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Jessica MacLeod – Instagram Stories


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Net2van's annual #NPtech trends meetup.
Where should nonprofits focus their attention in 2019?

Join us for a fast-paced evening of Ignite-style 5 minute mini-presentations on the trends, tools, and techniques charities should explore to create more impact.


+ Rob Cottingham @robcottingham – Trust as the killer app in the Age of Fake

+ Brady Josephson @bradyjosephson –
fundraising on third party platforms: Facebook donations; Third party processing and Donor Advised Funds (Chimp, Google, Facebook, etc.)

+ Kyle Thom, iATS Payments @iatspayments – Video and chat tools to advance your engagement cycle

+ Shoni Field @shonifield – Blurring of the lines between phone and online; Getting serious about digital lead generation

+ Jeff Harrison – AI and machine learning trends for nonprofits

+ Jessica Macleod @jess_macleod, Jelly Marketing @jellymarketing – How to effectively use Instagram Stories (how to make them more engaging, gamification with polls, etc.)

+ Matthew Pattinson, Lean Leap @mtpattinson – Uncovering Big Ideas That Matter With The Lean Canvas.

+ Daryl Hatton, Fundrazr @FundRazr – The market shift from major donations to micro-donations and from macro-projects to micro-projects

+ Ash Kumar, VanHack @AswinKumar @govanhack – Explore micro-communities in 2019. Mass social media is plateau-ing and private communities like Slack and Facebook groups are growing quickly.

+ Ashleigh Turner @sexwithashleigh – INTERACTIVE: what services/online tools you have found to simplify things

Hosted by @elivdg
Presented by @net2van
Venue partner HiVE Vancouver @hivevancouver

@iatspayments @EventChain_io @VCN_Community @techsoupcanada @NTENorg

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Jessica MacLeod – Instagram Stories

  1. 1. JESSICA MACLEOD Social Media Coordinator
  2. 2. HOW TO EFFECTIVELY USE INSTAGRAM STORIES Build your audience, generate engagement, and get results!
  3. 3. WHAT ARE INSTAGRAM STORIES? • Bite-sized photos or video clips • Posted to your followers • Expire after 24 hours • Don’t appear on your profile grid • Fun way to interact with audience
  4. 4. HOW DO I POST TO STORIES? • Open up the Instagram App • Click the ‘home’ button on the bottom left • Tap the camera icon on the top left above profile photo • Tap the circle once for photo • Hold down for video recording
  5. 5. WHAT SHOULD I POST ON STORIES? • “Behind the scenes” • Meet the team • Events • Exciting announcements • Things you don’t want on your evergreen feed but still want to share with your audience
  6. 6. USING TAGS • Location tag • Geotag where you are for greater reach • Account tag • Tag people/businesses you are with so they can share • Hashtag • Use branded hashtags for more exposure
  7. 7. ADDING STICKERS & GIFS • Add a variety of static stickers (emojis and words) • Add moving GIFs
  8. 8. TEXT & WRITING/DOODLES • Type out a caption, comment, CTA • Write out words with the pen • Draw doodles
  9. 9. QUESTIONS, POLLS, SLIDERS, COUNTDOWN • Ask your audience questions and they’ll send you answers • Slider encourages interaction • Countdown to an event • Take a poll to gain insight
  10. 10. FUN EXAMPLES • Etsy (source: Hootsuite) • AirBnB (source:
  11. 11. KEY TAKEAWAYS • Tell a story • Make it fun! • Try new things • Get creative
  12. 12. Q&A