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The Engagement Pyramid: Keeping supporters engaged for the long haul


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With Reilly Yeo and Vojtech Sedlak of

Many organizations know how to get supporters in the door. But what do you do in order to keep them engaged, and make sure their actions lead to change? In this peer-learning session, we’ll contribute stories about how OpenMedia has effectively fought online surveillance and Internet censorship by going beyond petitions, bringing in other online and offline tactics to deepen supporters’ engagement. We’ll show you how we track engagement, our work to bridge supporters from one issue to another, and also share some of our ongoing challenges and pitfalls. Bring stories and questions and be prepared to share!

Speaker Bios

Reilly Yeo (@Reillyreads) is the Managing Director of OpenMedia (@openmedia_ca), an award-winning organization that safeguards the possibilities of the open Internet by activating an email list of over 600,000 supporters. Reilly’s experience in the social change sector includes work with Amnesty International, The Walrus magazine, Rights & Democracy, the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the SFU Centre for Dialogue. Currently, she also works as a facilitator with Groundswell, a youth-led project to transform the economy.

Reilly Yeo for Net2van

Vojtech Sedlak (@vojtechsedlak) is the Data Intelligence Coordinator at Originally from the Czech Republic and now settling on the West Coast, Vojtech has pursued educational, as well as professional experiences in the areas of digital anthropology, political economy of new media and data management.

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The Engagement Pyramid: Keeping supporters engaged for the long haul

  1. 1. Build relationships, not lists The Engagement Pyramid Reilly Yeo and Vojtech Sedlak,
  2. 2. observing endorsing   following owning leading contributing credit: groundwire
  3. 3. Engagement Level 1: “Observing” (bottom of the engagement pyramid) Level One Inspire initial and repeat contact with the organization. Awareness is the major factor Actions: visiting an organization’s website, attending an event
  4. 4. Level Two Earn enough trust to secure endorsement of the work. Trust and time are major factors. Actions: petition signing, sharing.
  5. 5. Level Three Deepen commitment to the mission and the work. Time, money & insight are the major factors. Actions include donating, & contributing input to crowdsourced policies or submissions.
  6. 6. inserting citizen voices into elite processes
  7. 7. ...then we built a drag-and-drop crowdsourcing tool
  8. 8. Develop potential to lead others in the campaign. Engaging others & deep understanding of campaign are key factors. Actions: become share leaders, write letters to the editor, join an “under-the-hood” townhall Level Four
  9. 9. empowering leadership “focusing their energy on leading others in the work”
  10. 10. Foster ownership of OpenMedia’s work and mission. Organizational, not campaign-specific, commitment is the key factor. Actions: join our Digital Action Teams, volunteer in person, become a monthly donor (Ally) Level Five
  11. 11. Tracking is your friend
  12. 12. Endorsing: 299,957 Contributing: 42,757 Leading: 12,022 Owning: 2,943 As of May 8th, 2014:
  13. 13. Simple lessons 1. Define your core ●  list growth vs. list movement o  20% vs. 50% ●  strengthening your “core” pays off ●  move people up o  Survey takers versus survey leaders o  (especially if they’re on more than one side)
  14. 14. Four Directional Movement 2. Let people leave the pyramid
  15. 15. Iterate 3. Focus on what you can accomplish in the short-term and continue to build It’s not a pyramid, it’s a journey
  16. 16. what might your engagement pyramid/cone/mountain/sphere look like?