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How Nonprofits Can Create 10x the Content Without More Work

  1. How to Create 10x the Content Without More Work
  2. Joel Harrison 2 Social Entrepreneur, Marketing Consultant, Podcaster Instagram & Twitter: @joelmharrison
  3. You sit down at a blank screen to create an article… 3
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  7. These are 10 of the most efficient ways to create content. 7
  8. But first, let’s set some ground work. 8
  9. Some content is promotional. 9
  10. 10
  11. Some content is impactful. 11
  12. 12
  13. Ask yourself: If my nonprofit didn’t exist, would this content still work to advance the same mission? 13
  14. Method 1: Find Content You Didn’t Know You Already Created 14
  15. Content You’ve Already Created ● Emails (questions you’ve answered) ● Phone Calls (common things you say, explain, or describe) ● Annual Reports (take out pieces to be used on social media or articles) ● Training Manuals ● Speeches or Talks TASK: Take stock of all the assets you could possibly use for content 15
  16. Method 2: Start with Core Content 16
  17. 17 VIDEO Cut Into 3 Segments Pull the Audio Out for Podcast Copy 5 Quotes as Text for Emails & Tweets Write a Summary Blog Post About 1 Idea Share on Social Media Channels Transcribe for Blog Post Turn Quotes into Images Take Pictures During Recording Share in Email TASK: Decide what type of core content you could create, and then repurpose into its pieces.
  18. Method 3: Compile Content 18
  19. Compile Micro Content ● Gather up related social media posts of yours and turn it into an article. ● Gather up quotes, or facts/data you've used elsewhere and put them all into one article summarizing an issue. ● Take a few educational articles on a similar topic and combine a highlight from each into one article. ● Evolution over Time: Go back to your first first posts, images, or data and compare it to now. TASK: Write down the micro content you could compile together into something bigger? 19
  20. Method 4: Partner with Organizations 20
  21. Partner With Organizations ● Be Interviewed: Have a message or info to share, and find some podcasts or blogs that have a similar focus. (not an advertisement!) ● Ask your corporate partners to share a quote or image with you and feature them. They’ll love it, and might do the same for you. TASK: Research podcasts, events or aligned organizations that are creating content that could feature you. 21
  22. Method 5: Capture Ideas Together 22
  23. Capture Ideas Together ● Creating a lot means capturing a lot ● Having a shared place where people can offload their ideas, links, photos, and videos means YOU are not wasting your time. ● Provide instructions to keep it organized ○ Folder and Filenames: “2020-09-16 Event Name - Person’s Name” ○ Idea & Link Spreadsheet TASK: Create a folder and set of instructions for your other team members to drop their pictures and content ideas into. 23
  24. Method 6: Guest Content 24
  25. Guest Content ● Other team members - get them to document their process, event, or experience. ● Volunteers, Donors & Participants - Just Ask! Content from their voice is almost always more impactful than yours. ● Students & New Grads - Opportunity to help a nonprofit & build their portfolio/network. Look for English majors, or something related ● Having an outline for the articles or photos you’d like to use is a MUST. TASK: Create a description of the type of article you're looking to have written and start asking! 25
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  28. Method 7: Flip the Angles 28
  29. Flip the Angles ● Physically! - Take photos from weird or unusual angles. Zoom in, Zoom out, top down, bottom up. ● Point of View - Write a review of something from an organization perspective, then a note from the ED, then a quote from a participant ● Topic Framing - Positive vs. Negative / Proactive vs Reactive TASK: Find a good piece of content you've done in the past, or a good social post, and try to flip the angle. 29
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  32. 32 “The Emotional Toll of the Climate Crisis” “Avoid the Emotional Toll of the Climate Crisis”
  33. 33 “Anxious about the Climate Crisis? Use that Emotion for Action” “What to Tell Your Friend Who is Anxious About the Climate Crisis”
  34. Method 8: Curate Content 34
  35. Curate Content ● Instead of creating it, you can just find it, share it, compile it ● Particularly effective for email newsletters or e-magazines ● Always give credit, show appreciation for the work TASK: Find an image, article, or story from an organization you're closely associated with, and ask if you can share it (with credit/link). *The idea capturing can be incredibly powerful here. Try to find a program like Evernote, OneNote,, or Google Keep where you can easily clip links from webpages you find to put into a list. Avoid bookmarks! 35
  36. 36 This account has 1.9m followers - all it does is curate content.
  37. Method 9: Be Curious & Ask 37
  38. Be Curious & Ask ● You don’t have to have all the answers, but you can ask the questions ● Can be done in Stories, Posts, Polls, Surveys, Images, Emails ● Received answers? Now you have content. TASK: List off 5 questions you could ask your audience on social media, through a survey/poll, or direct email to try to elicit engagement. 38
  39. 39 Asked a poll on a story - screenshotted the results for a post later.
  40. Method 10: Reshare & Republish 40
  41. Reshare & Republish ● New followers & subscribers won’t go back and look at everything ● Reshare timeless content - educational, data driven, opinion content ● Republish and update content that is old but has new data, info, or technology to update. TASK: Go through each of your channels for the past few years note every piece that is timeless and could be shared or could be updated and republished. BONUS: For new email subscribers/donors, create a series of emails that can point them to your best, timeless content. 41
  42. People want you to make more great content! 42
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  44. Joel Harrison 44 Social Entrepreneur, Marketing Consultant, Podcaster Instagram & Twitter: @joelmharrison