IT Project Management for Nonprofits - Net Tuesday March 5 2013


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IT Project Management for Nonprofits - Net Tuesday March 5 2013

  2. 2. AGENDA Overview of™ Case study: bc211 Information Management System Implementation Project Q&A Wrap up 2
  3. 3. MISSIONMobilize the project management community to generate skilled volunteer PM services for NFP organizations 4
  4. 4. HOW?Connecting volunteer projectmanagers with not-for-profits 5
  5. 5. HISTORY November 2009: PM-V founded February 2010: 1 volunteer & 1 not-for- profit Today:  Engaged with 83 NFP organizations  73 projects completed/in progress  5100+ hours of skilled volunteer community service 6
  7. 7. PROJECT EXAMPLES Information Technology Facilities Renovation & Construction Training & Development Human Resources Event Management Social Services/Research 8
  8. 8. 9
  9. 9. WHY NFPs ENGAGE SKILLED VOLUNTEER PMS Complement employee skill set Define, initiate & plan major projects Deliver key projects on time & on budget Manage risk Build internal PM capacity 10
  10. 10. WHY PMs VOLUNTEER Meaningful engagement Being involved in sustainable projects w/ legacy benefits to the community Career Development – exploring other sectors Networking Earn professional development units (PDUs) 11
  11. 11. PROJECT CASE STUDY Shawn Hawkins VOLUNTEER PM 12
  12. 12. bc211 Information Management SystemImplementation Project 13
  13. 13. Group 1 : work on internal project teams developingsoftware.Group 2 : work in IT companies in client-facing roles(actual contact such as customer rep or account rep).
  14. 14. Group 3 : work in client companies on the receiving endof IT programs or services.Group 4 : work in project management roles and are ontop of everything. 
  15. 15. Project Summary (Hand out)Put yourself in my boots:-unfamiliar with the bc211organization-unfamiliar with the IMS software-new face
  16. 16. Project Summary Sheet useful to:- describe the project to recruit a PM- concise communication base- provide a reference point whenproject scope questions arise
  17. 17. Discussion # 1. Project Summary SheetScope of Work- Create a Strategic Plan ….stakeholder plan, scheduling, training,resource and budget requirements…- Coaching and templates…..implementationDeliverables-Written assessment current strategic plan-Project Plan including schedule, resource plan, risk analysis andimplementation…Time Commitment- Estimated 50-70 hours over 4 months 18
  18. 18. - Initial reading pretty straightforward- List of Q’s for first project discussion with XDQ. What questions would you ask the ExecutiveDirector in your first project-focused discussion?
  19. 19. What actually happened….XD took strategic plan off the tableBased on readiness questions, distinct impression 4 month timeframe was just not realistic 20
  20. 20. Q. Now what would you do?
  21. 21. What actually happened…. Review all information and re-meet 1 week Outline best guess realistic timeline, approach and deliverables Let go of strategic plan review task – focus on delivering the IMS project 22
  22. 22. Discussion # 2. Assessment Stage Organization and Environmental Factorsbc211 unionized, 30-40, divided into functional areas: Information & Referral (I&R) - largest staff & operate a specialized 24/7 call centre Reporting & Publication (R&P) maintain data and develop reports Mgr. of Operations (Finance and HR); Mgr. of Resources/IT; Mgr. of Information; referral specialists 23
  23. 23. Discussion # 2. Assessment StageMgr. of R&P most involved in development of the projectOn first day learned he would be leaving in 10 days 24
  24. 24. Q. How would you handle that situation?What would you do or not do? (5 min)
  25. 25. What actually happened….bc211 culture quite positive & individual quite conscientiousMet, shared background and history of the project including legacy systems 26
  26. 26. • Senior staff unfamiliar with formal projectmanagement• Familiar working with & around each other• Had to define my role as PM – whole scale ofpossibilities with no right or wrong• Spectrum: - central, insider, advisor
  27. 27. Discussion # 3 Project Management Role Q. What would you do? (5 min) 28
  28. 28. • Stayed towards the advisor/guide end of the spectrum• Brought in MS Project 2010• High level Project Plan with dates and tasks,accountabilities and links• Weekly in person team meetings & weekly conference calls• Prepared initial: - Risk Register - Change Management Plan (including communicationsand consultation)
  29. 29. •Met one-on-one with all leads away from dynamics ofgroup meeting• Prepared initial: - Critical Success Factors (internal and external) - T-minus timetable - Parking Lot for out-of-scope ideas• Project Completion Report (for future bc211 leaders)
  30. 30. Discussion #4 Go Live 31
  31. 31. Discussion # 4 Go Live After months of planning, decision crunch within 24 hrs. Some factors momentum oriented (programs notperfect but good enough to move forward) Some risk-avoidance Key member of team just leaving for another job XD just returned from business trip to east coast. 32
  32. 32. Discussion # 4 Go LiveQ. How would you help the team reach a go/no godecision? What would be on your checklist ofessentials that need to be in place on launch day? 33
  33. 33. What actually happened…. No burning platform or hard driver to launch XD very committed to doing it right Deciding element became training – new cohort of staff members & staff schedules Preparation work paid off Launch unusually smooth 34
  34. 34. Best Practices / Lessons1. The value of great Sponsorship should never be under-estimated2. Flexible project management wins over doctrinaire approaches hands down3. Simple does not equal easy4. Communications needs to be multi- dimensional 35
  35. 35. “When BC211 was about to take on the implementation of a new Information Management System, we knew for this initiative to be successful, we needed some professional project management skills. When I learned about pm- I was a bit skeptical.It’s really quite something to get such a commitment from a volunteer like Shawn who has years of experience and expertise to share with us.” Myrna Holman, executive Director, BC211
  36. 36. LET’S CONNECT! e. info@pm-volunteers.orgWebsite: @pmvolunteersorgLinkedIn: 38