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Technology Planning for Nonprofits – Net2van March 5 2019


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Slides from NetSquared Vancouver's March 5 event with Fully Managed.

The technology planning process can be overwhelming, especially for those without any technical background. Where do you start? What are your priorities? How do you fund them? Join us for a free workshop to learn about how nonprofits and libraries can easily start their technology plans today!

Explore how your organization can take the first steps to building your technology plan.

Hosted by @writingquirky
Presented by @net2van
Venue partner HiVE Vancouver @hivevancouver


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Technology Planning for Nonprofits – Net2van March 5 2019

  2. 2. •Key staff members who will work with any new tech solutions you adopt •One or more board members and your executive director •A major donor, key volunteer, or community
  3. 3. • What works well? What do we do well with our technology? • What aspects of our tech operations need improvement? • Are there any chronic pain points in our tech infrastructure? • Do we have any tech assets that we can stand to lose? Are there any that we want or need to replace? • Are there any tech assets that need repairing, and how feasible are those repairs? • Which assets can be improved, and what improvements or integrations would that entail?
  4. 4. • Identify gaps and issues in your current tech infrastructure using the assessment you completed. • Use a ranking system or other method to identify pain points, areas for improvements, and high points in your current tech. • Consider your operations and processes. How does your team use technology on a daily basis? What roles does technology play in your marketing and fundraising campaigns? • Review your ongoing strategic plans, like capital campaigns, other development projects, or major marketing campaigns. Your tech goals need to align with (and contribute to) the bigger picture guiding your organization. Determine your priorities for your nonprofit technology plan
  5. 5. You'll research different options and vendors later, but for now, focus on defining the scope of your needs and the specific types of technology that you'll need.
  6. 6. • Conduct a total cost of ownership, or TCO, analysis of any major investment you plan to make.
  7. 7. • Any integrations with other platforms that you want or need • Your team's need and budget for training services • Your organization's ability to configure and implement each solution • Specific or unique features that you'll want or need
  8. 8. • Whenever undertaking a major new strategy or plan, it's important to set clear deadlines and benchmarks. Implementing a new platform and integrating it into your organization's operations are a perfect example.
  9. 9. •General training services from software vendors •Free online training resources for less intensive tools •Customized training and process documentation services from a nonprofit tech consultant
  10. 10. • Technology assessments and audits. A MSP can conduct a comprehensive technology audit for your organization before you start developing a plan. • Strategy development. A MSP can review your technology and recommend immediate next steps and long-term goals for your organization. • Vendor research and recommendations. MSP’s are knowledgeable about the nonprofit tech space and can quickly point you to the most effective and scale-appropriate solutions. • Comprehensive training. For the best results down the line, have a MSP train your team on how to use any new tools you adopt as part of your strategic plan. • Custom technology services. A MSP can provide fully customized implementation, configuration, and development services. This can be invaluable for large-scale platforms that require complex integrations or in the run-up to major digital campaigns. • Most importantly, the right technology partner can guide you through the entire technology planning process. Their insights into all the offerings on the market, their technical skills, and experience working with other organizations of all sizes can ensure that your tech plan is realistic, achievable, and sustainable.
  11. 11. How Do I find a Good MSP/Partner? •They have a successful track record •Able to provide a Digital Transformation •Proactive Management and Strategy •Deliver services using fully integrated technology
  12. 12. What Those a Digital Transformation look like?