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JANE ZHANG: Technology Planning

Born in the jungles of Southern China, Jane’s first exposure to technology was the telegraph machine, from that point on, she was hooked. Jane is currently the Executive Director of TechSoup Canada and the Director of Online Services at the Centre of Social Innovation, and her role is to help nonprofits use technology effectively and to help social innovators connect with each other and assisting them in achieving their goals.

Jane has over 20+ years of experience working in technology and building relationships between the voluntary, public, and private sectors to make technology more accessible for charity and nonprofits. Jane has also worked extensively in the IT sector, as well as the nonprofit sector; in particular she's both founded and acted in a leadership role in nonprofit organizations aimed at helping to bridge the digital divide

Now in its 3rd year, The Digital Nonprofit Conference is ready to take you to the next level of tech success in your organization. This year's line up of presenters includes experts in the tech, nonprofit and private sectors, delivering deep dive discussions on topics ranging from:
Capacity planning in the digital world
Choosing the right tech tools to suit your organization's values
Cultivating digital talent
Digital fundraising & donor engagement
Building community engagement strategies with corporate partners

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JANE ZHANG: Technology Planning

  1. 1. Embracing Technology: Tips, Tools & Best Practices for Nonprofits Digital Nonprofit Conference April 13, 2016
  2. 2. Just a bit about us …
  3. 3. We’re a small nonprofit based in Toronto and a program of the Centre for Social Innovation
  4. 4. We make technology more affordable through the Technology Donations Program Register your charity, nonprofit or library to see which products you’re eligible for:
  5. 5. How it works TechSoup Canada NonprofitMicrosoft Adobe Symantec ReadyTalk Sumac Nonprofit Nonprofit Nonprofit Nonprofit Nonprofit Nonprofit Nonprofit Nonprofit Nonprofit Nonprofit Nonprofit
  6. 6. Registration Any nonprofit, charity or library in Canada can register Registration is free Submit qualification documentations
  7. 7. Eligibility Each donor partner (Microsoft, Adobe etc.) has their own eligibility criteria Your organization type budget and mission (aka activity) determines your eligibility x * *Eligibility may change over time (e.g., Nonprofits became eligible for majority of our programs in 2013)
  8. 8. Qualification The registration, qualification & eligibility process typically takes 2-10 business days Your application & your organization's legal status as a charity, nonprofit or library has been verified Qual·i·fied As soon as you’re qualified, you can log in to your account & view your organization’s eligibility any time
  9. 9. Requesting Donations Request donations as often as you want through our online shop Each donor partner has an “allotment” order Add to cart Admin fees 4-10% of retail value $519 retail $41 TechSoup Canada 1 of 4 used
  10. 10. Why is technology important?
  11. 11. Technology Fundraising Finances Mission Programs Services Programs Services This is your nonprofit
  12. 12. Technology “Wait, technology as my foundation?”
  13. 13. You bet. Here’s how technology is helping you achieve your mission Strategy Infrastructure Back Office Data Management Communications Programs
  14. 14. laying the groundwork with good INFRASTRUCTURE
  15. 15. Computers, servers & equipment Network & internet connection Backup Security Tech policies
  16. 16. It doesn’t matter if your house is well kept when your basement is flooded
  17. 17. Ensurecomputers have anti-virus software & that it scans regularly Makesure youhave someone local you can call for tech support Computergiving you aweird message? Ask Google! Consider local backup, remote backup,or both Security starts with you!
  18. 18. [TIP] Take inventory of your tech
  19. 19. organize your BACK OFFICE
  20. 20. Email Working on documents as a team File storage and software Event & meeting scheduling Finances Project Management
  21. 21. [CASE STUDY] Brampton Caledon Community Living moved their back office to the cloud. Read the full case study here: 43 locations on one old, slow email server Documents were emailed out – risk of missing up versions Got rid of server, moved email to the cloud (Office 365 for Nonprofits) Shares files on OneDrive – everyone has the same version v2 v1
  22. 22. Cloud Suites for Office Administration • Email • Storing files • Collaborating on documents • Internal websites (intranet/wiki) • Simple external websites • Instant messaging • Video conferencing cloud-tools-for-office-administration
  23. 23. [TIP] Plan and implement in phases
  25. 25. members donors funders volunteers volunteer opportunities outcomes
  26. 26. [CASE STUDY] “When we used Access and Excel spreadsheets, it would take staff nearly a month to produce one report ... now that we have Sumac as our CRM, it takes one hour to generate a report.” - Cambridge Self Help Food Bank
  27. 27. [CASE STUDY] “Before using a CRM, we did not have one place to store all of our information … now that we use a CRM, I can look up past events and have access to key information (such as press releases, articles, contact information, etc.) in one place.” - Maytree Foundation
  28. 28. boost your COMMUNICATIONS
  29. 29. www Website Email (newsletters, solicitations, updates) Social Media Digital Storytelling Web conferencing/ online meeting
  30. 30. [CASE STUDY] Goodwill celebrated Labour Day by sharing 150 success stories on Twitter. Read more about it at: Used Twitter and a dedicated hashtag, #150jobs Shared one story per hour of someone who has found work, education or volunteer opportunities with support from Goodwill Engaged the community! Industries International. Inc,
  31. 31. Use aContent Management System such as WordPressforyour website Sign upwith CanadaHelps & put a Donate Now button onyourwebsite Use anEmail Marketing Service like MailChimp Meet online tocut travel costs Build authentic relationships online
  32. 32. algorithm-update
  33. 33. run efficient PROGRAMS
  34. 34. Program delivery Tracking program data Technology can improve Administration & logistics Communicating with partners & stakeholders Communicating with clients
  35. 35. [CASE STUDY] FurnitureBank collects donated furniture and housewares and provides them to people who have recentlytransitioned out of homelessness, women and childrenescaping abusive situations, and refugees &newcomers to Canada. Learnmore@ Manual Processing New Solution Lotsofpaperwork.High client waittimes(16 minutes) Losttimeperyear equivalentto50working weeks Able toserveanadditional 500clientsperyear! iPad+ Salesforceintake decreasedclientwait times (5minutes)
  36. 36. align your STRATEGIES
  37. 37. Do your strategic goals have accompanying technology goals? Do you have a technology budget? Are your leadership and board supportive of technology? I.T.
  38. 38. [CASE STUDY] Timeraiser’s board and staff see technology as key to achieving their mission. View their strategy and budget online at
  39. 39. Strategy Infrastructure Back Office Data Management Communications Programs
  40. 40. Next Steps 1. Do a full tech assessment 2. Check for cost savings 3. Pick 1-3 short term goals 4. Pick 1 or more long term goals 5. Document your plans
  41. 41. Take the Tech Self-Assessment
  42. 42. Make the most of your IT Budget TechSoup technology donations program Open source software Crowdsource ideas (#nptech, NTEN) Reviews/suggestions of tools for nonprofits (, TechSoup Canada, Idealware)
  43. 43. Questions?