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Net Squared Vancouver: Thriving With Your Team in Slack


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What's the Deal with Slack?
Slack is a team collaboration tool that has slowly begun to chip away at email's dominance in the workplace. With over 4 million daily active users, it's become an essential tool for thousands of organizations.

Slack's David Fay will offer an introduction to the tool for the unfamiliar, and share some tips and tricks for the converted. Come and learn about this email-killer that's changing the way we communicate at work.

About David Fay
David is an account manager at Slack. He has worked with hundreds of customers, including many nonprofits, to successfully implement Slack across their organizations. David has a strong background in enterprise software, and is always excited to find ways to make customers' lives simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

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Net Squared Vancouver: Thriving With Your Team in Slack

  1. 1. Thriving with your team in slack
  2. 2. Agenda: 1. Working in Slack 2. Using Slack with your team 3. Fostering your team culture in Slack 4. Q&A
  3. 3. Part 1: Working in Slack
  4. 4. Star important conversations Set highlight words Check your @-mentions Customize notifications Focus on what’s important
  5. 5. Star important conversations
  6. 6. Set highlight words
  7. 7. Check your @-mentions
  8. 8. Customize notifications
  9. 9. Leave channels Mute channels Snooze notifications Tidy your sidebar Turn down the volume on the rest
  10. 10. Leave channels
  11. 11. Mute noisy channels
  12. 12. Snooze notifications
  13. 13. Tidy your sidebar
  14. 14. Star messages Set a reminder Mark as unread Switch between conversations Come back to messages later
  15. 15. Star messages
  16. 16. Set a reminder
  17. 17. Set a reminder
  18. 18. Mark message as unread
  19. 19. Switch between conversations Keyboard shortcut: Cmd + K
  20. 20. What other ways do you stay focused in Slack?
  21. 21. Search with modifiers Filter results Find what you’re looking for, quickly
  22. 22. Search with modifiers
  23. 23. Find exactly what you’re looking for
  24. 24. Find exactly what you’re looking for
  25. 25. Find exactly what you’re looking for
  26. 26. Search with modifiers
  27. 27. Part 2: Using Slack with your team
  28. 28. Set up your space Organize with User Groups* Prepare for launch * Feature for paid teams
  29. 29. Set up your space
  30. 30. Organize with User Groups * Feature for paid teams
  31. 31. Once they’re on board, get them excited!
  32. 32. Run a pilot Replace a meeting Start small and get the ball rolling
  33. 33. Run a pilot Slack Fridays Slack-only projects
  34. 34. Replace your status meeting
  35. 35. Announcements-only channels Communicating in channels Get things done together Share information across your team
  36. 36. Announcements-only channels
  37. 37. Communicating in channels
  38. 38. Get things done together
  39. 39. Install apps Custom apps Bring all your information in one place
  40. 40. Easily install apps
  41. 41. Customize Slack to your needs
  42. 42. What are some workflows you’ve brought into Slack?
  43. 43. Part 3: Fostering your team culture in Slack
  44. 44. Give kudos Celebrate moments Affinity groups Build relationships in Slack
  45. 45. Give and track kudos
  46. 46. Celebrate moments with your team
  47. 47. Build relationships with your team
  48. 48. What are some of your favorite affinity groups?
  49. 49. Recap
  50. 50. What we learned: 1. Working in Slack 2. Using Slack with your team 3. Fostering your team culture in Slack
  51. 51. Q + A
  52. 52. Thanks!