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Test, Fail, Adapt, Win: Increase Your Chances of a Successful Campaign – Shoni Field + Charly Jarrett, BC SPCA


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Shoni Field
Chief Development Officer at BC SPCA

Information maven, agile strategist, generous collaborator, and more. Shoni Field is a fundraiser and communications strategist with a passion for citizen engagement, democracy and making the world a better place.

Shoni Field has 20 years of experience in fundraising, specializing in direct response. She has fundraised for a variety of non-profits in environment, youth, health and international development. She first worked with the BC SPCA in 2010 as an independent consultant, and took on the staff position of Director, Fundraising in 2014. In January 2017, she was appointed as the BC SPCA’s Chief Development Officer.

“Everybody remembers that first important animal in their lives. And that profound connection between human and animal never diminishes. My team and I are tremendously fortunate to be able to spend each day helping our supporters do something they are passionate about: rescue and care for those animals less fortunate.”

Shoni is a graduate of Simon Fraser University. She is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, and presents at industry conferences on digital and multi-vehicle fundraising. Since 2004 she has been widely involved in citizen engagement and democratic reform.

Shoni lives in Vancouver with her husband and two sons.

Charly Jarrett
Officer Digital Giving, BC SPCA

Charly Jarrett is the Officer, Digital Giving at the BC SPCA where she's responsible for exponential growth in social media driven revenue. She has worked in nonprofit in various capacities for more than a decade, and now specializes in online giving and ecommerce.

- Lead project manager of online giving resources such as donation forms, digital marketing & advertising, crowdfunding campaigns, and any other digital giving initiatives.
- Managing National Facebook advertising campaigns coordinated with affiliates.
- Asset curation, gathering and developing stories and their assets to use in acquisition and fundraising campaigns.
- Managing BC SPCA Online store & Provincial Merchandise including creative design.

- I also continue to carry on my duties as Online Fundraising Coordinator.

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