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Ihop–kc overview book

  2. 2. Who We Are Combining 24/7 Prayers for Justice with 24/7 Works of Justice Endorsements On May 7, 1999, the International House of Prayer before God to combine 24/7 prayers for justice with Our greatest effectiveness in reaching millions will God has allowed YWAM to enjoy the benefits of the Missions Base (IHOP–KC) was founded by Mike 24/7 works of justice until the Lord returns. Outreach be seen only as our work is bathed in prayer. Prayer prayers of IHOP–KC. As a result, we have seen more Bickle and 20 full-time “intercessory missionaries,” has always been a vital part of our mission. However, ministries like Mike Bickle’s in Kansas City are accomplished for the kingdom of God than we could who cried out to God in prayer with worship for 13 at that time, we set our heart to significantly increase important for the completion of the great harvest. ever do without their prayer backing. Thank you for —Bill Bright, Campus Crusade for Christ your faithfulness. hours each day. Four months later, on September 19, our outreach and ministry to others outside our —Loren Cunningham, Youth With A Mission 1999, our prayer and worship expanded to the full missions base. Thus, we are launching many new We are grateful for our partnership with IHOP–KC, 24/7 schedule. IHOP–KC is an evangelical missions outreach ministries that will continue 24/7 alongside knowing that 24/7 prayer is essential to see the full The Church today needs to be mobilized with organization that is committed to praying for the our 24/7 prayer with worship. release of God’s purpose. I salute and honor the continual prayer to release the harvest in the nations. release of the fullness of God’s power and purpose IHOP–KC leadership team. Mike Bickle’s reliable ministry in Kansas City is as we actively win the lost, heal the sick, feed the Our new IHOP–KC ministries and outreaches include —Coach Bill McCartney, Promise Keepers helping to answer a great need in this hour. We need poor, make disciples, and impact the seven spheres increasing our current inner city outreach with a the glow and the glory that comes from the ministry of society (family, education, government, economy, mobile food truck and on-site food distribution, As I travel, I see the enormous influence of my that goes on there. arts, media, and religion). Our vision is to work in discipleship programs, a health clinic, provision of IHOP–KC family. What you are doing is tremendously —Jack W. Hayford, The Church on the Way relationship with the larger Body of Christ to serve food and clothing for our children’s outreaches, big important. Your obedience to Jesus is contributing the Great Commission, as we seek to walk out the two brother and big sister programs, and an adopt-a- to the transformation of the international Body of As a lifelong missiologist, I cannot help but think that great commandments to love God and people. block program. Our other new outreaches include Christ. I am deeply grateful to you all. the landscape of humanity will drastically change Crisis Response International that provides disaster —John Dawson, Youth With A Mission when the Body of Christ actually becomes a house of We refer to our full-time IHOP–KC staff as relief, Orphan Justice Center to serve orphans and prayer. Mike Bickle has risked it all to convince us of The intercessory worship at the prayer room in this fact. I heartily recommend this amazing work! “intercessory missionaries.” They raise their own children at risk, Hannah’s Dream adoption agency, Kansas City is making a difference. I am convinced —C. Peter Wagner, Wagner Leadership Institute support to work as full-time missionaries who reach Exodus Cry helping victims of human trafficking, that 24/7 prayer and worship is critical to the success out to others from a lifestyle of prayer and worship. and our Women’s Life Center that will provide homes of the missions movement. We are grateful for our Many pastors in the Kansas City area are grateful Today, about 1,500 believers (staff, students, and and restoration programs for victims of human partnership with IHOP–KC. to God for raising up IHOP–KC in our city. The interns) serve full-time, investing fifty hours per week trafficking and domestic violence, and prostitutes —Dick Eastman, Every Home for Christ knowledge that hundreds of intercessors are crying as they go from the prayer room to the classroom and who respond to the gospel, as well as a crisis out night and day with fasting for revival in our city then to ministry outreaches and works of service. pregnancy center and birth mother homes to help I have been impressed by the enormous generosity strengthens our hearts in the battle. We thank Mike Also, as those who are committed to the forerunner women who refuse abortion and choose life. of Mike Bickle’s ministry in giving to those who take Bickle and the IHOP–KC leaders and stand with them, message, we are preparing ourselves to prepare others the gospel to the unreached. I highly commend their knowing that their labors are resulting in spiritual for the unique dynamics of the generation in which We are best equipped to reach out to others sacrificial outpourings of love for untold millions. blessing and unity in the Church in our city. the Lord returns. when our lives are rooted in prayer that focuses I wholeheartedly endorse the work of IHOP–KC to —Howard Cordell, Midwest Ministers Fellowship on intimacy with God and intercession for a advance the kingdom. (Network of over 200 ministries in the Kansas City area) On September 19, 2009, while celebrating our ten-year breakthrough of the fullness of God’s power and —Ralph Mahoney, World MAP Missions Network anniversary together, we made a sober commitment purpose for this generation. These are excerpts from longer endorsements, which are available at IHOP.org/endorsements
  3. 3. r th ta TH RY fi al e re 1000 BC PR he AD 1999 TO mu E t S AY HI st on be k e p t b u r n i ng E RM U GH OVE M E N T T H RO AD 400 AD 1973 AD 558 AD 1727 ALEXANDER AKIMETES COUNT ZINZENDORF PRAYER MOUNTAIN INTERNATIONAL HOUSE OF THE TABERNACLE OF DAVID AND THE SLEEPLESS ONES COMGALL AND BANGOR AND THE MORAVIANS SOUTH KOREA PRAYER OF KANSAS CITY King David erected a tent on Mount In Constantinople, Alexander At Bangor, Ireland, Comgall instituted Many trace the modern Protestant In 1973, David Yonggi Cho established On September 19, 1999, we began Zion when He returned the ark of established laus perennis, or perpetual a monastic rule of incessant prayer movement back to Count Zinzendorf Prayer Mountain with day and our own prayer and worship meeting the covenant to Jerusalem (1 Chr. praise, with about 350 monks. His and fasting. By the time Comgall died and the Moravians. This community night prayer, in Seoul, South Korea, that has continued twenty-four 15:1). Within this tabernacle he aim was to fulfill Paul’s exhortation in 602, the annals report that 3,000 was committed to see that “the fire attracting over a million visitors a hours a day, seven days a week. We instituted a new order of worship. in 1 Thessalonians 5:17 to pray monks joined him in crying out to must be kept burning on the altar year. This prayer ministry resulted function as a missions base with David appointed over 4,000 full-time without ceasing as the foundation God in this way. Bangor Mor, “the continuously; it must not go out” in hundreds of thousands coming to around 1,500 people involved full- singers and musicians to minister to of bringing the gospel to the lost and great Bangor,” became the greatest (Lev. 6:13). This prayer meeting was Jesus, a multitude of physical healings, time (staff, students, and interns), the Lord day and night (1 Chr. 9:33; feeding the poor. This became the monastic school of their day and to continue uninterrupted for the and dramatic spiritual breakthroughs. who are committed, by the grace of 16:37; 23:5; 25:6–7). This continued for founding monastery of the order of proclaimed the gospel throughout next 100 years, and is seen by many Cho’s church became the largest God, to combining 24/7 prayers for 33 years, throughout the reign of King the Acoemetae (literally, “the sleepless Europe. It was also one of the three as the foundation of their worldwide congregation in the world with well justice with 24/7 works of justice until David, and under other leaders such ones”). The houses were divided into leading lights of Celtic Christianity, missions movement. over half a million people. the Lord returns. Encountering Jesus as Solomon, Jehoshaphat, Hezekiah, six choirs rotating throughout the the others being Iona and Bangor-on- equips us to minister to others in the Josiah, Ezra, and Nehemiah day, each new choir relieving the one Dee in Britain. power of the Holy Spirit and to serve (2 Chr. 8:14; 20:19–28; 23:16–18; before, continuing uninterrupted 24 the Great Commission. 29:25–27; 35:3–15; Ezra 3:10–11; hours a day. Neh. 12:24, 45–47).
  4. 4. Visitors The IHOP–KC Missions Base provides a focused environment for all who wish to set aside time to encounter God. Over 40,000 people visit the IHOP–KC Partners have a spiritual inheritance with us in every life that is impacted by the ministry and outreach of IHOP–KC. Our missions base is sustained by Partners Missions Base each year, some to receive refreshing the giving of those whose hearts have been stirred and renewal, spiritual breakthrough, and prayer for by the Lord and the desire to sow into the prayer physical healing in the 24/7 prayer room, and others to movement, works of justice, and outreach. Partners attend a conference or specific training event. may not live in the Kansas City area, but they are an integral part of the missions base through their ongoing financial commitment. partners@ihop.org | IHOP.org/give
  5. 5. Students International House of Prayer University is a full-time Bible school which exists to equip this generation in the knowledge of God and the power of the Spirit for the bold proclamation of the Lord Jesus and His saving power. Our students engage in rigorous Bible training and ministry outreaches in the power of the Holy Spirit, in the context of a thriving missions base fueled by 24/7 prayer with worship. As a result, theological education obtained in the classroom is connected to intimacy with Jesus and practical service and outreach. ihopu@ihop.org | IHOP.org/ihopu Our internships aim to see this generation filled with the Word of God, fervent in worship, fiery in intercession, and committed to outreach and service in the power of the Holy Spirit. Interns come to spend a focused season of their lives worshiping Jesus, studying the Word, engaging in works of justice, and interceding for the release University of the Lord’s kingdom purposes. Interns have the opportunity to form lifelong friendships. They You were made to know God come to see Jesus as Bridegroom, King, and Judge. Afterwards, if they so desire, they may join staff upon successful completion of an internship. Interns internships@ihop.org |IHOP.org/internships
  6. 6. Staff The prayer room is the heartbeat and foundation of all ministry, evangelism, works of justice, and Intercessory missionaries keep training at the missions base. It is staffed by full- the fire on the altar burning and part-time singers, musicians, intercessors, “God does nothing but by prayer, and everything with it.” —John Wesley (Lev. 6:13) and worship leaders. Our staff members come from all walks of life to give their lives to God day and night in prayer, ministry to others in the power of the Holy Spirit, and outreach to the lost.
  7. 7. EVENTS PARTNERS 40,000 1,600 visitors/yr. WELCOME TO THE O ISSpIayeNS INTERNATIONAL M g 24/7 r rs fo BAjustice STUDENTS MINISTRIES THE 1,000 Equipping in r HOUSE OF PRAYER mbin SE co MISSIONS BASE OF KANSAS CITY wi ic e INTERNS OUTREACH th st 24 IG At the center of our missions base is the 24/7 prayer room, 500/yr. /7 w ju 25 departments o r k s of H T & DA N Y staffed by full-time intercessory missionaries who are motivated by passion for Jesus and compassion for people. STAFF RESOURCES 1,000 Teaching and Daniel Lim Allen Hood Mike Bickle music CEO, IHOP–KC President, IHOPU Founder, IHOP–KC
  8. 8. Night & Day Prayer Central to the work of the missions base is our 24/7 prayer room, inspired by David’s tabernacle, where 4,000 singers and 288 musicians were employed as 24/7 prayer with worship—seeking intimacy with God and crying out for justice their full-time occupation to minister to the Lord and serve the community (1 Chr. 23:5; 25:7). The 24/7 schedule is divided into 12, two-hour prayer with worship meetings a day. Scripture teaches that night and day prayer is crucial to release the fullness of God’s power and purpose (Lk. 18:7–8; Isa. 62:6–7). We are offering Jesus unceasing adoration, while contending for justice and the power of the Holy Spirit to be manifest, bringing forth transformation in the seven spheres of society.
  9. 9. Ministries Children’s Equipping Center Training children, parents, and leaders through camps, clinics, conferences, and family prayer meetings, and onething A conference ministry with powerful times of worship and bold teaching from the Word, both in the U.S. and The Sacred Charge Rallying young adults to the seven commitments of a forerunner to pray daily, fast weekly, speak boldly, We are committed to imparting the values of equipping them to walk in wholehearted devotion to other nations. Equipping young adults as forerunners do justly, give extravagantly, live holy, and lead others intimacy with Jesus, 24/7 prayer with worship, Jesus, and in the power of the Holy Spirit. and encouraging them to live wholeheartedly for God, diligently in prayer and study of the Word. operating in the power of the Holy Spirit, and cec@ihop.org | IHOP.org/cec encounter the power of the Holy Spirit, reach the lost, sacredcharge@ihop.org | sacredcharge.com reaching this generation with the love of Jesus. serve the poor, and heal the sick. We serve the kingdom of God through biblical IHOP—KC Commission onething@ihop.org | IHOP.org/onething Joseph Company teaching and training thousands, in order to see Short-term training to equip people to be involved Training believers in the marketplace to win people to powerful transformation in the marketplace, in their prayer ministry back home, or for anyone Student Ministries Jesus, change lives, and transform the marketplace by neighborhoods, schools, churches, and who simply desires a focused season of spiritual Serving the Body of Christ by calling teenagers to a releasing God’s power, presence, and wisdom to many. communities in society. impartation and encountering God. Training centers lifestyle of obedience to Jesus as they grow in love and josephcompany@ihop.org | IHOP.org/joco on a lifestyle of prayer, ministering to others in the holiness. Providing opportunities to function in the power of the Holy Spirit, the forerunner calling, power of the Holy Spirit, get involved in outreach, and African American Forerunner Alliance intimacy with Jesus, and compassion for people. do works of justice. Recognizing God’s call on the black community to Internationals welcome. studentministries@ihop.org provide a significant leadership role in the prayer commission@ihop.org | IHOP.org/commission IHOP.org/studentministries and worship movement; hosting prayer meetings, relationship-building forums, and training events. Luke18 Project The Israel Mandate aafa@ihop.org | IHOP.org/aafa Equipping college students to establish prayer Teaching and mobilizing intercessors in the Body of furnaces on all 2,600 college campuses in America. Christ worldwide to pray for God’s purposes in Israel, info@luke18.com | IHOP.org/luke18 and partnering with Messianic Jews for the salvation of the Jewish people. israelmandate@ihop.org | IHOP.org/israelmandate
  10. 10. e with 24/7 W Ju stic or k r so fo f r s Ju ye st Pra ice ining 24/7 Works of Justice, Hope City Inner city prayer meetings, evangelism in the power Orphan Justice Center Caring for orphaned children and undocumented Missions, and of the Holy Spirit, restoring lives and making disciples, refugee minors in a community based on 24/7 prayer Bound4Life KC b compassion ministry, and a community kitchen. with worship. Mobilizing prayer to effect the ending of abortion, Com Outreach hopecity@ihop.org | IHOP.org/hopecity an increase in adoptions, and the reformation of Exodus Cry government and society through spiritual awakening. Forerunner Evangelism Standing in prayer and fasting against injustice to info@bound4lifekc.com | bound4lifekc.com As a missions base founded on 24/7 prayer Reaching the lost through daily, evangelistic see the demise of human trafficking and modern- with worship, we desire to engage in outreach outreaches and various large-scale, annual outreaches. day slavery, bringing widespread awareness, and Hannah’s Dream & Zoe Foundation as an outflow of prayer and intimacy with the evangelism@ihop.org restoring the lives of victims caught in the web of Promoting adoption as a positive alternative Lord, and to minister to others in the power IHOP.org/forerunnerevangelism the sex industry. to abortion in America, and providing positive, of the Holy Spirit. By the grace of God, we are info@exoduscry.com | exoduscry.com adoption services at a fraction of the usual cost. committed to combining 24/7 prayers for justice Healing Rooms hannahsdream.com | thezoefoundation.com with 24/7 works of justice, and are involved in Providing focused, personal prayer for those who need Crisis Response International many evangelistic and inner-city outreaches, physical healing; praying for 15,000 people each year Training and mobilizing volunteer mercy missionaries Women’s Life Center multiple justice initiatives, training missionaries, in our healing rooms. to respond to disasters in the United States and other Seeking to provide homes and restoration programs for and encouraging others as they plant churches healing@ihop.org | IHOP.org/healingministry nations; providing resources, comfort, and relief in victims of human trafficking and domestic violence, and houses of prayer. the name of Jesus, as we minister in the power of the and prostitutes who respond to the gospel, as well as Prophetic Ministry Holy Spirit. a crisis pregnancy center and birth mother homes to Jesus promised to release compassionate works Training members of the IHOP–KC prophecy teams office@criout.com | criout.com help women who refuse abortion and choose life. of justice in the midst of those who cry out for to speak prophetic words of encouragement and them day and night. He said, “Shall not God edification to 20,000 people each year. bring about justice for His elect, who cry to Him prophecyrooms@ihop.org day and night?” (Lk. 18:7). Our missions work is IHOP.org/propheticministry far more effective in reaching people when it is connected to fervent, continual prayer.
  11. 11. Events Each year we host a number of conferences, summits, and camps with varied focuses and for different groups within the Church—ministry leaders, You can stay connected to the vision, values, and message of the IHOP–KC Missions Base through a variety of means. Through our website, IHOP.org, Resources children, business leaders, intercessors, teens, and you can watch a live webstream of the 24/7 prayer young adults. The purpose of these gatherings is to room, join our weekend services, download classes encounter Jesus, and to receive training in the Word from the university, and buy books, teachings, music, and impartation from the Spirit. Regardless of the and other resources to help you grow as a servant topic, at every event we host, you will be sure to find and lover of God. a strong emphasis on experiencing the presence of God through worship, teaching the Word of God with boldness, praying for the sick, and fellowshipping with MIKEBICKLE.org friends and fellow believers. The Mike Bickle Library at MikeBickle.org provides hundreds of free resources from Mike’s teaching over 25 years. Download digital teachings from an online library, available in video and audio formats, complete with study notes and transcriptions of the messages. From teachings like The Bride of Christ, The Life of David, and The Song of Songs, to series like The Book of Revelation, and The First Commandment, and much more, everything is free.
  12. 12. Across the globe, men and women of God are longing for a new expression of Christianity— one that will only arise through NIGHT AND DAY PRAYER AND WORSHIP.