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Mo Money Mo Problems | What you need to know about online donations


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My kids will never write a cheque, and in a few short years neither will the majority of your donor base. While it used to be acceptable to collect money ‘any way possible’ online, the data is telling us that donors want a donation experience that is easy to follow, on brand and connects the donor with the cause. How we accomplish these things without compromising security, CRA compliance and more is not always straightforward. This session will cover the basics of:

Compliance and Law with respect to donation processing and the CRA The 101’s of payment processing terms, security and must knows How you can get the most out of your online donation experience

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Mo Money Mo Problems | What you need to know about online donations

  1. 1. mo money. mo problems The Money, The Law, & Collecting Money Online
  2. 2. Welcome Jeff Golby @jgolby Operations Manager, Chimp Foundation
  3. 3. Online Donor Acquisition Funnel awareness education connection trust $ $$ $$$ $$$$ commit $$$$$ your favourite mistake ongoing stewardship
  4. 4. Giving by #s • • • • • User Experience by #s • • Donations via a giving portal yield 30% average smaller gifts ($80 vs. $118) Overall giving on sites that redirect to unbranded gateways is 6x lower than branded pages • Online giving growth is 14% year over last 2.1 Billion Dollars (USA) Offline shrunk by 1.5% 1 in 5 go to your site specifically to make a donation (old stat…it‟s higher now, just trust me) Cumulative 5 year value of donor acquired online is over 2.5 TIMES the same donor acquired offline Online donors are „self described‟ two times more loyal to the cause they gave to than offline. Only three things really matter here.
  5. 5. Assumptions: 1. You are absolutely convinced that donor experience matters a great great deal (even online) 2. You are absolutely convinced that this is a non negotiable. 1. The People You need to Know 2. The Terms You need to Know 3. The Questions You need to Ask 4. The Solutions you should look at
  6. 6. The people you need to know & what they want from you.
  7. 7. The Terms you Need to Know • • • • • • • • • • Payment Processor Merchant Bank Gateway Portal PCI SSL Intercharge Fees Processing Fee Chargebacks Branded Site
  9. 9. I don’t have time for your sh&*(%$!
  10. 10. Mobile Friendly Analytics Custom tax receipts Quick communication with donor Staying on site Multiple ways to „add‟ money Social Media integration Thanking Monthly Giving Donor data Donor Anonymity Campaigns / designated giving Multiple Giving Options (give string) Peer to Peer Options Transaction cost security Ongoing cost Our own website capabilities Installation cost Developer cost
  11. 11. Crawl CanadaHelps, PayPal Button Walk Chimp, Artez / Gift Tools “Basic” donation solution Run Integrated Paypal Payments Pro, Processor (full custom) Fly Blackbaud, Peer Giving, Convio OR Integrated / Full custom
  12. 12. But wait. There’s more. WHAT IS CROWDFUNDING? The collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations.
  14. 14. 5 CANDIAN PLATFORMS. Third Party Sites - FundRazr - Chimp - Giveffect Your Own Site - Peer Giving - Artez
  15. 15. FUNDRAZR. Good Free/easy to set up Mobile Social integrations Charity adaptability Widget for your own site Access to audience Bad 5% plus CC Lack of brand Not created for charities
  16. 16. CHIMP. Good Easy to use 1% plus CC Free & easy set up Tax receipts Donation widget Automated matching Access to donors (limited) Bad Lack of brand Donor information Customization
  17. 17. GIVEFFECT. Good Tax receipting and donor information Interactive with simple updates Charity focused Bad Limited branding Only charities that sign up with them can receive funds
  18. 18. OTHER TOOLS. Blackbaud - Friends Asking Friends Indiegogo Kickstarter Canada Helps
  19. 19. 1. 2. 3. Mo Money. Mo Problems. How do we summarize this beast? User Experience Matters Most. Think about what your donors want and meet them where they‟re at. Build your list: what matters to you as a charity most? What types of resources do you have and what are you willing to spend to get those results? For Example: 1. It is essential we control every element of the process v. we‟re OK with someone else issuing tax receipts 2. We have really unique donation requirements vs. We just want money. 3. We have talented developers on staff vs. One woman show. 4. We have money to invest in this vs. no money. Crawl | Walk | Run | Fly
  20. 20. Just remember kids… Tools don’t raise money. People do