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A look inside Ben Johnson's digital tool kit

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  2. 2. THIS PRESENTATION:How do you launch half a dozen websites, send dozens ofeblasts, direct mailings and newsletters to raise millionswithout an office* (or employees).Ben Johnson goes through his favourite tools for projectmanagement, testing, databases, email service providersto show how you can scale your work to be a digital-firstorganization.*office rented as of October 2012.
  3. 3. FIRST THINGS FIRSTWhen the Web first became available to users, it was primarily aboutretrieving information. as it evolved in the 2000s, it became known as web2.0 - a platform associated not only with consumption of information, butalso with collaboration and participation. hubspot.comYour organization: was probably born before the internet took off likely developed working habits in isolation of the internet probably isn’t making the most of the internet probably isn’t nearly as productive as it could beHow much does your org depend on the internet?
  4. 4. A BIT ABOUT BENMediocre writerColour blindCan’t drawNo musical tasteNot a people personBut I LOVE marketing.
  5. 5. LAST MONTH:1 website re-coded from Drupal to WordPress2 websites moved from crappy free WordPress site to awesome custom WordPress site3 e-commerce donation systems built for three different clients2 NPO’s entire donation history reviewed and visualized with KPIsSeveral press mentions for clients from Fort St John to Victoria4 eblasts to tens of thousands of emails1 flyer to be sent to 95,000 households1 newsletter to 13,000 people1 Christmas card for 5,500 people1 heartfelt video sent to donors via eblastEnumerate photos for web, print, etc.Multiple brochures, one sheets, business cards, transit ads, etc.Ongoing management of a half dozen websitesMore data crunching, communications work, and just plain advising 655 hours
  6. 6. It’s not where are we, it’s when are we.Our entire team is working in “real-time” for two to three hours in a day.We’re in three (sometimes four) different time zones.Combined we’re working up to 18 hours of the day.I love:The internet didn’t just make it possible to work anywhere.It made it possible to work with anyone.
  7. 7. What tools are there to help with productivity?
  8. 8. Dropbox Trello Tuex Deux+
  9. 9. DropboxIt is surprisingly social. It’s an excellent way to segregate information.Sharable links making moving data super easy.Version tracking!Mobile amazing!!!Sometimes a browser free experience is a good thing.FREE, unless you love data [photos] (mobile app too!)Dropbox has more than 50 million users.People save one billion files to Dropbox every 48 hours.Dropbox is installed on 250 million different devices.Dropbox has paying customers in 175 countries.More than half of Dropbox users are from outside the U.S.People in over two million businesses are using Dropbox.
  10. 10. TrelloVery free-form (pro and con)Mobile appThey are developing faster than I can imagine!Great for showing the team, the whole project etc..Not necessarily great for individual productivityFREE (mobile app is too!)
  11. 11. Teux DeuxVery, very simpleMobile appAllows for “five minute” tasksthat I don’t need to do todaybut I should do on “this day”or “someday”.FREE (iphone app is 2.99)Learn
  12. 12. BalsamiqVery amateur friendly.Web or desktop.Balsamiq’s two points on theirwebsite say it all.Remember, focus oncollaboration = web.Don’t get in the way of thedesigner…
  13. 13. What are your favourite web applications?
  14. 14. Google AnalyticsVisual Website OptimizerMailChimpFormstackPayPal & Stripe +WordPress
  15. 15. Google AnalyticsIs amazing.e-commerce & goal conversions ($$$)mobile % (technology in general really)events (how many downloads of x)referral traffic (where are they coming from?)advanced segments (slice and dice)visitor flow (where do they go?)reports (like a boss)
  16. 16. URL BUILDER -
  17. 17. Visual Website OptimizerIs amazing. Wysiwyg!A/B Testing. Heatmaps. Inuitive reporting.Test like the best of us without $25/moUse WordPress or Drupal plugin and it’s a snap.50% off for charities! for data without the heatmap
  18. 18. +122%improvement
  19. 19. MailChimpIs amazing. Very amateur friendly but as robust as any email marketing system.They’re productivity is also astounding (constant tweaks and improvements).Example being recent drag and drop editor.Great process:•  Someone writes it•  Another designs it•  A third codes it•  A fourth sends itMailChimp also has tinyletter for simple needs and Mandrill for transactionalemail.15% off for non-profits!Integrates with everything that integrates.
  20. 20. Vertical Response MailChimpRe: The Patriot ActAccording to the Treasury Board of Canada, the chances that information wouldbe accessed under the Patriot Act are remote. In fact, in the decade that the PatriotAct has been in effect, the federal government is not aware of any case wherepersonal information about a Canadian was accessed under the act.
  21. 21. FormstackIs amazing, but not perfect. It gets you to the precipice ofgreatness.Almost anything is a form (donation checkout, survey, contact,application…)Form analytics show you who views the form vs. whocompletes it (and where they drop off!)Their integration hub is truly amazing, and it didn’t exist twomonths ago.
  22. 22. PayPal & StripeIs amazing. Many people have learned to hate PayPal because oftheir idiotic behaviour 5-8 years ago, but Websites Payments Pro isamazing.$35/mo + fees.Easily take monthly gifts. Modify, cancel, suspend. Great fordevelopers, good for gift processors. Use Formstack for key donationdetails.*key challenge will be reconciling monthly donations (expectedversus actual)STRIPE: It’s early days but it is incredible at taking one-time gifts andpre-set monthly amounts.Both connect with Formstack very, very easily.
  23. 23. Database + webA good database is one that has a clean userinterface for processing, allows you to exporteverything, and allows for integration.Salesforce highcharts.comThe best analysis of data is not done in adesktop application. It’s done on the web!
  24. 24. Make the internet your first employee.
  25. 25. Don’t use services that don’t work well with others.
  26. 26. Use multiple mediums.
  27. 27. Smaller teams are quicker.People consistently underestimate the additional time needed by largerteams, with the forecasting errors growing larger as teams get bigger.Increasing a teams size can hamper coordination, diminish membersmotivation, and increase conflict, the researchers say. (HBR, Oct 30, 2012)
  28. 28. Paper discriminates.
  29. 29. Curiosity kills cats, not people.
  30. 30. Articulate what you can’t control, and let it go.
  31. 31. Embrace an abundance mentality.Covey coined the idea of abundance mentality or abundancemindset, a concept in which a person believes there are enoughresources and success to share with others.
  32. 32. Kaizen.AKA flywheel effect.
  33. 33. You can accomplish anything inlife provided you don’t mind whotakes credit for it. Harry S. Truman Level 5 Leadership: Leaders who are humble, but driven to do whats best for the company.
  34. 34. The End.