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Google+ hangouts one sheeter

  1. 1. One sheeter | Google+ Hangouts Google+ Hangouts Go beyond comments to real conversations What are Google+ Hangouts? Conversations are better face-to-face. With Google+ Hangouts, you’re able to start a multi-person video chat with up to 10 people at once and broadcast it to thousands of other people, live. Hangouts make it easy to have personal conversations that bring you closer to your fans and followers. All you needAt a Glance is a webcam and a Google+ account. You can start a Hangout from anywhere Google+ Hangouts lets you share a live in world, so while you may be in Chicago, you can meet with your biggest video chat with up to 10 people at the same fans (or extended team) in London at the click of a button. time, and broadcast it to thousands more. With just a webcam and a Google+ account, With Google+ Hangouts, you can... you can interact with friends, family, fans Broadcast and record your conversations Broadcast your Hangouts and colleagues anywhere in the world live to your friends, colleagues, fans, or the whole world, and then Hangouts features automatic focus- shifting, so the current speaker is always automatically upload the recording to your YouTube channel. You front and center can even embed a live stream of your Hangout on another site. Discuss and share presentations, YouTube Watch YouTube videos together Get everyone together for a Hangout, videos, and Google Docs, all in real time then watch a YouTube video during your shared Hangout and see during your Hangout everyone’s reaction in real time.*Innovative Hangout Uses Host a live product launch Use automatic focus-shifting Hangouts automatically changes the main Give fans face-time with an idol focus of the viewing screen to the image of the current speaker. It’s like having someone working the camera for you! Host focus groups and gather testimonials Hold a live discussion on any topicHangout Best Practices Plan ahead by listing talking points and choosing participants Spread the word with advance announcements and teasers Choose a setting with wired Internet, good lighting, and a quiet background Cadbury UK carves a chocolate Google+ Page live in a Hangout to celebrate passing 500,000 followers.
  2. 2. Share screens Need to present or give a live demonstration? With Hangouts,Getting Started with HangoutsTo get started with Google+ Hangouts, you you can easily share your screen with your audience in real time.need to create a Google+ Page. Creating a Review and collaborate on Google Docs Hangouts makes it easy toGoogle+ Page takes just a few minutes and share, discuss and collaborate on Google Docs documents andgives your brand an identity and presence onGoogle+. Once you create your page, you can spreadsheets together.*host a Hangout, and also share updates, links,photos and videos with your fans on Google+. Innovative uses for Hangouts Gather testimonials Bring together customers to share their positive experiences with your brand. You can tape the Hangout and share itTo learn more about Google+ for yourbusiness, visit on YouTube (remember to get permission from all participants) Host focus groups Conduct marketing research with Hangout-based focus groups – it’s an easy way to gather customer feedback.“I haven’t seen anything else like Hangouts in terms of crossing that barrier of really making Teach and learn Use Hangouts to teach (or learn) something new like a connection.” how to bake a pie, hold a yoga pose, or build a birdhouse. —Meghan Peters, Community Manager, Launch a product Use Hangouts as a broadcast platform to launch a new product and have the team share its thoughts with media and fans. Spotlight a VIP Introduce fans to their idols in a Hangout – they can even ask questions. Hold a discussion Post a topic you want to talk about, and host a Hangout to let people share their thoughts. Go behind the scenes Give fans an inside look at how the magic is made. Support your customers Use Hangouts to assist and advise customers face-to-face. Best Practices for Hangouts Here are some tips to help your Hangouts go as smoothly as possible. Plan ahead Sketch out talking points Though you don’t want it to appear scripted, you do want to keep the conversation going. A topic list and talking points help. Choose participants carefully If you’ll be recording your broadcast Hangout, give some thought to who you want to participate. Get the word out Announce your Hangout Promote your Hangout a week before the event to ensure that your audience knows about it in advance. Create a teaser To increase awareness and attendance, create a 15- to 30-second teaser video encouraging people to join/view the Hangout. Set up the stage Pick a location Select a quiet place with a wired Internet connection to host your Hangout. The minimum bandwidth required is 230kbps (900kbps recommended). Check lighting and sound Hangouts work best in well-lit, quiet source facing you. Practice, practice, practice Hold a few “dress rehearsals” to ensure that all the kinks are worked out before you go live with the real event. * Feature not available when broadcasting and recording your Hangout. © 2012 Google Inc. All rights reserved. Google and the Google logo are trademarks of Google Inc. All other company and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.