Mobility and Creativity increase Productivity; improve overall Health  Frequent Nutrition breaks are necessary to maintain high energy levels; energize; focus on vision  Asked myself: Is this the way I want to spend my time? Answer: “Yes!!”  10-Min Time Blocks are effective way to make a daily splash!! 2018 Action Plan – 10-Min Time-Blocks R R E E E P P P P P N N N C F F F F C C W W W P W W W P W W W P W W N N W W W P W W W P W W W P W W W P W W E E E N N N W W W P W W W P W W W P W W N N W W W P W W W C F F F F C C N F F N E E E R R P ENERGIZE, SHOW UP, and MAKE A SPLASH IN 2018