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Leah Chang — E-tapestry lingo bingo worksheet


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Resources from Leah Chang's March 2020 NetSquared Vancouver workshop on Technology planning and change management.

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Leah Chang — E-tapestry lingo bingo worksheet

  1. 1.   eTapestry Lingo Bingo!    Listen to the description - then “mark off” the term it describes. First one to get 5 in a  row (correctly matching the definitions), wins!      ACCOUNT  DEDUCTIBLE  MEMBER  CONTACT  DATABASE  JOURNAL  ENTRY    SPONSOR  FUNDER  DONOR  CLOUD  SYSTEM  DEFINED FIELD  (SDF)    AFFILIATION  FREE  TRANSACTION  PLEDGE    GENERATED  RECEIPT  NUMBER      MEMBERSHIP  TYPE  GIFT  DATA FIELD  CONSTITUENT  WEBFORM  ATTRIBUTE  PERSONA  USER   DEFINED  FIELD   (UDF)  SUBSCRIBER 604.715.4354