Corporate Community Investment: How Technology is Improving Social Impact


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Corporate Community Investment: How Technology is Improving Social Impact

With Meriko Kubota.

Corporations have a vital role to play in society as contributors to the economy and to the social well-being of their team members and communities they serve. Non-profit organizations with constrained organizational capacity lag in adoption of new technologies and may miss opportunities in utilizing technology as part of community-based programs and projects. Increasing societal expectations of corporations have supported an evolution from Corporate Social Responsibility to triple bottom lines and corporate community investment. Now, with greater movement towards the practice of shared value, there are social innovation examples globally and across Canada. This presentation will further explore opportunities to develop new models for corporate community investment to directly utilize technology for greater social impact.

Speaker Bio

Meriko Kubota (@MerikoK) works with Telus (@telus) in the Community Affairs department.

Experienced professional in managing projects, establishing strategic partnerships and business opportunities, and conducting community engagement in Vancouver and internationally. Skilled at facilitation and building relationships of value and respect with leaders and stakeholders. Innovative thinker who excels at providing solutions and delivering on metrics and targets to demonstrate ROI. Collaborative leader who encourages diversity of thought and thrives on building supportive team members.

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  • Introduction of myselfTo share how at TELUS we are using our technology to provide social benefit & how we can work together with the non-profit sector to do more
  • ROI of CSR and CI for corporationsCI is a cost centre to any companyTELUS has a robust CSR and CI team led by our VP, Jill SchnarrCI Earned Media is a new methodology for 2013 and is not an apples to apples comparisonL2R, CM Uplift and Churn reduction results are based on Q3 data
  • Cone is a research outfit that spends a lot of time in the CSR space, and they do a large Report every couple of years, the last one being 2013. 88% feel companies only share positive stories and withhold negative stories (programs that failed)
  • In Red – the way we operate is CSRThe 16% to 19% increase is on how we apply our business assets, such as technology and research, to speed solutions to social and environmental problems – This is the key area of future-focus for meeting our customers’ expectations
  • Businesses cannot be lumped into one category, however they can be compared by industryTELUS’ CI commitment is championed by our CEO and ELT numbers from disclosed cash donation in Rogers CSR report , exactly 12.4 M cash.SHAMBA is the charitable foundation behind WIND and Global Live The number is from a self reported tweet. Not super accurate, based on use of a venue and rental, where all proceeds go to the charity. No other information on WIND CI activities is available. Very basic.about 4 days ago@mikepultz SHAMBA foundation is a charity for charities. We have raised over $700,000 for many fantastic causes.Contact us Mobilicity - 100K for S’cool Life Fund – It’s a questionable wikipedia source, no reference. . It is clear that they support that charity though.
  • We Give Where We Live – local focusFocus on technology to empower youth
  • What: An initiative of Free The Children and TELUS, we partnered to create a social platform, for social good. This is a tool that allows kids to connect with like-minded individuals and make change every day of the year. They can track volunteer hours, take challenges, and earn points for scholarships and rewards.Objective: Leverage the power of technology and social media to enable and inspire youth to make change in their communities. Single most important message: Sign up for We365, take the TELUS challenge and you could have Craig Kielburger visit your school!Why: TELUS believes that in order to build stronger communities for tomorrow, we need to ensure our youth are educated and inspired to make positive change today. We want to reward these every day acts of good with the ultimate prize for young change-makers. Results:Social platform for youth to find and share inspiring community content with like-minded users and friends, all while supporting causes most important to the individualPrimary audience is 11 – 18 year oldsMobile first, website functionality to followWe365 has been certified by Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA)Officially launched at We Day Vancouver on Oct 18 Since then over 20,000 users directly engaging with TELUS brandTELUS challenge for Craig Kielburger to visit your school is the #1 most popular challenge within the app with over 2053 entries.
  • JDRFRenewed 3 year $7M since 2008New joint applied research utilizing the power of tech & EHRs60 Minutes Kids’ Club$500K commitment over 5 years from 2011 – 2015 Powered by TELUS
  • Cdn $5.4M / 438 projectsInternational $300K / 40 projectsTotal $5.7 M / 478 projects
  • Cdn $5.4M / 438 projectsInternational $300K / 40 projectsTotal $5.7 M / 478 projectsCanAssist developed 2 apps that increases the independence of youth with disabilities. These applications are designed to increase participants’ independence, confidence and effectiveness in their workplace and daily lives. Youth with disabilities including cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders and brain injuries have access to state of the art technology to help them communicate. New tablets, smart boards and voice enhancement technology have allowed these youth to communicate. Oliver heard his voice for the first time. Helping children who are hard of hearing or deaf learn how to speak and hear. Kids are helped in their transition with hearing aids and cochlear implants and parents are guided in how to support their children.
  •  #GiveWhereWeLive social media campaign successesMichelle’s Story Video link: Kevin’s Story Video Link: Our #GiveWhereWeLive campaign that invites customers and team members across the country to join us in building stronger communities was a great success. Proving to be one of TELUS’ most successful integrated social media campaigns to date,Twitter:#GiveWhereWeLive recorded over 25 million Twitter impressions and 10,000 social media mentionsThis is an increase of 1135% over 2012. Leveraging the support of our community partners, team members and influential CanadiansThe #GiveWhereWeLive message flooded the social space with our campaign hashtag trending in both Vancouver and Calgary during the weekend of TELUS Day of Giving. and online ads:Garnered amazing traction with over 61,000 site visits, 92,000 page views, 16,000 likes and 3,500 photos uploaded in the photo contest. As well, the surprise and delight videos featuring Michelle and Kevin continue to spread virally online with over 40,000 and 30,000 views respectively to date.  The online ads supporting this campaign have also done extremely well with total of over 21.3 million impressions to-date, generating approximately 26,500 direct, immediate clicks at an average click through rate of 0.12%. Video advertising is generating a substantial clickthrough rate with both media suppliers and YouTube placements. Youtube:37% of users exposed to the video ads watched at least 1/4 of the video, 19% watched at least half, 15% watched 3/4, and 12% watched the video to completion.
  • Initial ResultsOver 200,000 impressions on Facebook and Twitter 1700 hashtag mentions on twitter and Instagramas of May 7
  • Pilot of EVA showed how our core business of connecting people provided safety and security for women and their families.Increased sense of personal safety for some womenIncreased sense of being able to keep children safe (16 women; 27 children)Easier and more regular contact with victim services advocatesCapacity to have regular contact with their support network of family and friends without having to worry about the financial supportFostered sense of security Isolation fears eliminated Increased capacity to make use of online support and resources (counselling, health-care, housing, court dates, transit, etc.)Entry or re-entry into educational or job training programsIncreased mobility, particularly for those using public transit
  • Connecting First Nations Communities: Remote Patient Monitoring Video Link: Our agenda leverages technology to:Improve the flow of information across the continuum of care;Better connect patients with the best informed medical experts by leveraging Telehealth technology and remote patient monitoring for people in rural communities;Drive a shift from remediation to the prevention of disease
  • Streamline pillars to reduce applications, deliver greater social impact, & create simplified messages to customers. Moves sports & fitness into Health; integrate Arts into Education.Streamline community boards to focus only on Health & Education as this aligns with new strategy to enhance boards with health experts & will drive higher quality applications.Community Boards looking for TELUS to better support enhanced criteria for giving as well as focused social impact.Through our community boards, “TELUS is transforming healthcare & education through the power of technology.”Increase flexibility for giving up to $50K, and allow hospitals, clinics, schools & organizations focused on “transforming healthcare & education through technology” to applyReduce multi-year funding commitments to create Funds/Boards in Health & Education.Create a clear & simple why & how for CI that focuses on our true community impact: “We are building a better Canada for our youth,” and “We are transforming Health & Education through the power of technology.”
  • Corporate Community Investment: How Technology is Improving Social Impact

    1. 1. Pre-load videos Michelle’s Story Video link: To be played at Slide 12 Connecting First Nations Communities: Remote Patient Monitoring Video Link: To be played at Slide 15
    2. 2. Corporate Community Investment: How Technology is Improving Social Impact Meriko Kubota Senior Community Investment Manager Community Affairs, TELUS
    3. 3. CSR Impact on the Business 2011 2012 2013 Likelihood to Recommend 66% 72% (+6%) 72% Cause Marketing Sales Uplift 35% 50% 39% Acts Responsibly in Society Makes a difference in my community 46.5% 39.9% 50.5% (+4%) 44.4% (+4.5%) 60.1% (+9.6%) 45.5% (+1.1%) Influences my decision to stay 17% 35% (+18%) 51% (+16%) DJSI score 86% 90% 100% 2
    4. 4. TELUS Community Investment Team November 29, 2012 Consumer Trends • A growing sense that corporations are uniquely positioned to make real impacts on social issues • 91% want to hear what companies are doing…but…70% are confused by the messages we are using • 91% are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause, given comparable price and quality • 31% believe businesses should change the way they operate to align with greater social and environmental needs • 38% chose economic development as the best place to create change, 19% chose environment, 11% human rights, poverty and hunger
    5. 5. TELUS Community Investment Team November 29, 2012 Consumer Trends • A growing sense that corporations are uniquely positioned to make real impacts on social issues • 91% want to hear what companies are doing…but…70% are confused by the messages we are using • 91% are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause, given comparable price and quality • 31% believe businesses should change the way they operate to align with greater social and environmental needs • 38% chose economic development as the best place to create change, 19% chose environment, 11% human rights, poverty and hunger
    6. 6. Giving by Our Peers 5 $17 M $16 M $10 M
    7. 7. TELUS giving in 2013 and since 2000 6 $46 M $350 M Contribution by TELUS & our team members to charities since 2000 2013 Contribution
    8. 8. Community Investment Strategy 7 Community Grants / Boards Community & Cause Marketing Charitable Partnerships Employee & Retiree Giving & Volunteering Programs Humanitarian Relief Youth Giving Programs Technology Youth We give where we live to help drive better social outcomes in our local communities across Canada. Sport & EducationHealth & Wellbeing in the Environment Arts & Culture
    9. 9. We365 – A Social Platform for Social Good 8 Over 25,000 youth signed up in the first month of launch!
    10. 10. Partnerships for Health 9 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation 60 Minutes Kids’ Club $7M since 2008 Applied research utilizing technology & Electronic Health Records Join us on Sun June 8th! $500K from 2011-2015 Helping K-Gr6 make healthy choices every day
    11. 11. TELUS Community Boards 10 Victoria $350K Vancouver$800K *Calgary $600K* Edmonton $500K Toronto $700K Ottawa $400K Montreal $600K Rimouski $250K Atlantic Canada $500K Quebec City $350K Okanagan$300K Nini Baird Mel Cooper Nancy Greene Raine Ken King Doug Goss Rod Phillips Jim Orban (Acting) Claude Benoit Camille Leblanc Marc Coulombe General Rick Hillier Roberto Gutierrez Guatemala $100K Carlos Quintanilla Schmidt El Salvador $100K Rosanna Tuason-Fores Philippines $100K
    12. 12. 11 2013 Community Board Achievements Victoria CanAssist $20K through the University of Victoria Developed 2 Apps to increase independence for youth with disabilities Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre $50K over three years Technology allows youth with disabilities to communicate Children’s Hearing & Speech Centre of BC $105K over 7 years Helping deaf children how to hear, speak and sing!
    13. 13. 12 2013 Humanitarian Relief Southern Alberta flooding $2M in support, free calling, disaster recovery, comfort kits, volunteer support, relief concert Train disaster at Lac- Megantic, Quebec Free texting & calling, Red Cross, text to donate, comfort kits, emergency fibre optic network Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines Free LD calling, Red Cross, text 2 donate, comfort kits, food delivery, free TV, $100K contribution from Philippines Comm Board
    14. 14. Give Where We Live Campaign How would you #Givewherewelive?  Widespread celebrity support  Over 40 million Twitter impressions!  Viral video success: Michelle 13
    15. 15. BC Women’s Hospital Campaign 14 As part of our increased focus on improving the health outcomes for all Canadians, we have entered into a 5 year, $600,000 partnership with BC Women’s Hospital, specifically to upgrade equipment in the New Born ICU  For each image posted, TELUS will give $10 to BC women’s in support of the New Born ICU.  Customers can also donate $10 by texting GIVEHOPE to 41010, the charge will appear on their cell phone bill.
    16. 16. SOS Response App Pilot 15  Partnership with Securiguard and EVA to increase the safety of women at high risk of domestic violence  Provision of 20 smart phones and the SOS Response App in 6 BC communities (Prince George, Vernon, Courtney, Surrey, Terrace and Abbotsford) Outcomes  Increased safety for the women  Increased ability to keep children safe  Regular contact with victim services advocates  Regular contact with support network  Use of online resources (transit, healthcare, etc.)  Entry or re-entry into education or job training “The cell phone makes me feel safer.”
    17. 17. TELUS Health Tackling our healthcare challenges 16 TELUS is leveraging our world-class innovation to empower healthcare improvement and has invested more than $1B to bring healthcare information technology to market. Our healthcare agenda:  Improve the flow of information through digital health records  Leverage Telehealth and remote patient monitoring to better connect patients  Drive a shift from the remediation to prevention of disease Turning information into better health outcomes for Canadians
    18. 18. Thank you
    19. 19. Op Excellence: 2014 Strategic Evolution 19 Technology Youth We give where we live to help build a better Canada through the power of technology & innovation. EducationHealth We are helping to transform healthcare through the power of technology; & we promote a healthier environment, where we inspire & celebrate love & care for animals and their habitats. We are transforming education through the power of technology, and enabling greater access to the internet. TELUS Education Fund $50MTELUS Health Fund $100M TELUS Critter Love Fund $5M Give Where We Live $50M $200 million commitment to 2018