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The Technology of Solidarity – Matt Price


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The Technology of Solidarity

As we build our digital non-profits, do we have the balance between technology and people right? Those that don't risk irrelevance of various kinds, but those that do can really pop in achieving their mission. Through stories and audience participation, we'll build a picture of what it's like to succeed in building the technology of solidarity.

Matt Price, author of Engagement Organizing: The Old Art and New Science of Winning Campaigns

- Matt has 20 years of campaign experience in North America, from the very grassroots Friends of Clayoquot Sound to the very not grassroots Natural Resources Defence Council.
- After some success and also a bunch of failures, he was inspired to research and write the book Engagement Organizing: The Old Art and New Science of Winning Campaigns, published by UBC Press
- He lives on a small acreage in the Cowichan Valley where he is the only vegetarian sheep farmer

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The Technology of Solidarity – Matt Price

  1. 1. Exercise One – 5 minutes 1. Get up and form groups of four with people you don’t know well 2. Find the most specific thing that the four of you have in common 3. The group with the most specific thing in common gets books!
  2. 2. Exercise Two – 6 minutes 1. Appoint a keen timekeeper for your group 2. Take 1 minute to choose one of you with a real-world challenge of building solidarity (eg. going online to offline) 3. The person lays out in 2 mins what the challenge is (questions of clarification ok here) 4. Each of the other three people gives 1 minute of feedback while the person listens silently 5. Person briefly summarizes what they heard and says “thank you!”