Mindful Eating for Mere Mortals


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Being in control of How we eat is a super habit, that can save us a lot of extra pounds, and help us stay focused during periods of Stress. Mindful Eating, although it might helpful to some, may not be the easiest start for most of us. Find out an easier way to start taking control of How you eat.

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Mindful Eating for Mere Mortals

  1. Mindful Eating For Mere Mortals By Elie Noune Stanford UniversityMonday, December 10, 12
  2. We live in a Stressful WorldMonday, December 10, 12
  3. Whereeverything moves FastMonday, December 10, 12
  4. and we barely have time to EAT...Monday, December 10, 12
  5. FOOD, is one of our most important sources of PleasureMonday, December 10, 12
  6. But when it Comes to Eating our Food...Monday, December 10, 12
  7. We’re often distracted with something elseMonday, December 10, 12
  8. We chew and swallow fastMonday, December 10, 12
  9. And we end up eating MoreMonday, December 10, 12
  10. and More...Monday, December 10, 12
  11. We call this... Mindless EatingMonday, December 10, 12
  12. According to the CDC More than 34% of US adults are obeseMonday, December 10, 12
  13. Choosing what food to eat is very importantMonday, December 10, 12
  14. controlling How we eat it is also equally importantMonday, December 10, 12
  15. The Question is...Monday, December 10, 12
  16. How do we get Stressed People like Stanford Students to watch HOW they eat in Dining Halls?Monday, December 10, 12
  17. Hi, I’m ElieMonday, December 10, 12
  18. I’m a student at StanfordMonday, December 10, 12
  19. and I wanted to answer this questionMonday, December 10, 12
  20. That was when I heard about Mindful EatingMonday, December 10, 12
  21. What is Mindful Eating? Mindful Eating is a practice that promotesfull awareness of food during its consumptionMonday, December 10, 12
  22. It is an application of Mindfulness, a buddhist philosophy emphasizing the importance of Being in the momentMonday, December 10, 12
  23. What Does a Mindful Eater Do?Monday, December 10, 12
  24. Experts who teach Mindful Eating focus on Identifying Tastes, Observing Colors, Smelling Aromas, Noticing Textures...Monday, December 10, 12
  25. It may work for the Monks...Monday, December 10, 12
  26. But maybe not for these guys...Monday, December 10, 12
  27. So I tried to define a practical framework for Mindful EatingMonday, December 10, 12
  28. Introducing The 3 p’s of Mindful EatingMonday, December 10, 12
  29. I based my experiments on Presence Pace Portion Here are the Results...Monday, December 10, 12
  30. Staying focused on the food PresenceBarriers: Laptop, Cell-phone, Conversations, TV, BookMonday, December 10, 12
  31. Insight: Students are not motivated to stop checking their cell phones Presence “I feel guilty when I take a break from my email when I have a lot to do...” Jack.Monday, December 10, 12
  32. Insight: Students want to have conversations Presence“Eating is a social activity, I enjoy food better with my friends!” Allie.Monday, December 10, 12
  33. Eating at a slower pace Pace by taking smaller bites, chewing more, chewing slower or pausingMonday, December 10, 12
  34. What few people realize, is that counting your chews will make you chew more Pace chewing more I know this because students have said thatfocusing on counting has increased their chewsMonday, December 10, 12
  35. Another thing few people realize is that a metronome can be used to regulate the chewing pace Pace chewing slowerStudents have experienced up to 25% reductionin pace by using a metronome for 25 minutesMonday, December 10, 12
  36. Insight: It’s easy to sync chewing to auditory beat Pace chewing slower Insight: Students won’t use a metronome on their own, they said it’s annoying and socially awkwardMonday, December 10, 12
  37. PortionKnowing when you’re full, and not exceeding your limitMonday, December 10, 12
  38. Portion Thought: A bite counter would be useful to track the average number of bites per mealMonday, December 10, 12
  39. The 3 p’s Presence Pace Portion Were difficult to achieveMonday, December 10, 12
  40. WHY?Because most of the behaviors in question are new to the usersMonday, December 10, 12
  41. WHY?Because most of the behaviors in question are new to the users example: Count chews as you eat example: Put fork down every 10 bites example: Listen to Music/Metronome while you eatMonday, December 10, 12
  42. I realized that Getting Stanford Students to Eat Mindfully is completely different from trying to reduce their Mindless EatingMonday, December 10, 12
  43. It’s like trying to get a hyperactive person to Meditate When they can’t even sit for more than 5 minutes on a chair!Monday, December 10, 12
  44. But Fear not, testing leads to learningMonday, December 10, 12
  45. Introducing Mindful self-indulgence for Mere MortalsMonday, December 10, 12
  46. It’s all about controlling Behaviors you’re already doingMonday, December 10, 12
  47. Here are 3 tiny steps to start withMonday, December 10, 12
  48. Hard to Stop looking at your phone? 1 -Schedule distractions!Monday, December 10, 12
  49. 1 -Schedule distractions! “Every 20 bites, I AM going to check my phone”Monday, December 10, 12
  50. Anticipate the self-indulgence, choose quality over quantity 2 -CHoose your victimMonday, December 10, 12
  51. When you start feeling full, Pick 1 high satisfaction food 2 -CHoose your victim “I think I’m almost full. I will only eat of that Chocolate Cake”Monday, December 10, 12
  52. Track and Put an Upper bound on Excesses 3 -Limit the excessMonday, December 10, 12
  53. 3 -Limit the excess “I’m only going to eat 10 bites of that Chocolate Cake”Monday, December 10, 12
  54. Awareness and trackingof undesirable behaviors is the first step to Eating MindfullyMonday, December 10, 12
  55. Thank you for Viewing!Monday, December 10, 12
  56. Follow me for more Behavior Design content Elie Noune, @elienouneMonday, December 10, 12