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How Delivering Webinars Can Benefit Your Nonprofit's Mission – with Tonya Hyde

  1. How Delivering Webinars Can Benefit Your Mission Speakers: Tonya Hyde and Chad Leaman
  2. Who Are We? Chad Leaman @chadleaman Director of Development, Neil Squire Society 2 Tonya Hyde @madgiddy Professional Development Coordinator, Engineers and Geoscientists BC
  3. Webinars and Why to Use Them 3
  4. “A seminar or other presentation that takes place on the internet, allowing participants in different locations to see and hear the presenter, ask questions, and sometimes answer polls.
  5. Webinar Formats ▸ Live presentations or seminars ▸ Recorded seminars with a live Q&A or interactive piece ▸ Recorded seminars posted online 5
  6. Common Attributes of Webinars Accessibility Organizers, speakers, and attendees can all be in different locations. Basic Functionality Ability to view webcam of speaker and speaker’s presentation, attendees ask questions. Advanced Functionality Attendee to attendee communication, ability to share documents and attachments with attendees. 6
  7. Why Use Webinars? ▸ Expand Mailing List and Membership/Donations ▸ Raise Brand Awareness ▸ Establish Organizational Credibility ▸ Increase Social Media Traffic ▸ Train Volunteers / Ambassadors ▸ Access to a World-Wide Audience 7
  8. Planning Your Webinars 8
  9. Strategy, Strategy, Strategy! Consider your mission, your goals, and your desired outcomes. 9
  10. What is Your Organization’s Mandate? ▸ Education ▸ Outreach ▸ Volunteer Engagement ▸ Accessibility 10
  11. Case Study Work Wellness and Disability Prevention Institute Mandate ▸ Education ▸ Accessibility Goals ▸ Credibility ▸ Expand Mailing List and Membership 11
  12. Case Study Engineers and Geoscientists BC Mandate ▸ Education ▸ Volunteer Coordination Goals ▸ Credibility ▸ Member Engagement 12
  13. Platform Comparisons 13 WebinarJam Demio WebinarNinja AnyMeeting Join.Me ReadyTalk GotoWebinar Adobe Connect WebEx
  14. Practical Strategies for Planning Your Webinar 14
  15. Practical Strategies for Planning Your Webinar ▸ Decide Frequency ▸ Decide on Format ▸ Recruiting Speakers 15
  16. Give Yourself Breathing Room Schedule at least 2-3 webinars in advance If you can keep your schedule booked out well in advance, your webinar program is more likely to endure long term. 16
  17. Marketing Your Webinars ▸ Utilize your own communication channels ▹ Email, social media, website, Google Ads, word of mouth, etc. ▸ Pursue marketing opportunities with other organizations ▸ Consider accreditation possibilities 17
  18. Always Direct To Your Site This will allow you to capture all the contact details, obtain permission to contact them, and thus grow your email list in a quick and efficient manner. 18
  19. During Your Webinar: Best Practices ▸ Assume technology will give you problems ▹ Schedule a practice run ▹ Start 30 min early ▹ Have a copy of the presentation 19
  20. After Your Webinar ▸ Distribute an Exit Survey ▸ Follow-up with Attendees ▸ Post and Distribute the Recording 20
  21. 21 THANKS! Any questions?
  22. Resources ▸ Tips for Running Webinars ▹ 10 Steps for Planning a Webinar ▹ How to Use Webinars for Non-Profit Organizations ▸ Webinar Software Comparisons ▹ ▹ ▸ Professional Associations List ▹ Associations/ ▸ Webinar Trainings for Non-Profits ▹ 2018 ▹ ▹ ▹ 22