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Cryptocurrencies for Nonprofits With Kris Constable

  1. Blockchain for Non-Profits Kris Constable @cqwww
  2. What is blockchain, and why do people keep talking about it?
  3. Disintermediation (Replicated ledger eliminates enforcer of trust) Consensous mechanism Immutability (can’t be deleted/corrupted) Transparency Decentralized
  4. Accepting payments, Not cost effective or timely, currently may solve Look for options in the top 5 currencies Take cryptocurrency right now
  5. Buying cryptocurrency in one slide: Find an exchange KYC wallet
  6. Secure ● Bitcoin & Blockchain surprisingly resilient ● Exchanges being centralized are often hacked or allegedly hacked
  7. Smart Contracts Real Estate Provenance/Supply chain Eliminate fraud UN is all in (even identity/child trafficking) Exchange vital business information Eliminate middlepeople
  8. Get ready to accept any cryptocurrency Invest (1-5% seems reasonable) Mine What can your non-profit do?
  9. Learn more Upcoming training session @cqwww