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Tips for Community Managers with Crystal Henrickson


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Slides from Net2Van's first Community Manager Forum event.

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Tips for Community Managers with Crystal Henrickson

  1. 1. @marketing_girl I just want to start with a story…. KID YOU’LL MOVE MOUNTAINS!
  2. 2. @marketing_girl
  3. 3. @marketing_girl I want to connect with community managers + send you #jobkarma im [at ]
  4. 4. network building
  5. 5. lead by example acknowledge everyone celebrate role models
  6. 6. embrace offline opportunities
  7. 7. be a great story teller credit: dm29
  8. 8. let go credit: chanti tacoronte-perez
  9. 9. That time the troll got under my skin.
  10. 10. Vanity stats thwarted the goals. Real conversations to the rescue.
  11. 11. When will I learn to play it cool?
  12. 12. Comic Cred: The Oatmeal “Flesh vs Flush”
  13. 13. time management + prioritization digital story telling techniques strategies to strengthen communities hosting killer offline events finding + shaping trusted users metrics that matter CM-troll combat what would you like more of?
  14. 14. If you want to chat... crystalhenrickson @marketing_girl /marketinggirl im [at]